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Yuma County Pioneers

Asa and Ellen (Benn) Reed

December 1889 Yuma "W.R. Field and George W. Reed were Akron visitors. Frank Reed was an Akron visitor."

Asa cash-claimed a quarter in 24, 3N 48W in 1890, near a number of other 1890-1891 cash claimants, including George M. Chrisinger next to him.

In 1904 August Muntzing - the Akron lawyer - and George Murray sued Pearl Hurst, W.E. Hurst, lawrentce B. Wharton, L.M. Busch, Ernest L. Diffdefer, George E. Bermont, Ira J. Kirkpatrick, Susie D. Gage, H.P. Law, Oswald Oliver, Flora L. Aldrich, Sylvanus Aldrich, Asa Reed, M. Estes, Elbert A. Higgins, Sarah M. Hayden, Wallace N. Herbert and Eliza Tibbetts for title to land in Yuma County.
August attested that each of the defendants had apparently leftt the sate of Colorado.

He must be the Asa Reed, born about 1854 in New York, in Henry County, Iowa in 1860, with parents Alonzo 28 New York, and Cynthia Reed 27 New York. Emma Reed is 2. This must be the Emma Reed who married George Chrissinger.

Private Alonzo Reed 1832-1864 is buried in Salisbury North Carolina, enlisted July 14, 1863 in Springfield Illinois, died of disease at Salisbury North Carolina a prisoner. # 139734981 says an unmaked grave.

Cynthia M. Reed of New London, Iowa received a widow's pension of $8 in 1867.

In 1870 Henry County, Asa is 16, born in New York, a farm laborer. for Samuel and Martha Hammel.

Asa's also listed with Cynthia in 1870 Henry County, 15. Cynthia is 36, Emma J. 13, and Charlie is 9, born in Iowa.
In 1900 Clackamas County, Oregon, Asa Reed born October 1858 in New York, is married to Ellen born April 1858 in Iowa married 22 years. Bertha ? was born in Iowa, Grace 5? Iowa, Edward November 1887 Colorado, Earl January 1891 Oregon, and Guy July 1893 Oregon.

In 1910 Clackamas County, Asa is a cement worker on the streets, and Ellen have only Guy. She's had six kids, five living.

In 1920 Portland, Asa and Ellen are alone - he's still a sidewalk cement layer. Here she says she's 61, Asa 64.

Asa Reed, 1854-1927 is buried in Portland, Oregon # 136374041, with Ellen 1858-1938 "beloved mother of Edward Reed and Mrs. Bertha Miller, city; Earl Reed, Danville, Ill.; sister of Levy Benn, Tacoma."

Edward Vernon Reed registered for WWI in Oakland California, saying he was born Nov 1, 1887 at Denver. He was a mariner for the Hinches Powder Company, married, having served eight years in the navy.
He's buried in Portland 1887-1962 # 99654173, with Ada 1888-1937 "Note: Edward remarried to a lady named Nellie after his first wife Ada died. Edward was buried next to Ada after he died."

Earl Reed was born Jan 15, 1891 in Portland to Asa Reed and Ellen Benn.

Charley M. Reed age 29, son of Alonzo Reed and Cynthia Brown, married Mary C. Brown, daughter of Nathan B. and Sarah F. Brown, in Henry County December 31, 1889.

Emma Reed Chrisinger, born about 1858 in New London, married Amos Anderson in Des Moines, Polk County May 26, 1913. Her father was Alonzo Reed, mother Cynthia. His parents were Amos Anderson and Mary Blazor.

In 1925 Henry County there's an Emma Anderson 66, daughter of Alonzo Reed and Cynthia Brown born in New York, so perhaps the Emma that married George Chrissinger is a different one.

In 1930 Henry County, this Emma Anderson is 71, widowed, born in Iowa, both parents born in New York.
She's lodging with Carl Wind 30 and his wife Grace 31, both born in IOwa.

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