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Yuma County Pioneer Photographs:

William and Annie (Poole) Mulder,  North of Yuma

In 1900 Lancaster County, Nebraska, William Mulder born April 1867 in Holland, married ten years to Anna 32, have Hattie 8, Ernest 6, Steward 4, and Anna M. 2.

March 20, 1908 "William Mulder has just completed a fine large hog house."
1909 - Thanks to Meagan Wilson
In 1910 Yuma County, William 43, Annie 42, Hattie W. 18, Earnest 16, Stephen J. 14 - these three born in Iowa, Alice M. 11, James W. 9, Marion W. and Rena M. 6, Dorothy C. 4 - these five born in Nebraska, and Florence L. 1 Colorado.

August 1914 " Mrs. William Mulder and daughters, Misses Rena and Dorothy, went up to Denver yesterday for a few days stay."

April 27, 1917 "William Mulder and Harvey Davison left for New Mexico on the noon train Monday, to see if that state offers better attractions than does Yuma COunty."
In 1920 Yuma County, William 52, Annie 52, have Earnest 26 a college student, Stephen 24a farm worker, Anna M. working in Glendale, California, JamesW. aan electrician, Mark M. 16 a farm worker, Ren M. 16 in high school at Ford, Colorado, Dorothy 14, and Florence 11.

William Mulder # 74058214, dying 1950, is buried in Yuma, with Annie (Pool) Mulder 1868-1940 # 74058178.
January 4, 1940

January 11, 1940

January 19, 1950

In 1920 Yuma County, Hattie is a nurse 28, married to Leslie L. Henry 26. They have Leslie L. 1 and Margret L. Henry 63, married but no spouse, also a nurse is with them.
In 1930 Yuma, Hattie is widowed, 38, with Larzano L. 11, Margaret A. 9, Bettie I. 7, and Dorothy J. 2.
In 1940 El Paso County, Colorado, Hattie is 48, married to Elmer S. Prather. Dorothy Anne Prather is 12 and Elmer Prather is 8.

Leslie Lorraine Henry, age 86, died March 18, 2004 in Coos County, Oregon.

Bettie Irene Myers was born Feb 22, 1922 at Yuma to Leslie L. Henry and Hattie W. Mulder, 1944 as Gardner, 1951 as Keenihan, and 1957 as Myers, dying May 10, 1994.

In 1930 Earnest is a physician in Compton, California, married to Marjorie 32, Canadian (maiden name Lane, per Jay's birth record). They have Harold 8 and Jan 5.
In 1940 he's still a doctor, and Marjorie 42 have Harold 18 and Gay 15.
Earnest Ivan Mulder, born Oct 10, 1893 in Iowa, died October 6, 1947 in Los Angeles County.

Marjorie Joy Mulder, born Dec 17, 1897 in Canada, died Nov 14, 1987 in San Bernardino County.

October 5, 1922
In 1930 Yuma County, Stephen is farming 24, married to Fara 28 Kansas, with Dean 6 Kansas.
He's next to William 63 and Annie 62, with Mark M. 27 and Florence L., 21.
In 1940 Stephen and Fara are in Los Angeles County, with Dina 16 Kansas and Stanley 8 COlorado. All were in Bayard, Nebraska in 1935. Steven is a mechanic., Ferna anurse, Dina a laborer.

Stephen J.Mulder born Dec 19, 1895 in Iowa, died Sept 2, 1989 in Ventura County.
Fara Isabel Mulder, born June 27, 1901 in Kansas to father Whitlow, mother Carver, died July 20, 1989 in Kern County, California.

August 1926

In 1930 Denver, Ernest Tines is a teacher, Anna 29 a nurse.

In 1940 Denver, Anna Tines is 40, a nurse, married to Ernest Tines, 47,a teacher.

Anna M. Tines, born May 19, 1898, died September 1978.

James is in Helena, Montana in 1930, 29, a laborer, with Thelma 25 Montana, and daughter Billie A. 1 Montana.
In 1940 Helena, James is a shovel operator, 39, Thelma 35 born in Montana, with Billie 12 James O. 8, Jerry S. 2, and Ronald T. two months.
October 10, 1967
The Montana death index has him dying in Lake County in 1999.
James W. Mulder 1901-1999 is buried in Greenwood Cemetery San Diego, per Billiongraves.
So is Thelma 1905-1967.

In 1930 Rena is in Phillips County, Colorado, 26, married to Elof H. 30 both born in Nebraska. Herman J. is 4, Nels B. 3 Letha 1, and Lyle L. two months.
April 1931 "Lyle Lee Larson, 15-month-old grandson of Mr. and Mrs. William Mulder, lost his life when he drowned in a stock tank at the farm home of his parents, Mr. and Mrs. E.H. Larson, four miles northwest of Holyoke."

In 1940 Phillips County, Elof is 40, Rena 36, Herman J. 14, Nels B. 13 Letha A. 11, Eric , and Karen eleven months.
1958 the Yuma High School reunion committee says "No word has been received from Rena Mulder Larson of Mt. Vernon Washington."
Rena died Dec 7, 1967 in Skagit County, Washington, residence Mt. Vernon.
Nels died April 17, 1962 in a helicopter crash in Yakima, Washington.

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