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Yuma County Pioneer Photographs:

Iva Remley Salling, Laird

Charlotte Baker Staley, Steamboat Springs

Tina Remley Weed, Laird

Clementine Baker was in LaSalle County, Illinois, in 1860, age 1, with father Hiram 42 and mother Mary (Scott, per one tree) 40. Charlotte is 6, born in New York.

In 1870 Oakland County, Michigan, Hiram Baker is a farm laborer, 52, with Mary 50. Charlotte is 15, and Artemesia 11.
Charlotte Baker married John N. Staley in Grundy County, Illinois on September 1, 1872.

In 1860 Grundy County, Illinois, Michael Staley is 46, Laney 44. Albert is 23, Jacob 22, Martha 20, John 17, and Laney 15 all born in New York. Abner 13 was born in Illinois.
1866 "I, Abraham Staley, of Aurora, in the county of Kane and State of Illinois, do hereby make and declare this my last Will and Testament. I hereby constitute and appoint A. Empie and Philip Martin (Senior) and the survivor of their executors and executor of this my last Will and Testament. First - I give and devise all my messages, lands and tenements wheresoever situated unto the said A. Empy and Philip Martin, Sr. and their heirs and the heirs of the survivor of them to have and to hold the same for the uses following to wit to the use of my beloved wife Margaret during her life, so far as shall be necessary for her comfortable maintenance and support. Said lands now being held by Andrew Staley, under a lease from me. After the death of my said wife to sell and the same convert into cash and to pay the legacies hereinafter mentioned and described. And I do hereby authorize said empower my said executors or the survivor of them upon the expiration of the present lease to Andrew Staley, to re-lease said premises in case my wife Margaret is still alive for the term of her natural life giving the said Andrew Staley the preference in leasing said premises. And I do also bequeath all my personal estate to my said executors upon the trusts and uses hereinbefore mentioned. And I do hereby direct my said executors or the survivor of them after collecting my personal estate and selling my real estate as hereinbefore mentioned to pay the following legacies to wit. To my son Obadiah the sum of Four Hundred Dollars. To my daughter Laney Steele, the sum of Four Hundred Dollars. To my daughter Mary Ann Welch, the sum of One Hundred and Fifty Dollars. To my daughter Catharine Steele, the sum of One Hundred Fifty Dollars. To my daughter Margaret Ann Nickloy the sum of One Hundred Dollars. To my son Michael Staley the sum of One Hundred Dollars. To Andrew Staley (hereinbefore mentioned) the sum of Two Hundred Dollars. To John Nelson Staley, the sum of Fifty dollars. To the children of my deceased son Adam Staley, the sum of Twenty Dollars."

John N. Staley served as a corporal in B, 129th Illinois, suffering a gunshot wound to the right breast outside Atlanta July 20, 1864.
and loss of left index finger, pension commencing January 5, 1885.

In 1870 Grundy County, Illinois, John N. Staley is 27, Abner 23, and Lena 25, all with Lena Staley 54.
Abner was born in Illinois, the other three in New York.
Obediah Staley 45 and Mary A. 38, also born in New York, are on the same page, with five kids.

Charlotte Baker married John Staley, and they're in Dannebrog, Nebraska in 1880. John is 36, Charlotte 24, Delphine 5, Amy 4, and Alatta 2.
In 1885 Ainsworth, Nebraska, John is 42, Charlotte 31, Delphine 10, Amy 8, Aletta 6, and Minnie 3.

November 14, 1919
November 21, 1919 Steamboat Springs
Yes, the two articles have different places of birth.

Minnie M. Staley, age 16, married Leslie A. Marble in Payne County, Oklahoma on March 18, 1898. John N. and Charlotte E. Staley signed for consent.

1929 Steamboat Springs "Mrs. Hoyt Shaw and her sister, Mrs. Staley, accompanied Mr. Shaw and his father to Denver last Saturday." Mrs. Shaw's father was D.W. Taylor of Rifle, Colorado, who died in January 1936. So this is another Mrs. Staley, not Charlotte.

