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Yuma County Pioneer Photographs:

Agnus R. Marker, Alvin

William Marker married Virginia Byrd on February 22, 1866 in Livingston County, MIssouri.
She was in Livingston County in 1860, age 15, with James 38 and Jane Bird 42.
James "N." Byrd married Jane R. Myles on August 29, 1844 in Greenbrier County, Virginia.

Son J.M. Byrd, age 31, of Osborne County, Kansas, son of James Byrd and Jane Myler (his second marriage, a blacksmith), Irena Abbott on November 25, 1882 in Hardin County, Iowa.

In 1870, Wm. H. 27 and Virginia 24 have Nancy J. 3, John F. 2, and Lenora A. ten months.

Virginia died July 19, 1879 and is buried in Blue Mound Cemetery, Livingston County. # 176700065.

In 1880 Livingston County, William Marker is farming, 37, widowed, with Nancy 13, John 12, Lenora 10, Angus 4, and James P. 2.

William Marker married Marie Dicken in Livingston County on May 3, 1882.

William H. Marker 1842-1916 is buried in Livingston County # 70560306, with Mary Maria (Dicken) Marker 1857-1935.

In 1900 Osborne County, Angus is farming, born July 1876 in Missouri, and his brother J. P. October 1878, also born in Missouri, iks with him.

Angus is in Osborne County in 1910, a hired man for James A. McEwen 59 born in Pennsylvania and Sarah 56 born in Wisconsing.

July 6, 1914 Winfield, Kansas "Angus Marker, of Dexter, suffered a break in his handle bars. He was thrown off his machine but fortunately lit in a bundle of cane and saved his life."

"Heirs of Angus Marker" proved up two quarters in section 30 4N 43W in 1919.
The BLM record has "Agnus" in its index.

January 27, 1916

Angus 1875-1916 is buried in Osborne County, Kansas # 155488397.
"Brother to Nancy Jane Forman."

June 6, 1918

July 31, 1919

The estate of "Agnus" Marker was delinquent on taxes in 1922 and 1923.

Angus' sister Nancy Forman 1866-1932 is buried in Osborne County # 155485976.

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