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Yuma County Pioneer Photographs:

William Wallace and Rebecca (Thornburg) Cunningham

One tree says William was born July 6, 1846 in Harrison, West Virginia and died Feb 24, 1909 in Wray, and Rebecca Jane Thornburg was born January 6, 1849 in Delaware County Indiana, dying October 16, 1944 in Casper, Wyoming.

They married February 18, 1868 in Delaware County. and in 1870 they had Ida C.,1

In 1880 Delaware County W. and Rebecca have Ida D. 11, Norminna 9, Cora G. 7, Lydia S. 5, Cashus M. 3, and Cara C. 1.

W.W., Clyde, and Cash arrived in Yuma County March 15, 1887.

In 1900 Yuma County William born July 1846 in West Virginia, and Rebecca J. June 1848 in Indiana, have Minney July 1869 Indiana, Cashies April 1876 Indiana, Rolo January 1879 Indiana, Harry October 1881 Indiana, Clyde Feb 1884 Nebraska, and Blanche March 1890 Colorado. 

Minnie is the Yuma County Sup't Public Instruction.

December 30, 1904
July 19, 1907 "W. W. Cunningham has been quite ill at his home for the past few days. His daughters, Mrs. Otto Rush and Rolla Cunningham, came down from Denver this week to visit him."

  February 24, 1909

February 26, 1909 "W. W. Cunningham, an old resident of Wray and Yuma county and closely identified with the early settlement and history of this county died at his home Wednesday morning. Mr. Cunningham had been ill for a year or more, but had recovered to some extent and able to come down early in the fall. This winter he became worse and continued to fail until his death as above stated. He enlisted in an Indiana regiment and served to the close of the war, being too young to go out at the beginning. He was in the 63rd year of his age, having been born July 6, 1846.
Besides a wife he leaves nine children; Mrs. Otto Rush, Mrs. Ernest Weatherfield, Mrs. Ed Courtney, Minnie, Roth and Blanche, Cash, Perry and Clyde, who were all with him when the summons came.
To the bereaved family and friends the sympathy of the community is extended in this hour of trial, and the absence of his familiar face will long be noted by those who knew him and enjoyed his acquaintance and confidence.
The funeral services will be held today at the M. E. church under the auspices of the I. O. O. F., the Rebeccas and the G. A. R. Interment will be made at Grandview."

1916 Gertrude was the petitioner for the estate of W.W. Cunningham -heirs were Rebecca J. Cunningham, Minnie Cunningham, Ida S. Rush, Gertrude Courtney, Lydia S. Weatherfield, Rolla Luxon (nee Cunningham), Blanch E. Cunningham, Clyde E. Cunningham, Perry D. Cunningham, Cash C. Cunningham (now deceased; Anna Cunningham, Anna Cunningham, Ethel Cunningham, Everett Cunningham, heirs of Cash G. Cunningham.

In 1910 Wray Rebecca just has Emma B. 20, Colorado and two boarders.

In 1920 Denver Rebecca has Minnie Cunningham and Gertrude Courtney, both teachers.

In 1930 she's in Los Angeles, living with daughter Blanche C. 40 and her husband Ernest C. Warwick, 49

In 1940 Rebecca is in Casper, Wyoming, and Gertrude Allerton, 67, widowed is with her.  So is Loran Maxwell "boarder-in-law" 86, widowed, born in Virginia.

The stone in Highland Cemetery, Casper, has

"Rebecca J. Cunningham  January 6, 1849 - October 16, 1944

 Gertrude C. Allerton  May 31, 1872 - May 25, 1951"

Cora was born to William and Rebecca (Thornburg) Cunningham on May 31, 1872 in Delaware County, Indiana

1912 Ernest Weatherfield was a Wray visitor Saturday, from his ranch northwest.  He was aconpanied by his sister-in-law, Mrs. Gertrude Courtney, from her claim near the Weatherfield ranh.


Lydia S. married Earnest Weatherfield about 1894, and in 1900 Yuma County they have Vera W. Nov 1894 in Nebraska, and Myra Jun 1895 i Colorado.


In 1920 Earnest and Lydia are in Garfield County, farming.  They have Harold 17 and Helen 15, both born in Coloardo

In 1930 Ernest and Lydia are in El Segundo, California - he's a carpenter.

Next family is Harold Weatherfield, married to Thelma L, 24, also born in Colorado, and Robert W, twenty-one months, born in California.

