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Yuma County Pioneer Photographs:

Adolph G. and Mina (Enos) Wolff, brother Walter Wolff, brother Harry Wolff, Yuma


In 1880 Franklin County, Nebraska, George W. Enos is farming 22, with Almira 23, and Daniel W. five months.
In 1885 George and "Alla" are still in Franklin County, with Daniel 5 and Mable 3.
In 1900 Franklin County, George, born August 1857 in Illinois, married 21 years to Elmira Nov 1856 Nebraska have Dan Jan 1880, Mabel Sept 1881, and Mina Feb 1888.
All five are in Franklin County in 1910, George and Daniel working in a livery stable, the daughters in a millinery shop.
George and Almira are in Yuma in 1920, living on Vulcan street, with only Dan working - a real estate agent. He's married to Leota O, 32, with Russell 7 and Jane 3, born in Nebraska.
January 31, 1924
March 3, 1927

Dan had moved back to Kearney, Nebraska in 1930, with Russell 17 and Jane E. 14, both born in Nebraska.

In 1940 Lincoln, Nebraska, Dan is a researcher for the WPA, with Leota 52 and Jane a hotel waitress, 24.
Leota Enos died March 22, 1979 and is buried in Colma, California, per # 87858949.
So is Daniel Enos, dying April 17, 1954, per # 87858945.
Dr. Russel William Enos, Sr. 1912-1997 is buried in Portland Oregon # 52231145. His name is on the stone with his wife and her parents Ferdinand and Josephine Roslund.


William Wolff married Caroline "Beard" September 5, 1873 in Edwards County, Illinois.

In 1880 Edwards County, Illinois, William Wolff is farming 33, Caroline 26, Charles 4, and Emma 2.
Emma Ross was in Webster County Iowa in 1925 and in 1940 is in Shasta County, California with Charles E. Ross. He's 78, she's 61.
Emma died in Shasta County Sept 15, 1953, Charles February 18, 1946.

In 1900 Edwards County, William born March 1847 in Germany, married 25 years to Caroline Aug 1852 Illinois, have Gustave A. Oct 1880, Frederick W. May 1883, Louisa M. Feb 1885, Henry W. May 1887, Anna L. July 1889, and Joseph H. Mar 1892, all kids born in Illinois.
Lydia A. (Wolff) McVaigh 1889-1970 is buried in Olney Illinois # 48531290.

In 1910 Edwards County, William is 63, Caroline 56, William Jr. 24, Lydia 20, and Harry 18.
Harry must be the Joseph H. in the 1900 census.
William is living with Adolph in 1920 Yuma. 73, widowed, immigrating in 1867. Adolph is 38, Mina 31, and Caroline Louisa 1.
William F. Wolff (# 108029118 says Wolfe) 1847-1927 is buried in Edwards County, with Carolilne 1851-1910 # 108028880.

Walter Wolff, born about 1886 to Wm. Wolff and Sarah Baird, married Anna Schroeder in Hamilton COunty, Iowa March 3, 1910.
They're in the 1910 census for Hamilton County, with a hired man.
Naomi Irene Wolff was born at Blairsburg Iowa to Walter and Anna M. Schroder, dying March 1, 1999 as Naomi Chandler.

In 1920 Washington County, Colorado, Walter is 32, born in Illinois, with Anna 33 Michigan, Milton H. 8, Dorothy L. 7, Naomi 2, all three born in Iowa.
In 1930 Yuma County, Walter is 42, Anna 44, Milton 18, Dorothy 17, and Naomi 12.
In 1940 Walter and Anna are still farming, and Milton is a diesel engineer, living with them.

June 18, 1931 Abarr items "Mrs. Walter Wolff and daughter Naomi visited at the home of Mrs. Fred Foster last Thursday morning. Mrs. Walter Wolff and Dot called on Mrs. Minor A. Jones last Saturday morning."
September 3, 1931

August 10, 1933 "Mrs. Walter Wolff, of south of Yuma, was called to Fairmont, Minnesota by the illness of her mother."

August 17, 1933
March 7, 1935
December 31, 1936

January 24, 1952

January 20, 1977


Charles Gustav Wolff was born January 23, 1876, at West Salem Illinois, marrying Marie E. Fisher in Audubon County Iowa Sept 19, 1906.

