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Yuma County Pioneer Photographs:

William D. and Edna (Kibby) Minton, daughter Lillie (Minton) Larington, sons William E. Minton, Frank O. Minton, Alvin

In 1860 Boone County, Indiana, John Minton is 33, Elizabeth 24, William D. 10, Lucinda C.7, and Jerry E. 2.

Clarissa Bray died in Lake County, Illinois, October 14 1849, age 41, born in New York.

In 1850 Lake County, Illinois, Phebe Bray is 19, born in New York, with Samuel Bray 46

Samuel is in Allamakee County in 1856, widowed, 55, with Samuel 25 and Robert 12.
In 1856 Allamakee County, Iowa, Phebe "Ribby" is 28, Joseph 35,and Clary 2.

Edna L. Kibby is in Allamakee County in 1860, age 2, born in Iowa, Martha B. Kibby 5, and Ida M. 1. They're with the Andrew 3and Rachael Michael familh, both 35, with their six young kids.

They're next to Samuel Bragg (BRAY), 62 born in New Jersey.

Samuel, per one tree, died August 29, 1872 in Allamakee County, born 1800.

William L. Minton was appointed postmaster of Volney, Adair County, Iowa in November 1865.

In 1870 Allamakee County, Edna Minton 11, Martha 16, and Ida 7 are with William Minton 41, a physician and Phoeba 39. Ellen Minton is 24, Rosa eleven months. (Rosa L. Minton was born about 1869 to W.S. Minton and P.M. Bray /Braz, marrying Frank Hill on July 19, 1885 in Decatur County, Iowa.)_
Ellen Kibby was in Allamakee County in 1860, 13, with Joel 35 and R.(must be Phoebe) A. 28 Kibby. Clare Kibby is 6.

The History of Decatur County has both J.E. Minton and W.L. Minton as physicians in 1880.

Phebe Ann Minton, born about 1831 in New York, is in Decatur County Iowa in 1885, with William L. 57 born in Virginia. Roselle is 15, born in Alamakee County.
The Mount Zion cemetery, Frontier County, has E.E. Minton, B. A. Minton,and W.L. Minto. That might be Pheobe A. and William L.
One tree said Phoebe died about 1907 in Banner County, Nebraska.

Rose married Frank Hill in Decatur County July 19, 1885. and they're in Red Wilow County, Nebraska in 1900.
She died in 1903, buried in Indianola, Red Willow County # 43863891.
William L. Minton, born 1828, died December 31, 1929 (Directory of Deceased American Physicians)

William D. Minton and Edna Louise Kiby married September 24, 1874 in Lineville, Missouri, per on e post.
" Edna was Baptized the day Sitting Bull was killed according to obituary in possesion of Irene Wright "

In 1880 Clarke County, Iowa, William Minton is 30, Edna 21, Minnie 7, and Willie 3.

In 1885 Frontier County Nebraska, William Minton is 35 born in Indiana, Edna L. 26 in Iowa. Minnie 10, Willie E. 8, Lillie 5 in Iowa, and a newborn son in Nebraska.
On the same page is J.E. Minton 27 Indiana, single.
Also on the page is J.H Minton 64 born in Virginia, Elizabeth 57 Indiana, and J. O. 17 born in Iowa.

In 1900 Red Willow County, Nebraska, William Minton born Feb 1850 is married 25 years to Edna Sept 1858 in Iowa, have Frank O. April 1885 and Pearl M. Sept 1881.

In 1910 Frontier County, William and Edna are alone.

October 17, 1912 "W. D. Minton from Curtis, Nebraska, arrived in Wray Tuesday and went out to the home of his son, W. B. Minton, who lives 15 miles north of Laird. He came to close a land trade. "

Wm. D. proved up a quarter in section 13 in 1916.
November 1917


August 21, 1919 "W. D. Minton, who had been a patient in one of the Denver hospitals for the past few weeks, returned Thursday to Wray. His condition is somewhat improved and his many friends hope for an early recovery."

In 1920 Wray, William 69 and Edna 61 are living on Elm Street.

William David Minton 1850-1929 is buried in Wray, # 81596439, with Edna Louise (Kirby) Minton 1858-1924.


Robert Larington was born January 15, 1880, and died April 1969 in Arapahoe Nebraska. He married Lillie Charlotte Lutishue Minton on February 17, 1901 in Kearney.

Robert proved up 320 acres in sections 19 and 20, 4N 42W in 1913, a mile south of Wm. D. and Frank Minton's claims.

October 21, 1915 " Robert Larington has purchased the Walter Teel place north of Laird which joins Mr. Larington's home place. Mr. Teel is living in Canada."

