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Yuma County Pioneer Photographs:

Lyman and Mary (Gray) Calkins, daughters Lillian A. (Calkins) Schelly, Jeanette M. (Calkins) Willis, John T. Calkins, Alvin

In 1900 Cowley County, Kansas, Luman Calkins is farming, born Feb 1860 in Iowa, with Mary August 1867 Ireland, Thomas L. March 1886 Iowa, Lillie A. August 1891 Iosa, and Jeanette October 1894 Kansas.

In 1910 Kirk precinct, Luman is 48 born in Scotland, married 25 years to Mary 50 born in Scotland. Lily A. is 17 Iowa, and Jeannette M. 10 born in Kansas.

June 17, 1910 "Mr. and Mrs. L. Calkins and daughter Jeanette, went out to their home near Kirk Thursday. Lillian will remain here until next September clerking in the Brazee grocery store. She is planning to attend the Boulder Business College this fall."


August 1912 " Miss Jeanette Calkins is assisting Mrs. Rex Newell of several miles south of town this week with the work of harvesting."

In May 1913 the Wray Study Club opened a public library, "which has been growing very nicely, and in fact is almoost self-seuporting in its immediate expenses." The library is still located in the office of Attorney M.M Bulkeley, through whose courtesy the room is donated. Miss Jeanette Calkins has made an efficient librarian and will be retained as such again this year."

December 1913 the Study Club held a musical to benefit the library. "The study Club will not add to its treasury one cent, as all of the profits will be placed in the Library fund, to be used in purchasing new books, and a new book case. Already there are more books in the library than we have book cases for, and so a new case will be purchased, and then new books added so far as the profits of the entertainment will provide. The Library is permanently, and pleasantly, located in the office of Attorney M. M. Bulkeley, and Mies Jeannette Calkins is employed as our regular Librarian. Miss Jeannette has served in this capacity for nearly a month, and is a most obliging and able Librarian. Let us all bear in mind that the Library days and hours are Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays from two to five p. m."

May 27, 1915

December 1915 " The Missses Jeanette and Lillian Calkins, who are homesteading near Happy Valley, spent several days in Wray this week visiting with their parents."

August 24, 1916 "Miss Jeanette Calkins has accepted a position with the O. L. Mitten Grain Co., taking the place of Mrs. H. M. Work."

Jeanette proved up 320 acres in section 31 in 1920.

April 19, 1917

Jeanetta W. Willis and Charles R. Willis divorced in Yuma County in 1927.
Mrs. Jeanetta Mae Willis and Charles Raymond Willis married June 15, 1927, recorded in Weld COunty.

In 1930 Yuma County, Jeanette Willis is a practical nurse, 34, living with sister Lillian Shelly, married but no spouse. Mary L. is 11, Lyla L. 7.
Jeanetta M. Willis and Charles R. Willis divorced in Yuma County in 1932.

In 1940 Yuma County, Jeannette Calkins is divorced, living on Franklin Street in Wray, a phone operator, with Mary L. 21 a presser at a dry cleaner, and Lyla A. 17.

Jeannetta M. Calkins 1894-1984 # 139095958 is buried in Littleton, sharing a stone with daughter Mary.
Mary Lois Calkins was born March 25, 1919 at Wray, named Allen in 1942, and Owings in 1995, dying Sept 12, 2007.
April 3, 1919 "Mr. and Mrs. Charles Willis are rejoicing the arrival of a daughter, Lois Emma, at their home, last week. All concerned are reported doing nicely."

She's buried in Littleton, Colorado # 22153690.

In 1951 Denver, Lylas C. Bowland is married to Albert J. Bowland, a bricklayer.
Albert James Bowland 1924-1984 is buried in Wheat Ridge, Colorado # 67029135.

Lylas "Calvins" divorced James Benoist in Los Angeles in November 1970.

She died May 6, 2012, born March 13, 1923.