July 8, 1932 "Mrs. Charlotte Staley passed away Saturday, July 2, at the home of her daughter, Mrs. James Mulkey. She had not been well for several months and had been gradually failing. Funeral services were conducted Tuesday afternoon at the Baptist church with Rev. M. L. Burget in charge. Pallbearers were H. J. Noyce, E. W Fleming, Daniel Stukey, I. L. Snyder, D. H. Trogler. George Wren. The Royal Neighbors attended the service in a group. There were beautiful floral tokens in abuandance from her many friends. Interment was ln the Steamboat Springs cemetery. Charlotte Staley was born in Utica. New York, July 21, 1855. When a small girl she went with her parents to Highland, Illinois. In 1872 she was married to John Staley. To this union were born seven daughters, five of whom preceded their mother in death. The last one to pass away was Mrs. Marble of Central City, April 15, 1932.
Because of her illness Mrs. Staley was unable to attend the funeral of Mrs. Marble.
The surviving daughters are Mrs. Lottie Mulkey and Mrs. Vera Murphy of Steamboat Springs. Mrs. Staley came with her husband to Steamboat Springs in 1903, where she had resided since. Mr Staley passed away November 14, 1919. There are 14 grandchildren. When she was residing at Cherokee City, Ark., she became a member of the Christian church. Rev. Burget's text for the funeral sermon was Isa. 64:6, We all do fade as a leaf. The days of our years shall be three score and ten, and thou shalt come to thy grave in a full age, like a shock of corn cometh in his season. He read from Ps. 90:10 and Job 5:26.
Mrs. Staley having reached an age of nearly 77 years had fulfilled her life span and her work was done. She had been a loving mother and a faithful friend. In addition to her children and grand children she leaves many other relatives and a host of friends to mourn her absence."

Daughter Vera married Thomas Murphy on July 3, 1913 in Steamboat Springs.
Vera Staley Murphy 1893-1976 is buried in Wheat Ridge # 147013978.


In 1880 Franklin County, Nebraska, Harry R. Remley, a painter, 32 and Artie 20, have Tina May six months.

In 1885 Franklin County, Harry is 36, "Ortie" 26, Tina 5, and Ina 3.

Tina graduated from high school in Bloomington, Nebraska in 1898.
In 1900 Franklin County, Harry 53 was born in Maryland, Artie 41 in Illinois. Ina is 18, and Iva 4, both born in Nebraska. Artie's father Hiram Baker 82 was born in New York.
Iva E. Remley of Franklin County, Nebraska attended the Normal Institute in August 1917 in Steamboat Springs.

In 1910 Franklin County "Henry" Remley is 62, Artie C. 51, with Iva E. 13.
Harry and Artie are alone in 1920 Franklin County.


Elzier Kerr Salling had married Annie May Bradbury on Jun 30, 1907 in Pike County, Missouri.

In 1910 Pike County, Elzie is 22, born in Missouri, Carrie 42 his wife born in Illinois. Fred , Elize's brother is 13 born in Missouri.

Elzie Kerr Salling registered for WWI in Louisiana, Missouri, born February 11, 1887 near Sledd, Missouri, a nursyman for Stark Borthers in Louisiana.l

Iva Eleanor Remley had married Elzie Kerr Salling in 1917 in Bloomington.

In 1920 they're farming in Laird, Elzie 33 born in Missouri, Iva 22 in Nebarska, with Frederick D. in Nebraska.
They had Lois Lillian Salling on October 12, 1922 at Laird, who was Middlekauff in 1944, as Lawler in 1977, and as Thornburg in 1993.
Lois married Donald Thomas Middlekauff on March 7, 1942 in Washington County Colorado.
Elzie K. Salling, 43 born in Missouri, and Iva 33 born in Nebraska are in Washington County, Colorado in 1930. Frederick is 10, Lois R. 7, Dale 5 born in Colordo, Edna 4 in COlorado, and Dennis 3 in Nebraska.
In 1940 Washington County, Ed is 53, Iva 43, Donald 19, Lois 17, Dale 16, Edna 14, and Dennis 13.
Iva E. Salling 1896-1974 is buried in Thornton, Colorado # 45188954.
On the same stone is Elzie K. 1887-1960 # 45188953.
Frederick Donald Salling was born October 23, 1919 at Hastings, Nebraska, dying October 25, 1989. He had a farm sale October 28, 1967 at his place 14 mises south, 2 mies west, 2 miese south a mile west and a quarter mile south of Otis, COlorado, including 120 head of cattle, two tractors, and many other machines.

Dennis Salling 1927-1995 is buried in Fort Logan # 1147990.

Harry Dale Salling, born September 29, 1924, died November 2012, per a Denver newspaper obituary.
Edna Arlene McGuire was born January 10, 1926 and Denova, Colorado, dying October 15, 2005.
She's buried in Fort Logan, # 27003118, with Erwin H. McGuire 1920-1987.
The Washington County veteran list includes:
Dennis R. Salling Sm1 USN Mar 1945-May 1946, PTO
Frederick Don Salling svc? 1944-1946, PTO
H. Dale Salling T5 USA 1944-1946, PTO Philippines
Joyce McGuire Salling StKp2c Dec 1943-Apr 1946, ATO

"Henry" Remley 1847-1922 is buried in Franklin County, per # 57637645.
His daughter Ina, who married Thomas Moore of Franklin County, applied for his veteran's headstone in 1926.

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