March 6, 1919 " Mr. and Mrs. Larington spent several days last week as guests of the Minton and Halley families. They departed Saturday for their home near McCook."

Lillie (Minton) Larington 1880-1971 is buried in McCook, Nebraska # 91300059, and Robert Larington 1880-1969.

Emerald "Leon" Larrington died April 19, 2003, at the Ainsworth Care Center at the age of 89 years. He was born April 1, 1914, at Laird, Colo. He was the fifth of six children of Robert Larington and Lillie (Minton) Larington. At the age of four years, Leon moved with his parents to Red Willow County. His youth was spent in the rural McCook area. He graduated from Red Willow High School in 1932.
On Oct. 24, 1935, he married Dawn Thompson. They farmed in the McCook area until they purchased a ranch and moved with the family to Springview, in Keya Paha County in March of 1950. They retired and moved to Ainsworth in 1978. His wife, Dawn, preceded him in death on Oct. 7, 1988.
Leon married Elaine (Lenington) Waits-Jackson on Sept. 1, 1989. They spent their years in Ainsworth and Neligh and last resided at Cottonwood Villa in Ainsworth. Survivors include his wife, Elaine of Ainsworth; daughters, Ladonna and husband, Warren Everts of McCook and Peggy and husband, Dick Stafford of Lancaster, Calif.; sons, Elton Larrington and wife, Ellen of Elizabethtown, Ky., and Gale Larrington and wife, Connie of Springview; step-sons, Brad Waits and wife, Cammie and Bart Waits and wife, Penny all of Ainsworth; along with 12 grandchildren; four step-grandchildren; 21 great-grandchildren; four step-great-grandchildren; and one great-great-grandson. He is also survived by a sister, Dorothy Newell of Oshkosh. He was preceded in death by his parents; sisters, Faye Larington and Cecile Beebe; and brothers, Devere and Dean.
Funeral services were Thursday, April 24, 2003, at the Hoch Funeral Home in Ainsworth with Fred Swett officiating. Interment was in the East Park Cemetery at Ainsworth. The Merrill Womach music selections, "He Touched Me," "Just A Closer Walk With Thee," and "Old Rugged Cross" were played. Casketbearers were: Darrin, Brian, Bill and Robert Larrington, Micki Clark, Terri Fink, Jason, Marcus and Shawn Everts, Barbara Young, Jymme Shaw and Scott Anderson.

Patrick F. Dempsey's witnesses in 1916 were John Jack, William R. Workman, and James Coast of Alvin Colorado and William E. Minton of Laird, Colorado.

April 1899 news from Laird "Thos. Ashton is fitting up a house for C.E. Minton."
April 28, 1899 "D.E. Minton is roofing a fitting up a house on the farm of Mr. Ashton's, and will move his family into it as soon as completed."

January 14, 1910 Haigler news "On Sunday January 2nd, the friends of C. L. Minton and family got together, prepared a nice dinner and all went and surprised them. It being their anniversary. They also presented them with a rocking chair. A social time was spent by all present wishing Mr. and Mrs. Minton many more happy anniversaries."

August 1900 Laird items

March 25, 1910 "M. A. Higgins has rented his farm to C.L. Minton who will move there this week."

April 24, 1903 "Olivia Minton visited the Laird school Wednesday.."

June 10, 1910 "Mrs. Edna L. Minton and son Frank have been visiting her two sons, W. E. Minton and Robert Larington, living north of Laird. They returned to their home at Curtis, Nebraska, Friday afternoon."

In 1910 Yuma County, William E. is 33, Sevila V. 24 born in Kansas, Gratia 11, Bernice 9, Hazel 7, Lucille 4, and Charles 2.
Wm. E. proved up 320 acres in section 24, 4N 43W and 19, 4N 42W in 1913. His witnesses were Martin Peterson, Charles W. Roberts, Walter E. Teel, and Robert Larington, all of Laird.

October 18, 1917 " Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Jordan disposed of their 320-acre farm three and one half miles north of Wray Saturday to Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Minton. Mr. and Mrs. Minton have resided several miles north near Alvin for some time, but desired to be nearer town."

November 22, 1917 "Mr. and Mrs. Richard Minton who have resided for some time on their farm north of Wray are building a nice sized cottage on their farm which they purchased of W. E. Jordan and which lies just three miles north of town."

In 1920 Yuma County, William E. is 43, Sevila 39, Greetia 21, Vernie 18, Hazel 16, Lucille M. 14, and Charles 11, all kids born in Nebraska.
In 1930 Yuma County, William is 53, Sevila 49, Gladis L. 24, an Charles W. 21.

