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Charles Edgar Buster

In 1880 Franklin County, Nebraska Charles E. is 2, youngest of six kids then with Samuel H. 48 and Mary A.C. Buster, 45.

No. 50 Franklin Co, Nebr. Friday October 26, 1906
Grandfather Buster No More
(written by J.A.B.)
Although anticipated for some months the death of Grandfather Buster early Tuesday morning was a distinct shock to the citizens of this community, who during his long residence here of thirty-four years have learned to love and revere him. Funeral services were conducted at the Congregational Church Wednesday at two p.m. by Rev. Thos. F. Asbby of Elk Creek, who also was one of Franklin county's earliest settlers, and who paid a fitting tribute to the memory of his departed neighbor and friend. The clergyman referred feelingly to the moral character of the departed who had lived an upright Christian life untarnished by the world of sin about him. In a most fervent prayer Rev. Asbby said that his friend has neither shrank from poverty, nor swerved from the narrow pathway of the righteousness in quest of riches, but had stuck to his ideal true manhood.
The friends were consoled in the thought that Christ is the resurrection and ??? living in Him there is no death. The song service was beautiful and the large ?? assembled to pay a last tribute to a faithful ??? neighbor and a moral ?? husband and father was deeply ?? by the touching sentiments and ?? of such hymns as "Jesus Love of my Soul", and "Asleep in Jesus".
Samuel Henderson Buster was born in Greene County, Tennessee, Feb. 29, 1832, removing when a small boy to Platte county, Missouri, where he united with the Methodist church. Later settling in Holt county where on the 28th day of September, 1854, he was united in marriage with Mary M. Young, who has been his boon companion and faithful wife for more than half a century. Two sons and eight daughters have blessed this union of love, all of whom (together with three brothers and three sisters) survive to console the heartbroken widow and testify to the goodness of him whose death marks the first break in the family circle. The Busters settled on a homestead near the site of this city in 1872 and but for a break of three years deceased has lived in this vicinity ever since.
A sketch of the life of Mr. Buster were incomplete were it ended without briefly noting his splendid record as a brave soldier of the Confederacy. At the outbreak of the civil war he cast his fortunes with the command of Gen. Marmaduke which distinguished itself until peace was declared and then immortalized itself by refusing to surrender. The command was marched to the Rio Grande river where the battle scarred flag of so many hard fought fields was forever buried beneath the waves of that dark rolling river. After witnessing this sacred disposal of his revered and never surrendered colors Mr. Buster bade farewell to his commander and comrades, turning his face homeward where he swore allegiance to the union he has ever blessed and cherished. Gen. Marmaduke and the remnants of his once glorious and almost invincible command exiled themselves to Mexico, but it is perhaps needless to add that the subject of this sketch has never regretted his return to the land of the free and the home of the brave.
The love of the boys who wore the gray was attested at the funeral by the large attendance of the members of Ben Franklin Post G.A.R.
Mrs. Buster and Children * copied as written, bold face done for clarity, ?? were unreadable. lms

Charles' nephew Clarence Mitchell is noted for the 1920first - and as yet the only - hit into an unassisted triple play in the World Series

In 1910 Charles, 32 is in Franklin County, and widowed mother Mary M. 72 is with him.

July 29, 1910 he married Mattie Wilsey.  She might be the Mattie V. Wilcox in  1910 Franklin County, Nebraska, 28, daughter of Daniel G. and Susan M. Wilcox.  They were in Clinton County, Missouri in 1900, Mattie born Feb 1882 in Iowa, Goldie April 1886 Iowa, and Anna Jan 1889 Iowa.

In 1920 Daniel is in Franklin County, and in 1924 they're in Ottawa Kansas.  Likely he's the Daniel Wilcox 5/11/1848- 7/20/1934 in the Highland Cemetery, Ottawa County.  Goldie married Clyde Fawcett, and they were in Grant County Nebraska in 1910, Douglas County Colorado in 1920, and Goldie is in the 1924 Ottawa Kansas directory as "wid Clyde." In 1930 Daniel 80, born in Canada, widowed is in Franklin County Kansas, and Goldie Fawcett, daughter, also widowed, is with him

Charles registered for WWI in Eckley, saying he was born July 10, 1877, and nearest relative was Mattie V. Buster.

In 1920 he and Mattie, 38, have Mildred B., 5.

Charles proved up 320 acres in 1921, mostly in section 17 of 3N 45W.  And in 1921 he acquired an adjoining quarter by "Script"

Mattie and C.E. were delinquent on taxes in 1923.

In 1930 C. Edgar, Mattie U. and Mildred are in Furnas County, Nebraska.  He's a village marshal, and she cooks in a cafe.

In 1940 they're in Franklin County, Nebraska, where Charles is a laborer for the WPA

In 1942 Pueblo Ernest is a steelworker, and they live at 2022 Pine.  They're still there in 1945, and Ernest is a clerk.

In 1943 Pueblo Colorado Mattie (wid Edgar) lives at 2121 Elizabeth.

In 1953 Ernest and Mildred are in Provo, Utah, where Ernest is a bookkeeper.

In 1956 they're in Reno, Nevada, and Ernest is still a bookkeeper.

In 1958 Reno Ernest is a construction foreman, and Mildred works at Wards.

Charles  December 1940 and Mattie May 1944 are buried in Greenwood Cemetery, Franklin County - The notes on the cemetery record said that her body was shipped from Iowa for burial there.

Mildred Belle Ashley, born August 21, 1914 in Nebraska, died April 15, 1982 in Yolo, California, father's surname Buster.

Ernest Clifford Ashley, born Sep 19, 1910 in Nebraska, died Mar 13, 1987 in Sacramento - mother's maiden name Wilcox.

Ernest C. Ashley divorced Mildred B. Buster June 1967 in Sacramento.

In 1940 Crowley County Colorado Earnest C. Ashley, 29, born in Nebraska, is a timekeeper - Mildred B. is 25. and they have Ernestine J. 2 and Rodney D, six months.

Rodney Dale Ashley, born Oct 1, 1939 in Colorado, died De 11, 1993 in Sacramento - mother's maiden name Buster.

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