In 1940 Ernest and Lydia are still in El Segundo.  Death records have Ernest Weatherfiel born May 12, 1871 in Illinois, dying March 15, 1969 in Riverside County - mother's maiden name Rodes.

Ernest and Lydia Feb 27, 1874 - Oct 7, 1970 are buried in San Jacinto Valley Cemetery.


Hume registered for WWI in Leadville, saying he was born there.

In 1920 Casper, Wyoming Hume and Marie have Elona, 2.  Hume works at an oil refinery.

They're in Inglewood, California in 1930.

In 1940 Inglewood, California Hume B. Crawford, 46, a welder, born in Colorado, and Marie, 43, have Clona 22, born in Colorado.

Marie M. Crawford, born Jun 10 1896 in Colorado, died Jun 12 1967 in Los Angeles, mother's maiden name Cunningh.

Hume, born Dec 8, 1893 in Colorado, died Feb 1, 1972 in Los Angeles'

CARRIE ROLO Cunningham

John R. Luxon married "Crola" Cunningham September 7, 1910 - one tree said in Boulder, Colorado

Rola in 1920 Casper is 41, married to John Luxon 42, born in Colorado, and Perry Cunningham is living with them.  John and Perry are machinists.

In 1924 Casper John is a foreman, and he and Rolo live at 632 S. Wolcott.

In 1930 Casper John is a machinist in an oil refinery.

In 1940 Casper, Wyoming  John R. at age 68 - is a laborer in a brick yard.  Rolo is 61.

They're in the 1957 Casper directory, living at 632 S. Wolcott. - so they were in that house for over thirty years.

The tree says Rolo died March 11, 1961 in Casper,

Ida Sidora Cunningham, per one tree, was born Nov 6, 1868, married Otto Irving Rush December 25, 1887 in Wray,

In 1900 Glendale precinct (Vernon area, then Arapahoe County) Otto born Dec 1863 in Iowa, married 12 years to Dora Nov 1868, Indiana. Mida Ddec 1888, Eula June 1897, and Merwin W. June 1899 wee bon in Colorado.

September 2, 1898 "Miss Mida Rush, daughter of Otto Rush of Lincoln Valley, leaves today to attend school at the Cutner University situated at Lincoln, Neb."

In 1892 Otto I. Rush proved up a quarter in 23, 1S 44W, - about ten miles south of Wray.

September 16, 1898 "Otto Rush of Lincoln Valley was a Yuma visitor Tuesday."

December 9, 1898 " Oscar and Otto Rush of Lincoln Valley were doing business in town this week."

In 1900 Arapahoe County, Harrisburg precinct (because of the neighbors, Oscar's about ten miles southwest of Yuma), Oscar is a stock raiser, born Dec 1859 in Iowa, married 12 years to Valley Oct 1866 Iowa, Mary was born January 1890 in Colorado.

September 2, 1900 "County Superintendent Minnie Cunningham was the guest of her sister, Mrs.. Otto Rush, last Sunday. "

"Born - To Mr. and Mrs. Otto Rush on Sunday, Nov 24, 1901, a boy baby.  The Rattler extends congratulations."

1904 "Oscar Rush, brother of Otto Rush of this place, is here from Aurora, Nebraska this week visiting relatives and friends."

In 1905 Otto was foreman for the Bar 11 ranch.

Otto Rush and daughter Mida drove a batch of horses to Denver this week, leaving here  (Wray) Friday morning.

1906 "Otto Rush shipped his household goods to Denver last Monday.  His family will leave shortly for Denver to make their home."

July 1907 "Miss Mida Rush, of Denver, arrived in Wray Sunday, and is visiting at the home of her grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. W. W. Cunningham."

In 1910 Denver, Otto is a teamster, 46, Dora 41, Beulah M. 12, Otto M. 10, James M. 8, Gertrude M. 6, and Betty M. 2.


In 1920 Otto is a road boss for Garfield County, Colorado, 56, Dora 51, Max 18, Gertrude 15, Betty 12, Mina 8, Dorothy 5.

