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Yuma County Pioneer Photographs:

Fred C. Hamilton, Alvin

He might be the Fred C. Hamilton in 1910 Denver, 34, born in Illinois, with his mother Sarah 60, widowed. She manages, or a waiter at a club, and Fred is a dressmaker.
This might be the Fred C. Hamilton in 1880 Franklin County, Illinois, age 5, with father Herbert , a painter and Sarah A., both 30

Herbert S. Hamilton married Sarah A. Duncan on March 23, 1879 in Franklin County.

Fred C. Hamilton married Grace C. Neale on June 1, 1898 in Boulder County, Colorado.
Fred Clair Hamilton and Grace C. Hamilton divorced in Denver in 1903.

Fred proved up 320 acres in section 29, 4N 43W in 1919. His witnesses were Elmer R. Henderson, James Coast, John A. Conover, and Albert A. Currence, all of Alvin.
He had filed originally on January 25, 1916.

In 1920 Yuma County, Frederick C. is farming, widowed, 44, living alone, born in Illinois. He's next to the Anddersons and Spurgeons.

In 1930 Denver, there's a Fred C. Hamilton, 55, widowed, born in Illinois, a cook at an amusement park. He's living at 3954 Utica Street.

Fred C. Hamilton 1875-1934 "Beloved brother and uncle" is buried in Jefferson COunty, Colorado # 153010955.

If anyone has evidence about the Yuma County Fred Hamilton, please let us know.

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