In 1940 William and Sevila are alone.
They're buried in Wray, William 1877-1940 # 81596617, and Sevila (Gepner) Minton 1880-1960 # 8156404.

Gladys had married Willard Schuel August 12, 1930, and they're in Yuma County in 1940. Willard 32, Gladys 35, Donald 7, John 6, William 4, and Raymond 2.
She's buried in Yakima, Washington 1935-1990 # 71584816, with Willard Abner Shuel 1908-1973
Donald Wayne Shuel passed away on January 16, 2008 at the age of 75. He was born on November 3, 1932, in Wray, Colorado to Willard and Lucille Shuel. The family moved to Yakima in 1942.

William Harvey Shuel passed away in his home surrounded by his family on Friday, August 19th, 2016. He was born on September 14th, 1936 in Wray, Colorado to Willard and Gladys (Lucile) Shuel. He was 79 years old. The Shuel family relocated to Yakima, Washington in 1942. He grew up with his three brothers: Donald, John (Jack) and Raymond Shuel. The Shuel brothers have always maintained a very close relationship.

In 1920 Wray, Benjamin and Lillie Shier have no occupation, and Charles Steiner, 25, is still with them - a farm laborer. So is Howard S. Shier, 10, both born in Colorado. In 1930 Armel precinct, Benjamin and Lillie have no occupations, but Lucile Minton, 24, is a servant.
Charlie served in France in WWI, and when he came home, he met Greetia Minton whose grandparents lived across the street in Wray from the Shiers. Charlie and Greetia were married January 19, 1920.
Greta married Charles Steiner, and they're in Wray in 1930. She's buried in Wray # 48152527 1898-1979.

Hazel married Allen Nyhoff, and they're in Yuma County in 1930, Allen 28 and Hazel 27.
She's buried in Wray 1903-1997 # 62266542.


Frank O. Minton and Cora E. Hinton married in Frontier County, Nebraska on January 31, 1905.

Frank O. Minton proved up two quarters in sections 17 and 18, 4N 42W in 1916.
His witnesses were Harry Holley, Robert Larington, Cyrus Hammel, and Earl Reed, all of Alvin.

In 1920 Yuma County, Frank and Cora are both 34, Lela W. 14 and Joseph E. 12, all born in Nebraska.

October 18, 1923 "Miss Lola Minton and Mr. Max Drommond, popular young people of Laird, were married in Holyoke the latter part of last week. Mrs. Drommond is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Minton of Laird and is well known in this community. Mr. Drommond is well and favorably known as a progressive young business man. The Rattler joins many friends in extending congratulations."

In 1930 Yuma County, Frank and Dora have only Joseph.

In 1940 Frontier County, Frank and Cora E. are both 54, with Joseph E. 32 born in Nebraska, Nell his wife 31 in Arkansas. Bonnell I is 12, C. Faye 11, Jerry 5 born in Colorado, and Frank E. 3 in Nebraska.

Lela May Drommond1905-1994 is buried in Wray # 81743533. So is her father Frank Oarl Minton 1885-1955 # 81595707 and Cora E. 1885-1947 # 81595037.
JOSEPH E. (Frank's son)

Joseph E. Minton and Emma M. Minton divorced in Yuma County in 1930.

In 1930 Yuma County, Emma N. Minton is divorced, living with parents Warren Dodge 59 and Elizabeth 54. Bonnell J. is 3, Cleaora L. 2 and Phil one month.

In 1940 Frontier County, Frank and Cora E. are both 54, with Joseph E. 32 born in Nebraska, Nell his wife 31 in Arkansas. Bonnell I is 12, C. Faye 11, Jerry 5 born in Colorado, and Frank E. 3 in Nebraska.

Jerry Joseph Minton was born April 6, 1934 in Wray to Joseph E. Minton and Iva N. Glasgow, dying June 19, 1986.
The California death index has him born in Arkansas.

Nell Minton is a cafe dish-washer in Frontier County, Nebraska in 1940, 31, born in Arkansas, with sons Jerry Joseph 5 born in Colorado and Frank 2 in Nebraska.

Emma N. Hammell is in Laird precinct in 1940, 31 born in Kansas, married to Earl J. Hammel 32 born in Nebraska. Letha is 8, Lynn L. 2, both born in Colorado.
Emma Nancy Craig 1908-1966 is buried in Wray, # 17097562.

In 1940 Phil R. is 10, living with uncle Warren Dodge in Valley precinct, Yuma Coutn. Dexter W.l 80 adn Elizabeth 64 are living wtih them.

Phil Royce Minton 1930-2009 is buried in Wray # 36891108.

Cleora F. and Ralph G. Irwin divorced in Logan County, Colorado on February 16, 1973.

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