Yuma County, Colorado

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Yuma County Pioneer Photographs:

Charles Hubert Casto, Burrel H. Casto, Fleming Hoyt Casto

  Perry Casto, on July 29, 1867 married Melissa Fisher, born May 20, 1848 in Jackson County and dying May 13, 1927.

Fleming H. Casto was born March 10, 1882 in Jackson County, West Virginia

In 1900 Jackson County Perry and Malissa have Robert D. Feb 1877, Mansfield Sep 1880, Flemming H. March 1881, Burrel April 1887, Hubert  July 1889.

In 1910 Jackson County Perry and Malissa have James M. 26, Charlie H. 20, daughter Sidna Fisher 30 widowed, and her two children

August 19, 1910 Yuma "The Casto brothers received the sad news Monday of the death of their father at Young, West Virginia."

 Perry Clinton Casto, Jan 25, 1858-Aug 11, 1910 is buried in Casto-Fisher Cemetery, Jackson County, West Virginia  32326742



Charles registered for WWI in Young County, WV, saying he was single, farming, born July 30, 1889, and was crippled.

C.H. Casto married Sadie Boggess in 1917 in Kanawha County.

In 1920 Kanawha County C.H. is 30, Sadie 20, with Wanda 1. - his divorced cousin Minnie Fisher, 30, a packer at a glass plant,  is also with them.

In 1930 Kanawha County 'Hubert' is  40, a barber, Sadie 30, with Maude 11, Harry 9, Golden 7, Calvin 5, and Herbert 1.

In 1940 Kanawha County, Charles, still a barber,  is 50, Sadie 40, Perry 18, Golden 17, Calvin 15, Herert 11, and Jovath daughter 8, all borni n West Virginia.

 A Charles Hubert Casto registered for WWII in Eleanor, WV, born July 30, 1889, and was a business man.  Mrs. Sadie Casto of Eleanor would always know his address.

Charles Hubert Casto died Feb 7, 1953 in Kanawa County WV, age 63, a barber,  wife Mrs. Sadie Goggess Casto, and to be buried in Emma Chapel.

North Carolina death records have Sadie dying there at the age of 91.



Flemming Hoyt Casto married Della Silmon in 1903 in Putnam County, West Virginia.

In 1910 there's a Della Silmon in Putnam County, single, living with brother Lemuel Silman.  - Lemuel's nephew Fred Casto, 8, born in West Virginia, is with him.

In 1900 there's a Letty Jones in Day County, South Dakota, born July 1882, with parents William and Sarah Jones (and there's a William Jones in the Minnesota cemetery with Lettie and Genevieve Casto).

 In 1910 Gosper County, Nebraska Flemings is married six years to Lattie, with Genevieve E. 4, born in Montana.

Charles proved up on two quarters in 5, 3S 47W, and Fleming two in 4, 3S 47W, both in 1916.

Fleming's witnesses were Otto Frits, John Kuhring, James P.M. Knudsen, and Clyde Frits, all of Yuma.

Charles' were Clyde E. Fritz, William O. Fritz, Flemen H. Casto, and LeRoy Elliotte, all of Yuma.

1915 "T.J. Sullivan and F.H. Casto shipped a carload of fat cattle to St. Joe last Saturday.  Len Dunafon accompanied the shipment."

'Flemen Hoit' Casto registered in Sheridan County, born March 10, 1882, and was a blacksmith and machinist, relative Mrs. F.H. Casto of Plentywood, Montana.

March 21, 1919 - Plentywood, Montana "Genevieve Casto is now absent from school."

Genevive Ethel Casto, born 1906, died in St. Paul August 1, 1919, parents 'Flim' H. Casto and Lette Jones.

There's a Genevieve E. Casto buried in Roselawn Cemetery, Ramsey County Minnesota dying August 1, 1919 -78744927

  August 1919  Plentywood Montana Producer News

August 29, 1919 Plentywood - the Frank Casto family will move to St. Cloud.

Orletti Casto - dying Aug 31, 1958 is also buried in Roselawn  78744928

In 1930 Minneapolis, Minnesota Flem H. 47, a railway motorman,  is married to Orletti, 46 born in South Dakota, father in West Virginia.  They have Burl B. 7, Minnesota, Mary E. 6, Minnesota, and niece Sylvia Jones 20, South Dakota.

In 1940 Minneapolis Flemen and Orlettie have Mary E. and Burl Bryn. 

Burl Bryan Casto, born July 17, 1923, died in Hennepin County Minnesota January 12, 1970 - mother's maiden name Jones.

Fleming married Dorcia A. Fisher in 1943 in Putnam County, West Virginia.  The license says his parents were Perry Casto and Molissa (Fisher) Casto, hers were John Fisher and Marcella (Pennington) Fisher -she was born at Goldtown, Jackson County, and currently living at Nitro, V.  He was living at Dunbar, WV.

Fleming Holt Casto died November 21, 1959 in South Charleston, West Virginia, was retired from Groasley Motor Plow, married, and was living on Strawberry Road.

He and Docia are buried in Emma Chapel, Putnam County, West Virginia  109847552




1910 Yuma "B.H. Casto left Tuesday for Nebraska, where he will make his future home."

1911 "Burr Casto, who has been employed at the J.W. Triplett & Son barber shop, will leave the first of the week for Virginia.  Claude Thomas will succeed him in the shop."

1911 "Burl Casto is again an employee at the J.L. Bryant barber shop."

Burl Houston Casto registered in Charleston WV, saying he was born at Emma, WV January 12, 1887, was a barber, and had a child and wife.

In 1920 Charleston he's 34, Minnie 30, and Jackson 5, all born in West Virginia.

In 1940 Charleston Burl and Minnie are still in Charleston - Jack is 26, a salesman for a wholesale dental supply company.

He registered for WWII, still living in Charleston at 840 Bigley Avenue, with Minnie, and worked at the Kanawha Hotel.

Minnie died in Charleston January 13, 1956, born February 16, 1889,  father Thomas Hodge, mother Nancy Whitlock, husband EARL - buried Montgomery Memorial Park.

Burl died in Fayette, West Virginia June 24, 1957.

Carter Mr and Mrs Mr and Mrs RugeleyDe- Van Mr and Robert Preston Bowditch Mr and Mrs Robert R Warner Mr and Mrs Jackson Casto Mr and Mrs Frank Davis Drumheller Mr and Mrs Sidney P Davis Mr and Mrs Frank..."
Nov 24 1940  Charleston West Virginia  


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