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Yuma County Pioneer Photographs:

Burton M. and Frances Young Brownlee

Burton, per one tree, was born May 14, 1877 in Cedar County, Missouri, and married Frances Young January 10, 1897.

In 1900 Wright County, Missouri, Mack Brownley is a farmer, born May 1873 in Arkansas.  Fannie born August 1876 in Missouri has Vertie Nov 1897 and Clid May 1899.

January 26, 1906 "Mr. and Mrs. E. M. Brownlee are the happy parents of a fine boy that arrived at their home Thursday of last week."

In 1909 Clyde Brownlee took second place in the 50 yard food race.

In 1910 Yuma County Mack B Brownlee is 33, Francie is 34, both born in Missouri.  They have Vertie L, 12, Essie M. 8,Cyde J. 11, born in Missouri, and Edwin W. 4, born in Colorado.

1910 "B. M. Brownlee left last Monday evening for a few weeks visit with relatives and friends at his old home at Orla, Mo."


1913 "Mrs. Chas. Grant and little daughter, Miss Dorothy, are spending this week with her nephew, Mac Brownlee, and family of south of town."  (in 1900 Charles J. Dec 1861 in Missouri is a saloon keeper, and Laura L. Aug 1864 are in Wray with Delbert J. Jun 1882, Eva M. May 1885, Thomas J. Sep 1888, and Charles A. May 1896.)

1915 "FOR RENT - Furnished rooms.  Also have a few for light housekeeping. See Mrs. B.M  Brownlee at the Ridgeway house or phone West 227."


1917 "The snow of last Friday morning was sufficiently heavy north of town that it crushed in the roof of a hundred foot cattle shed for Mac Brownlee"


Bertie claimed 200 acres in section 4,  3N 45W in 1920 "Script", and a quarter next to in by homestead in 1920.


By 1922 W. D. Brownlee had thirteen quarters "Lazy A"

In 1930 Eckley, Mack Brownlee is 53, born in Arkansas, married to Frances, 54, born in Missouri.  They have William D. , 24, a college student.

In 1940 Burton Brownlee is 63, married to Frances 64, both born in Missouri

Bertie Mack Brownlee - May 14, 1877 - October 1963 and Frances E. Brownlee - 1876-1968 are in the Wray cemetery.

Irven, January 14, 1906 - January 24, 1996 married Thelma Lola Wilson, daughter of Andrew Keithley and Ida Belle Moore Wilson,.  Both are in the Wray cemetery.

James Clyde Brownlee, born May 19, 1899 in Wright County, Missouri, married Bertha E. 1908-2003,January 21, 1930.  Both are buried in Greeley.

James C. had claimed 80 acres in section 9 in 1927 "Script" -

Estelle Marie Brownlee Bodeman - Aug 26, 1902 - Missouri - died April 22, 1998 in Rockwall County Texas adn is buried in Wauneta, Nebraska.

In 1917 "Chris Heindel and Will Webster and the Misses Vertie and Essie Brownlee and Marie Heindel motored down to McCook Sunday to attend the opera which was being given there that afternoon and evening.  They returned Monday."

Vertie L. Brownlee married Chris F. Heindel September 24, 1918.

In 1920 Wray Chris F. Heindel, a carpenter, and Vertie L. Heindel have Erma M. - five months old..  Christian F. Sept 15, 1897 - Apr 1, 1976 ,Vertie L. 1897 - 1959, and Una Maxine Heindel -July 6, 1919 - May 16, 1934 are in the Mountain View cemetery, Longmont.

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