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Yuma County Pioneers

William H. and Hester Amanda (McCue) Rankin

In 1880 Tuscarawas County, Ohio, Amanda McCue is 22, with parents James McCue 57 and Sarh 50. William is 26, Thomas 24, Abraham 20, Alice 18, Melvin 16, Jackson 11, Ella 13, and Harvey 6. Next household is Joseph McCue 52, with a large family.
In 1880 Tuscarawas County, William is 19, with John 46 and Harriet 33. Emma is 13, Elizabeth 12, Scilenia 12, Lelei 10, Clark 8, Ross 4, Milton 2, and James 1.

John Huffman Rankin 1832-1923 is buried in Tuscarawas County # 47828234. His first wife Phebe Galloway Rankin 1834- October 21, 1861 (so she's likely William's mother) is buried in Guernesy County, per # 47828897. His second wife Margaret A. (Shipley) Rankin 1847-1872 was his second wife, also buried in Guernsey County # 47828870.

William cash-claimed a quarter in 30, 3N 48W in 1891, near a number of other 1890-1891 cash claimants.

George H. Rankin dying July 7, 1891 " aged 3 years 3 months 25 days" is buried in Yuma # 59792047.
One tree said this was George Harvey Rankin, and that William born in Belmont County Ohio, had a father John H. Rankin.

br>May 1901 Yuma "Mrs. William Rankin and children of McCook visited with Mr. and Mrs. Ed Ryan. Friday and Saturday."

1902 Yuma "Mr. and Mrs. Rankin of McCook visited at the Ryan home this week."

In 1910 McCook, William is a public school janitor, with Estamanda 50, both born in Ohio, married 24 yeas. She's had five kids, three living. John M. is 15 born in Colorado, Clyde 13 Nebraska.
In 1910 and 1911 William Rankin is janitor at one of the three McCook Nebraska school buildings.
John Howard Rankin registered for WWI at McCook, a stenographer, born Ausut 4, 1893 at Akron, Colorado.

In 1920 McCook, William H. Rankin is a school janitor, 59, with Mandy 60, both born in Ohio, with Clyde 23, Nebraska a railroad brakeman.
William H. Rankin 1860-1930 is buried in McCook, per $ 94717909.

In 1930 McCook, Amanda is widowed, with grandkids Velma Bower 17 Nebraska, Verna Rankin 8, Colorado, and Donald J. 10 Colorado.

Amanda Rankin died Feb 9, 1941, and is buried in McCook, per # 94717802.

One tree said they had a daughter Ellen born about 1890 who married Edward Bowers.
There's an Ella M. Bower in 1910 Red Willow County, 20, bon in Colorado, married two years. Edward is 25, born in Missouri.

In 1920 Red Willow County, Edward is farming, with Ella 29, Velma 9, Clyde 5, Floyd 4, and Arlos 1, all four born in Nebraska.

In 1930 Red Willow County, Edward is 45, Ella M. 40, Velma E. 18, Clyde E. 15, Floyyd D. 13, Carlos K. 11, Cleona F. 9, and Dorothy E. 6.

In 1940 Red Willow County, Edward is 55, Ella 50, Dorothy 18, and her mother Amanda Rankin 81 widowed is with them.

February 6, 1973 Colorado Springs, Colorado "Mrs. Ella M. Bower, 1226 Norwood. Concluding services and Interment c/o Herrman Funeral Home, McCook, Ncbr. "

Ella 1890-1972 is buried in McCook, # 104263868.
So is Edward 1884-1958.

Arlie K. Bower 1918-1990 is buried in Lafayette, California $ 144523188.

Donald and Verna are back in Denver with parents John H. and Laura (Everts) Rankin in 1940
Donald is a gardener, John manages a dude ranch and hotel, Laura is a cashie at a retail furniture store, and Verna is a waitress at the resort hotel.

In 1920 Denver, John H. is a bookkeeper at a flour mill, married to Laura, both 27, Her brother Albert Everts 20 is with them.

Clyde was born at McCook November 10, 1895.

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