In 1930 Otto is a truck driver, 65, living with James M. 27 and Bessie I. 25, in Platner, Wshington County, Colorado. Wanda L. is 5, Bonnie M. 3, and Patricia L. newborn.
Dora is in Salt Lake City in 1930, 61, with Gertrude M. 26, Mina I. 18, and Dorothy M. 15.
(J. Max Rush 1901-1955 is buried in Otis # 92265746, on the same stone as Bessie I. 1905-1985 # 92265729)

In 1940, Otto is widowed, 76, living with daughter Beual Coulter 42 in Garvield County. Lester Coulter 43 is a farmer. Lester's mother Augusta Couldter 68, widowed is also with them.

Ida died April 11, 1961, buried in Salt Lake City.  The FindAGrave listing for their daughter Dorothy May Rush Loertscher says she was born July 21, 1914 in Littleton.

Otto - 1836-1943 is buried in Garfield County, Colorado.

Gertrude Mabel "Trudy" (McCashland) Flowers, born at Wray March 24, 1904, mother of Nancy (Flowers) Gollaher, died April 18, 2000 in Draper, Salt Lake County, Utah,


Cora proved up two quarters in 11, 3N 45W in 1916.  Witnesses were George and William Rose, Otto B. Finn, and Clyde E. Cunningham, all of Wray.

1916 Gertrude was the petitioner for the estate of W.W. Cunningham -heirs were Rebecca J. Cunningham, Minnie Cunningham, Ida S. Rush, Gertrude Courtney, Lydia S. Weatherfield, Rolla Luxon (nee Cunningham(, Blanch E. Cunningham, Clyde E. Cunningham, Perry D. Cunningham, Cash C. Cunningham (now deceased; Anna Cunningham, Anna Cunningham, Ethel Cunningham, Everett Cunningham, heirs of Cash G. Cunningham.

1917 Earl Courtney returned Sunday afternoon to Denver after visiting his mother and grandmother, Mrs. Gertrude Courtney and Mrs. Rebecca Cunningham from Friday until Sunday.


And then in 1920 Denver Gertrude Courtney, 47, born in Indiana, a school teacher is with her mother Rebecca J. Cunningham and sister Minnie 47.

Harry Earl Courtney is living in a boarding house in San Francisco in 1930 - a chemist, - he said he was married, but no spouse. 

Clyde in 1910 is living "on the Eckley road" married to Molly 26, born in Illinois, and they have Winona 3.

He registered for WWI as Clyde Etley Cunningham, born February 17, 1884, and was married to Mollie M.

In 1920 Denver he said he was a farmer, and they've added James, 6.

They're back in Yuma County in 1930, with James C. 17 and Robert E. 6.

When Clyde came from Canada into Eastport Idaho in 1936 he said he was born about 1886 at Johnston,  Nebraska.

In 1940 all four are in Big Horn County, Wyoming, saying they were in Yuma County in 1935.

Rola in 1920 Casper is 41, married to John Luxon 42, born in Colorado, and Perry Cunningham is living with them.  John and Perry are machinists.

Perry in 1910 is living alone "on the Eckley road"

In 1930 Casper Perry is married to Charlotte, and they have Jean 7 and Charlotte 4.  They're all there in 1940, too.  In 1957 Casper "Charotte" is (wid Perry)  One tree said Perry Donaldson Cunningham married Charlotte Bushnell, and daughter Jean married John J. Hurley.

Perry, Charlotte, and Jean are buried in the Casper cemetery.

Norminnie  Cunningham -1871 -1927 is buried in the Wray cemetery.

1902 - Newly installed county officers

Casious  Clay Cunningham -April 14, 1876 -November 8, 1910 

June 21, 1905 he married Anna Fisher.- almost certainly the one in 1900 Glendale born January 1883, Daughter of Milton and Rosa Fisher.

In 1910 he's on the same page as his mother, a house carpenter, married to Anna, 27, born in Illinois.  They have Ethel M. 4 and Everett M. 1..

In 1920 Anna is a housekeeper for Oliver L. Mitten, 61 - with Ethel and Everett

Ethel Mae Cunningham married Herbert A. Saterberg December 1, 1928, and they're in Denver in 1930.

In 1930 Anna is still with Oliver, and Everett is a clerk in a drug store.

Anna 1883 -1845 is buried in Wray.

1913 "Ota Tosh returned home from his visit in Denver Friday evening. Mrs. Tosh and niece, Little Miss Minona Belle Cunningham, will remain until the last of this week with the Otto Rush family and the Misses Minnie and Blanche Cunningham of that city"

Ota's wife was a daughter of J.S. and Lear Catherine FINN, and so was Mrs. Clyde Cunningham.

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