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Yuma County Pioneer Photographs:

John N. Paynter, Alvin

1907 Red Cloud Nebraska "Axel Dahl, Harold Dahl, Tom Sweet, George Pharris, John Paynter, Pete Wright and Charles Dahlgren, all of Webber, Kansas, former pupils of Alvin Snapp, came up to rehearse with the Red Cloud Band last night."

1909 Rooks County, Kansas "Bert Miller shot an eagle but did not kill it, last Wednesday, on John Paynter's farm.  It measured 6 feet, 8 inches, and weighed 12 pounds.  He brought it to town with him, then killed it.--Alton Empire. "

John E. Paynter is single in 1910 Yuma County, 25, born in Kansas, living alone.

Olive Rightsell was born July 20, 1885 in Cass County Iowa to John T. Rightsell and Eliza Graham.

Olive attended the Independence school about six miles west of Wray.

Olive Rightsell cash-claimed 160 acres in 1, 1N 44W in 1910 - about where the airport is now.
James T. Rightsell proved up a quarter in section 20 in 1894, about six miles southwest of Wray.

Olive Rightsell is in Wray in 1910, 24, born in Iowa, a reporter. She lives on Railroad street with her widowed father James T. Rightsell 61, a nursery stock salesman. Eva M. Sherman, widowed daughter of James, 33, with James E. Sherman 12, Duane 12 and Elsie V. 10, all three born in Colorado.

August 1910 "T. C. Paynter, of Jewell county, Kansas, stopped in town this week to visit his brother J. E. Paynter. He had been to the mountains for a pleasure trip and tarried here on his way home to spend a week with his brother on the homestead ,"

August 1910 "The Rattler is authorized to announce the name of John E. Paynter, of Valley precinct as a candidate for the Republican nomination for County Superintendent. John E. Paynter whom this week announces his name for the nomination of county superintendent, came to Yuma county some two years ago from Jewell county Kansas where he received his education and where he had been engaged in school work for several years. He graduated from the Webber High School in 1905 and afterward was employed as teacher in both graded and rural schools. Mr. Paynter seeks the nomination purely on his qualifications and no doubt will make good should he be given the place he seeks."

May 12, 1911

1912 "Miss Tressie Wheatley accompanied Mrs. John Paynter to Wray for a day's visit last Thursday."

June 1912 "John Paynter of near Alvin came in Friday, having brought his little sister, Pauline, in to take the train for Superior, Nebr. Pauline has been visiting at the John Paynter home for several weeks."

August 1912 "Mr. and Mrs. John Paynter and Cecil Paynter, the brother of the former, left last evening for a three weeks visit in Holdrege, and Superior, Nebraska, and Webber, Kansas."

September 1912 "Mr. and Mrs. John Paynter returned Tuesday from a two weeks visit with Mr. Paynter's relatives in Webber, Kansas. They will remain in Wray for at least a week, before going out to their homestead several miles north. Mr. Paynter will attend to political business and Mrs. Paynter is assisting in the Conrad Lumber office."

August 1913

John proved up 318 acres in sections 9 and 10, 4N 43W in 1913.
This land had a forty-acre tract in the very middle of it that Fred J. Earl cash-claimed in 1918.

January 1915 "John E. Paynter and Mrs. Paynter of Superior, Neb., have been spending a few days in Yuma county, and incidentally settling with the tenant for the years product from Mr. Paynter's homestead 20 miles north, which yielded 35 bushels of corn to the acre this season and was marketed in Laird. Because of other business requiring Mr. Paynter's time, the ranch was placed with the E. L. Palmer real estate agency for sale at a price so low that it ought not to stay on the market overnight."

November 25, 1915

March 23, 1916

John Edwin Paynter registered for WWI in Kansas City, born Sept 11, 1886 at Webber, Kansas, a chiropractor, married. at 3309 Troost Avenue.

July 10, 1919 "Mrs. Ollie Paynter and friend, Mrs. E. Taylor, arrived Wednesday in Wray to visit for a few days with the former's father, J. T. Rightsell, and her sister, Mrs. Mason Chamberlain. Mesdames Paynter and Taylor intend to visit in Denver and in the mountains before returning home. Mrs. Paynter and her husband reside in Kansas City, Mo., and are engaged as chiropractors at that place."

John patented a bath cabinet in 1930.

In 1940 Kansas City, John is 53, with Olive R. 52 born in Iowa, with Betty June 18 born in MIsouri.

Feb 15 1945

In 1957 Springfield, Missouri, John E. is a chiropractor, with Olive R. at 2418 W. Olive.
Olive R. Paynter, born July 20, 1885, has a Social Security record of March 23, 1966.

1954 "FOR SALE: 10 acres or 39 lots within city limits, modern 7 room house, ground floor, 2 baths, much plumbing, basement, cement cave, out buildings. $8,000 for 19 lots and improvements or $5000 for 20 east front lots ready for developments.
Inquiries invited. Dr. Olive R. Paynter, D.C., 404 N West Ave., Butler, Missouri. "

John E. Paynter 1886-1970 is buried in Springfield, Missouri # 76236506. So is Olive R. Paynter 1885-1970? # 76236479.

Mrs. Florence Paynter, 83, pioneer settler of Webber, passed away on Thursday. Funeral services were conducted Saturday afternoon from the Methodist church at Webber. Hrs. Harry Riley delivered the funeral sermon. Two sons and two daughters and their families survive. During the last ten years Mrs. Paynter had been living with her son in Kansas City.

She's buried in Webber 1861-1945 # 55683080.

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