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Yuma County Pioneers

Peter J. Rosecrans, sons Wilbur and Harry L. Rosecrans

In 1870 Iowa County, Iowa, Peter is a grain dealer, 34, Martha J. 30, Maddie . 9, Wilbur H. 8, and Harry L. 4.
(Madora married Daniel Curfman, and is buried in Omaha 1860-1922 # 73913846)

In 1880 Dixon County, Nebraska, Peter is 45, farming, with Martha 40, both born in Ohio. Wilbur is 19, teaching school, born in Ohio, Harry 14, Charles 8, and Ethan 4 were born in Iowa.

In 1885 Red Willow County, Nebraska, Peter is 47, farming, Martha 43, Charles 13, Ethan 9, Earl 2, and Harry 22.

In 1886 Peter filed a complaint against S. William Fisher for abandoning a homestead in 4N 33 W, Red Willow County.

Harry cash-claimed a quarter in 8, 3N 48W in 1891, near a number of other 1890-1891 cash claimants.

Peter J. Rosecrans and Wilber H. Rosecrans each cash-claimed a quarter in 33, 3N 48W in 1890.


In 1900 Lincoln County, Oklahoma, Peter is farming, born June 1837 in Ohio, married four years to Martha J. Feb 1842 Ohio. She's had eight kids, six living. Earl is a son born in Nebraska. no age given.

1908 Wellston, Oklahoma

Martha # 147257009 is buried in Lincoln County, Oklahoma.

In 1910 Butler County, Kansas, Harry is a carpenter, 44, second marriage of eleven years to Alice 29. P.J. Rosecrans, father 74 widowed, is with them.

FindaGrave # 38417008 has Peter J. born 1836 buried in Iowa County, Iowa.

Earl Gilbert Rosecrans 1883-1954 is buried in El Dorado, Kansas # 115698128.


1887 Yuma "W.H. Rosecrans, one of our leading merchants, has been in Denver a portion of this week. While there he purchased a fine line of ladies' shoes."
In 1888 a railroad magazine reported "Nebraska, Yuma and Southwestern - the incorporation of this Colorado company are as follows: George F. Weed, E. McPherson, Morillo A. Spalding, Wilbur Rosecrans, and John May Abbott, of Yuma. Col.."

Wilber had a record of a homestead entry in 3N 48W, but it wasn't completed.

In 1900 Denver, Wilbur is a cattle dealer, born July 1861 in Ohio, married 17 years to Flora M. Feb 1863 Ohio. Hazel E. May 1893 and Guy W. July 1895 were born in Nebraska.

In 1920 St. Joseph, Missouri, Wilbur works for a commission house, and they have just the two kids.

Wilbur and Florence are alone in 1920 St. Joseph. He's a traveling salesman for a roofing company.

They're alone in 1930 and 1940 St. Joseph.

In 1949 Florence (wid W.H.) lives at 3206 Seneca in St. Joseph.

Wilbur 1861-1947 is buried in St. Joseph, Missouri, # 38287858, with Florence Mae (Gammill) Rosecrans 1863-1954.


By the index, on April 5, 1888, Harry, age 25, married Mrs. Maggie E. Ragin, 27 at Akron, Colorado. William K. Skelton, county judge, performed the ceremony.
BUT the certificate has MISS Maggie E. RAGAN, marrying Harry - both of Yuma.
Witnesses were G.A. Ribble and Chas. W. Hull.
There's a Maggie Ragan in 1875 Bourbon County, Kansas, 16, born in Missouri, wtih Joel B. Head 37 and Mary 31. They have five Head kids.

Margaret E. Ragan Rosecrans, formerly Magaret E. Ragan of Phillips County, Colorado, claimed a quarter in 6N 47W, (Phillips County, about fifteen miles northeast of Harry's claim)in 1890.

Harry had filed for a homestead in 1886 in Red Willow County for land in 4N 30W.

September 1890, Holyoke Colorado

"Margaret E. Ragan Rosenerans and Harry Rosenerans of Phillips County, Colorado, Deed of Trust, 15 Jul 1889, recorded in book I, page 251; conveyed to Edwin R. Fay, as trustee or Charles R. Fay as successor in trust the following property in Phillips County, Colorado: northwest quarter (nw¼) of section (17) seventeen, township (6) north range (47) forty seven west, together with all rights and interests in trust to secure the payment of $400 plus interest. Default has been made. To be sold on the 28th day of October 1890, at the front door of the Holyoke State Bank in Holyoke, Phillips, Colorado, at 10 a.m. for the highest and best price. "

Margaret E. Ragan Rosecrans was on the tax rolls for that land in 17, 6 47.

In 1900 Lincoln County, Oklahoma, Harry has no occupation, no birth date, just married to Alice Dec 1880 born in Kansas. They're living with her parents John 46 and Annie L. 42 Jennings.

In 1907 Sheridan, Wyoming, Margaret E. Rosecrans (wid Harry L.) is a dressmaker, at 136 W. Burkitts.


In 1933 Inglewood, California, Magt E. (Rosecrans (wid Henry) lives at 822 W. Rhode Island.

In 1910 Butler County, Kansas, Harry is a carpenter, 44, second marriage of eleven years to Alice 29. P.J. Rosecrans, father 74 widowed, is with them.

1918 El Dorado Kansas "Alice C. Rosecrans has filed suit for a divorce from Harry L. Rosecrans. It is stated that they were married at Wellston, Oklahoma, October 22, 1899. One child was born to them which is now dead. The plaintiff alleges that she has been compelled to go to the home of her parents in Augusta. She asks for an absolute divorce and the restoration of her maiden name, Alice C. Jennings. "
Cordelia Center, 18, married Fred Morphew, 21, in Washington County, Arkansas June 29, 1910.

In 1920 Washington County, Arkansas, H.L. Rosecrans is 53, married to Cordelia 29. They're living with her parnets John H. and VIctoria Center.
Cordelia's kids Lloyd Morphew is 8, Helen 6, and Pauline 2.

In 1930 Washington County, Arkansas, "Henry" L. is a carpenter, 64, Cordelia 38, with Andera 18, Kathleen 16, Opal, 13, and Harry L. 9. Stepson Lloyd Morphen is 7, stepdaughters Helen 5, and Pauline 3, all born in Arkanssas.

In 1940 Washington County, Arkansas, Harry L. Rosecrans is 74, married to Cordelia 47 Arkansas, with Cathaline 16 and Harry Jr. 12, both born in Arkansas.

Arkansas death index has a Harry H. Rosecrans dying 1941 in Washington County.
The stone in Collier Cemetery, Winslow, Arkansas has "Beloved father Harry Landon Rosecrans - March 17, 1867 - MJanuary 11, 1941.

One tree said Harry, Jr. born 1921 died March 1, 1991 in Klamath County, Oregon.
Opal Riggs, born April 15, 1925 in Arkansas, died Dec 7, 1993 in Los Angeles County, mothe Center, father Rosecrans.

Cordelia C. Rosecrans born Dec 1, 1892 in Arkansas, died Jan 3, 1967 in MOnterey County, Clifornia.


Charles' son Lloyd Landon Rosecrans was born in Paonia, Colorado 1902, died in Wellston in 1905. His mother died Nov 23, 1904.
He's buried in Wellston # 104306533.

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