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Yuma County Pioneer Photographs:

Charles and Caroline (Coast) Hazlett, Alvin

In 1880 York County, Nebraska, V.C. Hazlett is 35, Ann 38, Charles 14, Virginia 11, Lillian 8, and Frank 6.
Chareles W. Hazlett, age 23, married Carrie Coast, age 17, on December 1889 in Chautauqua County, Kansas.

Charles is in Cherokee Nation, Indian Territory in 1900, born Nov 1866 in New Jersey, married ten years to Carrie Oct 1867 Pennsylvania. Minie Feb 1891 in Nebraska, Sylvia Oct 1892, Goldy June 1893, and Ada January 1899 ere born in the Territory. Cousin F. H. Tharp born April 1882 in Illinois is with them.

April 1909 "C. W. Hazlett and W. C. Coast were two Lairdites circulating among friends in Wray Wednesday."

Charles 43 and Caroline 42 Hazlitt are in Yuma County in 1910. Winnie is 19, Sylvia is 17, Addie 11, and Victor 2.
Caroline was the daughter of Craft Coast, and they were in Labette County, Kansas in 1880. Craft is 44, Clementine 41, Adaline 20, Wallace 18, Samuel 15, Caroline 13, James 11, Clinton 7, and Franklin 3.

December 1914 " One of the most interesting and significant crop reports comes from the farm of C. W. Hazlett about five miles north of Laird. Mr. Hazlett rented eighteen acres of land to Roy Maple on crop share that threshed 425 bushels or 25 bushels and a fraction to the acre machine measure. When they beat that for $10 an acre land they will be going some, and our enterprising real estate man, E. L. Palmer has thousands of acres that will do as well if treated as well. Mr. Hazlett is an enterprising farmer and was the first to try out the new forage crop feterita and has ten acres that will yield fully 15 bushels to the acre. Mr. Hazlett is in frequent correspondence with the U. S. Government for information and advice and then follows it. Emery Kife who owns a half section near Mr. Hazlett has harvested thirty bushels and 20 pounds of corn to an acre this season, and Herman Currence is certain that his corn crop will average 35 bushels."

Charles proved up 120 acres in sections 6 and 7, 2N 42W, in 1915.
Charles Hazlett 53, Caroline 52, and Victor 12 are in Yuma County in 1920.

Goldie Hazlett 1894-1908 is buried in Exeter, Fillmore County, Nebraska.

February 1914
February 16, 1922 "Chas. W. Hazlett went to Exeter, Neb., last week on account of the serious illness of his mother, who has been ailing for some time."

"Mr. and Mrs. Paul Houtman spent Sunday at the home of Mrs. Houtman's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Hazlitt."
March 22, 1923 "Mrs. Heyer spent the last week at the Hazlett home caring for Mrs. Hazlett, who has been sick the past month...
"Mrs Hazlett, who has been quite ill for a month, is now able to be about the house again, a fact her many friends are glad to know.
"John Wagner and Chas. Hazlett were Wednesday business visitors in Wray."
Carrie Hazlett died January 8, 1926 in Washington County, Arkansas.

C.W. Hazlett, age 60, married May Rowell, 35 in Fayetteville. Washington County, Arkanasas on December 11, 1926.

In 1930 Yuma County, Charles W. Hazlett is 63, born in New Jersey, married first at age 23. Etta M. 37 born in Arkansas was first married at age 34. Eve Rowell, boarder, 11 born in Arkansas is with them.
Eva Rowell married Gilbert Glasser on May 18, 1936, recorded in Yuma County.

Charles is buried in Fillmore County # 43502936. "Son of Victor Corwin Hazlett and Catharine Tharp Hazlett. Married to Caroline. Father of Winnie, Sylvia, Goldie and Ada (or Addie) and Victor according to 1900 and 1910 census records"
In 1940 Wray, Cameron Alley is 36, Mary 26, with Viola 9 and Isabell 4. They're living with Mae Hazlett, 42. In March 1940 the Yuma County Commissioners granted $20 to Mae Hazlett for general relief. , and $7. 00 to Sylvia Keenan.


