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Yuma County Pioneer Photographs:

Hugh Oliver and Mary B. Hamblin

At some point the Hamblin family settled in Elk County, Kansas.  The are recorded land plots for Calvin and George Hamblin.  Liz (Hamblin) Wheeler also had land there.  The area is around Union Center which is about seven miles west of Howard, Kansas.  Linus and Mary Jane (Overturf) Hamblin are buried there in Clear Creek Cemetery.  There is no record to indicate that Linus ever owned any land there.
After the Cherokee Strip land run, some of the homesteaders were not able to endure the hardships of homesteading and put their new land up for sale.  Calvin came to the Land office in Perry, Oklahoma Territory and found listings of settlers that were willing to transfer ownership of their homesteads.  After looking at several sites Calvin made a deal to acquire the homestead west of Perry.
Later Calvin and Mary bought a house in Lucien.  The Noble County Historical Society published a book about the history of Noble County and it has several references to Calvin and Mary Hamblin.  Calvin and wife Mary worked as postal carriers in the area.
Over next several years they purchased several lots in Lucien.  Eventually they built the house in Lucien where many of us have fond memories.  Calvin's son H. B. (Bernie) continued to live on the "Old" Farm.   After Calvin died, Mary was still living at Lucien with her son Owen.  After some time Owen left and H.B. and Dora moved into Lucien to take care of Mary.  After Mary's death H.B. and Dora continued to live in the house.
 As a young man of 17, H.B. was attempting to catch a ride on a local freight train.  He slipped and fell beneath one of the wheels which cut of his leg below his knee.  His disability never slowed him down.  He rode a bicycle with a peg leg to court his future bride Dora.  He got around very well including plowing fields behind a team of horses.  In later years he got an artificial leg.

In 1900 Noble County Oklahoma Hugh is 15, with parents Calvin 41 and Marg 40 Hamblin.  Brothers were Orvil 18, Owen 13, Bernard 11, Walter 3 and Milferd one month.  Calvin -1858-1936 is buried in Lawnview, Noble County  59721179

In 1910 he's still in Noble County, farming, married one year to Mary B. Hamblin 20, born in Missouri.  Mary has had one child, none living.

Hugh proved up two quarters in 27, 3S 47W in 1916.

He registered with a Kirk address, born September 11, 1884, and was a garage mechanic, nearest relative Mae Hamblin of Stratton, Colorado.

In 1920 Mary B. Williams, formerly Mary B. Hamblin proved up on 320 acres in sections 29 and 30, 3S. 47W.  That's  about two miles west of Hugh's claim, and Benjamin F. Williams had two quarters in between.  Carl D. Williams had proved up on two quarters in 32, 3S 47W and 5, 4S 47W in 1916.

Carl Decker Williams registered in Yuma County, saying he was born in St. Francis Kansas June 5, 1891, and had been a private in the Missouri Guards.

Mary Hamblin 26, married C.D. Williams, 26, November 15, 1917 in Yuma County by M. Weaver of Joes, Colorado..

They might be in Los Angeles in 1930,  Carl D. 38, Kansas, is a gopher trapper. Mary Belle is 40, born in Missouri, is also a gopher trapper.

In 1940 Los Angeles Carl is running a shoe repair shop, Mary B doesn't have an occupation.  Lila M. Atin, nine, born in California is listed as their granddaughter.

In 1930 Los Angeles County a Nova L. Atin, 21, born in Oklahoma is married to Lila A. 17, Colorado - they've been married a year.  If this is Mary's daughter, she would have been born in 1913.

One tree says Hugh married Hazel Belle Albin in 1926 in Oklahoma, and they had Bobby Leverne Hamblin Mar 10, 1931 in Noble County....

In 1930 Hugh is in Fresno, widowed, running a blacksmith shop.

In 1940 Hugh is farming in Del Norte County, California, born in Kansas, married to Florence B. 60.

When he registered for WWII, he said he was born in Howard, Kansas, and the person who would always know his address was Ellsworth Davis, his employer at the California Barrel Company.

Hugh Oliver Hamblin - 1884-1968 is buried in Perris Valley Cemetery, Riverside County, California.

Annie Cunningham Hamblin, born 1885 in Suffolk County, New York, died 1925 in El Paso, buried in Evergreen Alameda, El Paso.

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