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Cleveland and Ethel (Montgomery) Cackler, Alvin

1886 Humeston, Iowa "The condition of Mr. Sylvester Sams, a well-known citizen of this county, excites considerable interest. Two years ago Mr. Sams, while walking over his farm, was bitten by a rattlesnake. He immediately resorted to the native remedy in such cases - whisky, of which he partook copiously. Nothing more was thought of the matter until six months ago, when Sams betrayed symptoms of St. Vitus' dance. He is never still, not even in his sleep, twitching his muscles and moving incessantly. Later he has developed violent symptoms, so much so that he beats his wife and family and whoever comes within reach. He now acts like a man with a well-defined case of rabies, only, instead of barking, he makes a rattling sound. He has been taken to Canton jail, where a strong guard can be kept over him until the result of his case can be reached."
"Sylvester Sams, of Liberty township Lucas county, was adjudged insane last week and taken to Mt. Pleasant."

Mary E. Cackler married Sylvester R. Sams on April 5, 1894 in Lucas County, Iowa.

In 1895 Lucas County, Iowa, Pleasant Cackler is 24, Ida 17, and Cleveland is 10.

In 1900 Lucas County, Iowa, Cleveland Cackler born Oct 1884 in Iowa, is with grandparents George W. Cackler March 1831 and Margaret A. November 1832, both born in Ohio. His half-brother George Sams is with them. 5.

Samuel 46 and Hannah 38 are next door with three kids younger than Cleveland.

In May 1895 Sylvester was "adjudged insane, taken to Clarinda."

In 1900 Sylvester Sams is in the asylum in Page, Iowa, born September 1857, and in 1910 and 1920 and 1930 is farming in Lucas County, widowed. 50.
Mary Cackler Sams 1865-1904 is buried in Lucas County.

In 1925 Lucas County, Sylvester Sams is 65, widowed, living alone.
George Landis Sams died in April 1963. His wife died February 1949 of a stroke. They had a daughter in July 1923. George had a home destroyed by fire in 1922, injured in 1940 in a hunting accident, broke a knee cap in a "tussel with a bull" in 1954, and as injuredin 1956 wehn a tractor rolled.

April 1913 "Cleve Cackler returned to his homestead near this place. He has been working through the winter for Kimberlin Brothers of Nebr."

June 12, 1913 "Cleve Cackler is spending a week on his homestead."

January 1914

Cleveland proved up two quarters in section 1, 4N 43W in 1916. His land was on three sides of Isaac Bender's 1913 claim.

A Cleveland Cackler registered for WWI in Lovell, Wyoming, a laborer for the Wyoming Gas Product Co, with wife Ethel Cackler.

He might be the Cleveland Cackler in 1920 Lovell, Wyoming, a public works laborer, born in Iowa, married to Ethel born in Missouri, both 34. Lovell is 9 born in Missouri, Stella 4 in Colorado, and Joseph 1 in Wyoming.

Cleveland registered for WWII in Stanislaus County, born October 23, 1884 in Lucas County, Iowa, reference Lovell Cackler of Modesto.

In 1930 Perkins County, South Dakota, Cleve is 44, Ethel 41, married twenty years prior. Lovell 19 was born in MIssouri, Stella 14 in COlorado, Joseph 11 and Mary 8 in Wyoming.
FindaGrave # 127344535 has Cleveland 1884-1963 "

A native of Iowa, Cleveland Cackler had lived in the Oakdale area of California for 39 years. He died in a local hospital. He was a retired watchman.
He is survived by his widow, Ethel; two sons: Joe and Lovell Cackler of Modesto; two daughters: Mary Russell of Modesto and Stella Schaper of Washington; five grandchildren and three great grandchildren.
Last rites were conducted in the Oakdale Memorial Chapel, at 1 pm Friday [Jan. 18], Rev. J E Dahlinger officiating; burial in the Lakewood Memorial Park, Empire, California."#

"Parents: Henry Clay Montgomery and Blanche Huston. THIS IS QUESTIONABLE.

OAKDALE: Final rites will be conducted at 11 AM in the Oakdale Memorial Chapel for Ethel Cackler, 94, who died Tuesday in a Riverbank Convalescent Hospital.
She leaves two sons: Joe and Lovell Cackler of Modesto; two daughters: Mary Russell of Modesto, and Stella Schaper of Washington; six grandchildren and three great grandchildren. Burial will be in Lakewood Memorial Park. "

The 1935 census of Perkins County, South Dakota, said Lovel was born at Charity, Missouri, his father at Chariton Iowa, and his mother at Dallas Missouri.

There's a Charity E. Montgomery in 1900 Dallas County, Missouri, with parents Marion Montgomery 41 and Louisa 38. Minnie J. is 17, Charity E. 14, Ellie H. 13, maggie 10, Roy 9, Nettie L.6., Ola V 3, and Janie 1.
Marion, born January 27, 1859 in Dallas County to Henry Montgomery and Louise, died February 16, 1937 in Dallas County.
He was to be buried in Charity.
Louisa 1861-1943 is buried in Charity, # 88197806.

In 1940 Modesto, California, Lovell is a truck driver, 31, born in Missouri, married to Leona 19 born in California.

In 1954 Modesto, Lovell is a plumbing foreman for Baker-Newman. He and Leona live at 1443 Florida Avenue.
Lovell Cackler, born November 11, 1908, died January 27, 1991.
But the 1920 census has him nine years old.

Mary Mae Russell died August 14, 1984 in Stanislaus County, born May 12, 1921 in Wyoming.

Louise S. Schaper 1915-1989 is buried in Seattle # 157236352, with Albert W. 1895-1976.

In 1985 Modesto, Joseph C. and Jeanette E. Cackler live at 1248 Normandy Drive, Lovell C. and Leona M. at 2517 Fremont. Both are retired.

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