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Yuma County Pioneers

Ulysses G. Sperry

Ulysses cash-claimed a quarter in 20, 3N 48W in 1890, near a number of other 1890-1891 cash claimants. Then in 1895 he timber-claimed a quarter next to it in section 17.
Bennett Sperry timber-claimed a quarter in 17, 5N 49W (Washington COunty, Colorado) in 1894 - about a dozen miles northwest of Ulysses' claim.
In 1899, B. Sperry's 80 acres and Mary Sperry's land in that section were to be auctioned for taxes.

Bennett Sperry was born in New Haven, Connecticut, November 25, 1828 and died in Fall City, Nebraska, December 22, 1899. His wife, Lydia (Bright) Sperry, was born at Greekville, Maine, in 1831, and is now living at Falls City, Nebraska. Other children of Bennett and Lydia (Bright) Sperry : i. Burton Sperry. married Lillie De Wold and has one child, William Sperry ; ii. Ulysses Grant Sperry, married Gertrude Dare and has one son, Charles Sperry ; iii. George Sperry had four children: Maud, Blanche and two others. The Sperry family came originally from Norway. Mary Sperry was born in Hamilton, Kansas : removed to Falls City, Nebraska, where she was educated in the public schools. She took the course in the State Normal School of Pennsylvania, and then studied nursing in the Maine General Hospital, where she received her diploma in 1901.

In 1880 Richardson County, Nebraska, Bennett is a carpenter, 50 born in Connecitcutt, Lydia 45, Illinois, Burton 25 a carpenter, Grant 13 both born in Illinois, Mary 10 Kansas, and George 4 Nebraska.

In 1880 Richardson County, Gertrude "Sears" is 11, with Thomas 40, Sarah E. 36, Harvey 9, Charles 5.

In 1900 Richardson County, Grant born June 1866 is a carpenter, married 12 years to Laura G. July 1868 Nebraska, and they have Charles H. April 1895 Nebraska.

Gertrude's parents "Tomas Sara" 60 and Sara 50 are also in Richardson County, with Perl A. 17 and Charles E. 24.

April 11, 1902

Burton 1854-1929 is buried in Falls City # 138206552, with Lilie May 1863-1929.

1904 "Grant Sperry and John Powell left on Tuesday for Dakota."

1906 "Grant Sperry is confined to"the home this week suffering an attack of rheumatism."

Charlie Sare of Lincoln is visiting with his sister, Mrs. Grant Sperry."
1907 "Mrs. Tom Sare returned to her home in Mound City Friday after a two weeks visit with her daughter, Mrs. Grant Sperry."
"Mrs. I.A. Poynter and babies of Barnard, Missouri, are visiting at the home of her sister, Mrs. Grant Sperry.J"

1907 "Tom Sare was in town this week visiting his daughter, Mrs. Grant Spery, on his way from Mound City, Mo., to his home in COlorado."

1907 "Burton Sperry and wife returned home the first of the week from Trenton. Neb. , where they have been visiting Mrs. Sperry's brother , O. W. DeWald and fam ily. They also went to Akron to look after Mr. Sperry's land interests there."

June 26, 1908

The three of them are still in Richardson County in 1910.

Charles Harvey Sperry registered for WWI in Falls City, born April 20, 1895 at Falls City, a night agent for the Missouri Pacific Railroad.

In 1920 Richardson County, Gertrude is 50, widowed, painting china, with Charles 23 a soliciter for an advertising company.

Gertrude is living alone in 1940 Falls City, 72, widowed.
Grant MIGHT be the Grant E. in 1940 Des Moines, Iowa, 75, single, born in Illinois, with brother George 62.
Grant E. Sperry 1865-1946 is buried in Des Moines # 112164104.

In the Falls City Library and Arts Center "Many of the pieces are done by local artist such as Luella Weddel and Gertrude Sperry. "

There's a Charles H. Sperry in 1930 Kansas City, Missouri, 34, a hardware salesman.

December 25, 1915

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