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Yuma County Pioneer Photographs:

Myron H. and Winifred (Hazlett) Leasure, Alvin

Alfred D. Leasure, born in Knox County, Ohio, married Nellie A. Weed, born about 1861 in Waukeegan, Lake County, Illinois, on October 11, 1885 in Hilton township, Iowa County, Iowa.
Nellie's mother was Lucy L. Douglass, her father was Myron Weed.

Myron 47 and Lucy 35 Weed were in Iowa County in 1880, with Nellie 18, Etta 12, Victor 10, Arthur 6, and Myron 2.
Myron died April 8, 1907 in Franklin County, Nebraska.
Lucy Lavina Douglas Weed 1843-1933 died in Yuma County.

In 1900 Franklin County, Nebraska, Myron Leasure, born March 1891 in Iowa, is with parents Alfred and Nellie Leasure. Phebe N. was born April 22 1888 in Ladora, Iowa to A.D.C. Leasure and Nellie Weed.

A.C., a farmer in Iowa County, Iowa, was one of seven children of John H. and Ruth A. (Upton) (1825-1896, buried in Chamption Hill Cemetery, Iowa County) Leasure.
The Caldwell County, Missouri has a good article on Robert T. Mylar.

John, 1829-1914 is buried in Champion Hill. One brother J.C. was a merchant in Wellman, Iowa, brothers Harvey E. a jeweler in Williamsburg, and George of Williamsburg. Hattie died 1898, buried in Iowa County with mother Ruth and brother Hallie dying 1869.
Harvey went to Arkansas City, Kansas in 1904, and his son Frank born 1882 was a newspaperman in Oklahoma, working in Kansas and Colorado up to 1903.
December 31, 1909

Alfred C. Leasure married I. Isabel Ives on December 21, 1909, recorded in Denver.
She was the widow of Edwin E. Ives, 1858-1902, # 57001113.
"Ed E. Ives, of Newton, trainmaster of the middle division of the Santa Fe, was instantly killed and E.A. Austin, trainmaster of the eastern division hurt by a switch engine in the Emporia yards last night.
The men were standing in the yards talking when the switch engine struck them. Ives was hurled under the trucks and his body cut in twain. He died instantly. Austin from advices received at the Santa Fe depot here today, was knocked down by the engine and sustained severe bruises. He may have dangerous injuries. The details of the accident were not available today.
Austin was formerly trainmaster here being transferred but recently from Arkansas City to Topeka having gone to the former place from Wellington more than a year ago. He has a family.
Ives was well known here and was popular. He was here a week ago with F.E. Easly, superintendent of the middle division and made arrangements to hear the Banda Rossa next week as the guest of Clem Spruance. He leaves a widow.

Alfred, Isabel, and Myron are in Yuma County in 1910, farming.

Alfred C. is in Dundy County, Nebraska in 1920, 62, born in Ohio, one of four boarders with the Frank and Ruth Wiley family. married but no spouse. He's buried in Arkansas City, Kansas 1857-1929 # 18903686, "Son of John Hunter Leasure and Ruth Ann UptonĀ 
Icelona Isabel (Murray) Leasure 1861-1922 is buried in Emporia, Kansas # 57001120.

Myron, age 21, married Winifred Hazlett in Yuma County March 15, 1911.
March 17, 1911 "Marriage license was issued Wednesday to Myron H. Leasure and Winifred Hazlett, of Laird, and they united in marriage by Judge Jennings the same day."

Winnie was in Yuma County in 1910, with Charles 43 and Caroline 42 Hazlitt. Sylvia is 17, Addie 11, and Victor 2.

Myron Hunter Leasure registered for WWI in Alvin, born March 3, 1890 at Williamsburg, Iowa, farming. He was supporting his wife, two children, and his father.

Myron proved up 320 acres in sections 27 and 28 in 1918, and another 40 acres Stock Claimed in 34 in 1920.
His witnesses for the homestead were William O. Jones, James Coast, John A. Conover and Edward Nelson, all of Alvin.

In 1920 Yuma County, Myron, 29 born in Ohio, with Winnie O. 28 born in Nebraska, have Alfred 7 and Alvin 6, both born in Colorado.
Willard "Laisure" born April 21, 1920, died December 23, 1920, buried in Wray # 64644861.

In 1922 Myron was paid $44.02 for labor on the Yuma COunty roads, and in 1923 Mrs. M. H. Leasure was advanced $10 cash from the poor fund.

November 9, 1922 "Mrs. Myron LEISURE is visiting her parents for several weeks."

In 1930 Wray, Winnie is 39, married but no spouse, no occupation, living with Sylvia Keenan, 37 - divorced with three kids.

Winnie C. "Laisure" 1891-1932 is buried in Wray, # 64644880.
Winnie and Willard are in the same plot as the Kennans - Sylvia 1891-1946, William 1939-1939, and Grant 1940.

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