Lillian proved up a quarter in 30 and 31, 4N 43W and another in 25, 4N 44W in 1919.
Her witnesses were W. H. Oestman, Luman Calkins, Fred Oestman, and CLoyd Cheney, all of Wray.

There was a Lillie A. Schelly proving up two quarters in section 25, so this might be aan in-law.

February 1917 " Miss Lillian Calkins is erecting a three room house on her homestead eighteen miles north of Wray."

R. C. Schelly married L.A. Calkins March 31, 1917, recorded in Yuma County.

Lillian A. Schelly 1892-1976 is buried in Wray # 81716966.


In 1860 Livingston County, Illinois, Asa M. Calkins is 28, Adaline 27, Willett J. 2, and Nathaniel A. three months.

In 1870 Montgomery County, Indiana, Asa M. Calkins is 38, Adaline (Loughery) Calkins 32, Willet Z. 12, Nathaniel O. 10, Annetta 7, Joe E. 5, and John 2.

In 1900 Custer County, Nebraska, John Calkins is 32, with parents Asa M. and Adeline both 68. Grandchildren Mable is 17, Maddie B. 11, and Johnnie 6.
Bertha Day is in Chase County in 1900, 16, with Alexander Day 61 and Eliza A. 52. Walter S. is 13 and Earnest G. 10.
They married in Chase County November 17, 1902.

Bertha's nephew Clifford Day and aunts Wilma Day Eyestone and Julia Day Hoskins were a long-time farmer of the Waverly area of Yuma County.
" Adaline D. Loghry born May 27, 1832 in New York Died September 1907 in Maywood, Frontier County, Nebraska "

In 1910 Chase County, Nebraska, John is 41, married seven years to Bertha 25 born in Iowa. Raymond 5, Jenny 2 were born in Nebraska. Asa M. 79 widowed is with them.
Asa Calkins owns a lot in the Lamar, Nebraska cemetery, A 28 with James Calkins buried there. So does John Calkins, wtih a wife and child buried on lot B. 19
Caniel and Mabel have lot B 30.

"Calkins, Asa M., Born Aug 28 1831 in New York, Died Dec 28 1912 in Lamar, Chase County, Nebraska "
The stone has no date on it, # 61804902.

Asa Calkins' stone in the Lamar cemetery has no date # 142747239.

In 1920 John and Bertha are in Yuma County, farming, with Raymond, Emory, Blanche V. 9 born and Harold 7, all kids born in Nebraska.
They're next to Otto Brunabend.

James Starkey proved up 240 acres in 10 and 11 in 1916, and stock-claimed another 240 in 10 and 15 in 1923.
His witnesses were James H. Coast, William C. Richards, Samuel A. Yost, and John T. Calkins, all of Alvin, Colorado.

In 1922 John Calkins was paid $12.86 for labor on Yuma County roads.

In 1930 they're in Payette County, Idaho, John 61, Bertha 46, Raymond 25 - divorced, Emory 22, Harold 17, all three born in Nebraska, and Paul E. 9 born in Colorado.

In 1940 Payette County, only Raymond and Paul are with them.

John Thomas Calkins, born April 25, 1868 in Indiana to Asa M. Calkins and Adeline Lowery, died in Payette, Idaho October 29, 1956.

He's buried in Payette # 14266329, with Bertha E. (Day) Calkins 1883-1941.
"Bertha E. was born to Alexander and Eliza Ann (Shryer) Day in December of 1885 in Monroe County, Iowa. She migrated with her parents and siblings from Iowa to Chase County, Nebraska in the late 1880's. Bertha's siblings were: Sherman Day, James A. Day, Lewis F. (Louis) Day, John William "William" Day, Estella "Etta" Day, Charlie Day (d. young in Iowa), Mary Day, Walter Samuel Day and Ernest A. Day. "

Paul Edwin Calkins 1920-1970 died in Bexar County, Texas, and is buried in El Paso, # 454126, married to Gertrude E.W. Calkins, a retired army officer.

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