Effie Hazlett married Paul Houtman on April 4, 1916, recorded in Yuma County.

In 1920 Yuma County, Paul is 25, born in Nebraska, Adline F. 21 born in Oklahoma.
In 1930 Kiowa County, Colorado, Paul 35 and Effie A. 31 are farming.

Adeline E. Houtman, 1899-1937 is buried in Sheridan Lake, Kiowa County # 48548723.

Paul Houtman 1894-1979 is buried in Saint Francis, Kansas # 11869383.
"Son of Julius Houtman and Emiline Vandike; married 1) Effie Adline (maiden name unknown), 2) Rosa Edith Clara Mathies, and 3) Christina Schauer."

Myron Leasure, age 21, married Winifred Hazlett in Yuma County March 15, 1911.
March 17, 1911 "Marriage license was issued Wednesday to Myron H. Leasure and Winifred Hazlett, of Laird, and they united in marriage by Judge Jennings the same day."


Sylvia Hazlett married Grant Keenan on October 18, 1911, recorded in Yuma County. Sylvia is married to Grant Keenan in 1920 Yuma County, both 27. She was born in Oklahoma. Keith Y. is 3, Florine C. 2.

They're farming in Yuma County in 1920, Grant 27 born in Illinois, Sylvia 27 in Oklahoma. Keith Y. 3 and Florence C. 2 were born in Colorado. They're next to Joe Keenan 59 and Harrett 54, botn born in Illinois and three kids.

In 1927 Mrs. Grant Keenan was paid by the Yuma County Commissioners for the care of Winnie Leasure.
Sylvia is divorced in 1930 Wray, 37, Keith M. 14, Florene 12, Lorraine 4. Winnie Leasure 39 is living with them.

In December 1935 Mrs. Sylvia Keenan of Laird was charged with violating liquor laws.

December 1938

Sylvia, Keith - a laborer, and Laurine are in Wray in 1940.

Sylvia 1891-1946 is buried in Wray # 64333890.

July 3, 1947

October 16, 1947

Lorraine Rex Keenan, age 40, married Viola D. Matheny in Clark County, Washington on July 26, 1966.

He's buried in Willamette National 1925-2001 # 36293870.

Florene married Delmer E. Foreman, and they're in Vernon precinct in 1940. Delmer 1915-1980 is buried in Pierce County, Washington # 29664905, with Anna (Bren) Foreman 1922-1974.
Florene C. Fahrenholz, age 90, died April 2, 2007 in Clackamas County, WOregon.


Victor Charles Hazlett was born October 25, 1907 at Jones Oklahoma to Charles W. lhazlett and Caroline Coast, dying November 6, 1993.

Nellie Eaton, age 16, married Victor Hazlett, age 19, in Fayetteville, Arkansas on November 1, 1916.

In 1930 Laird precinct, Yuma County, Victor C. is 22, Nellie 18, and newborn Warren V.

One post by Philip says "My great grandfather was married to Anna Tharp. His name was Victor Corwin Hazlett. He and Anna had several children of which my grandfather (Charles Whitfield Hazlett) was one and my great uncle Burt (Who died at age of 101, in California). My father, Victor Charles Hazlett raised a family of 4 in Joplin Mo. 3 boys ( I am the youngest of the 3) Victor Warren, Verlyn Cecil, & Phillip. One daughter, Donna Vernice. All living. My parents are both deceased, buried in Joplin. "

Victor is a truck driver in Joplin, Missouri in 1940, 31, born in Oklahoma, with Nellie C. 29, Victor W. 10 Colorado, Verlin 9, Arkansas, Philip D. 5 Missouri, and Anna V. 2 Missouri.

Victor C. Hazlett, age 62, married Maria A. Tovar Rivera, age 23, on July 31, 1970 in El Paso, Texas.

Victor died in Mission Texas, and is buried in Joplin, Missouri, # 9053234 with Nellie C. (Eaton) Hazlett 1911-1972.


Gilbert A. Glasser married Eva Rowell on May 18, 1936, recorded in Yuma County.

On May 18, Gilbert Glaser and Eva McMarie Rowell Glaser were witnesses for the marriage of Guy Foster and Opal Baker.

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