He and Mary are in Morgan County, Colorado in 1920.
Charles 1876-1949 # 44063435 and Mary 1874-1968 are buried in Fort Morgan.
September 1, 1949
John C. Fisher 1845-1933 # 95256350 and Adaline (Shissler) Fisher 1852-1936 are buried in Audubon County, Iowa.


June 9, 1927
Mrs. Charles Wolff of Sterling was in Yuma while the brothers went to Illinois.
June 25, 1931
December 6, 1934 "A.G. Wolff and daughter Miss Caroline spent Thanksgiving visiting with the D.W. Enos family at Kearney, Nebraska. They returned home Saturday."

In 1941 Mina Enos Wolff had left a third interest in lots in Yuma, and land in south Yuma County, with heirs Adolph G. Wolff husband and Caroline L. Wolff Schultz, daughter.

May 28, 1942

October 21, 1942 Norman and Caroline Schultz had William Robert Schultz at Schenectady, New Yok.

In 1953 Mrs. Schultz and sons Norman and Bill visited A.G. WOlff, and with Mr.l Schultz went on a ten0day trip to Yellstone and Estes Par.

March 3, 1955

In 1920 Yuma, Mabel is 37, married to Roy Shepherd, a bank cashier, with William Enos 6 and Almina 6.

In 1930 Yuma, they're living on South Ash street.
In 1940 Yuma Roy and Mabel are alone.
Billy and his wife Lola were long-time Yuma bankers, and are buried in Yuma.
Billy 1913-1956 # 74284775 and Lola Jane (McDougal) Shepherd 1915-2011 are buried in Yuma.
Wilmina is married to Richmond H. Miles, with Joanne 8, in 1940, and Adolph Wolff is living with them. (Next door to Roy and Mabel Shepherd)
Harry R. and Wilmina are in Sacramento, California in 1945, living at 3526 12th, working for SAD.
Harry died in October 1981, last residence Mesa, Arizona, Wilmina dying May 1983 there.

In 1917 Adolph Wolff bought the Rush corner lots just south of R.E. Chilcoat's residence.
January 4, 1918

August 2, 1918

December 1918 "Mr. and Mrs. Charles Wolff came down from Fort Morgan to spend the holidays at the home of his brother, A.G. Wolff."

May 22, 1919

June 1919 "Mr. and Mrs. A.G. Wolff and G.W. Enos, Mrs. Wolff's father, went up to Denver last week, in which city Mrs. Wolff and her parents expect to remain for several weeks. Mrs. Enos went up on the noon train Tuesday. Mr. Wolff returned to Yuma Sunday night."

In 1920 A.G. Wolff owned two quarters in 35, 3N 48W, and Walter Wolffe one in section 7.
A.G. also had two quarters in 27, 4N 48W.

January 24, 1952

In 1940 Yuma, Adolph G. Wolff is a real estate salesman, 54, widowed, born in Illinois, lodging with the Richmond Miles family at 312 South Birth Street.
Adolph 1886-1964 is buried in Yuma # 74405297, with Mina (Enos) Wolff dying in 1931 # 74405385.
Her parents George Enos 1857-1927, and Almira Louise (Pugsley) Enos 1858-1928 are also buried in Yuma.
So is her sister Mabel (Enos) Shepherd 1882-1959.
"In Yuma, Mr. Shepherd met Mabel Enos, who with her sister owned and operated a millinery store, and the two were married in July of 1912.
Twins, a son and daughter, William and Wilmina, were born to this union.
The Yuma Pioneer Sept. 22, 1955 "
July 28, 1955

February 27, 1964

Harry was manager of an oil company in Yuma in the 1930's and in 1939 bought a service station in Wray.
March 26, 1931

June 1951 "Mrs. Pearl Barnes was a Memorial visitor at the home of her sister, Mrs. Harry Wolff. Mrs. Barnes, a former Yuma resident, is teaching school at Lyman, Nebraska.

March 31, 1955 "Sympathy is extended by the Clarkville community to Mrs. Harry Wolff, teaher at the Red Willow school, in the death of her husband on Friday of last week."

April 6, 1956 Carol Jean Wolff and Floyd Hold of Denver were married at Raton New Mexico.
August 1956 "Mr. and Mrs. O.M. Mouse and Charles of Emporia Kansas were in Yuma from Sunday until Tuesday visiting his sister, Mrs. Esther Wolff, and other relatives.

June 25, 1959 "Mrs. Harry Wolff recently purchased the Myrtle Bash residence at 402 North Albany and is now living there."

November 12, 1959
September 2, 1965

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