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Yuma County Pioneer Photographs:

Eli W. and Flo (Long) Scott, Witherbee

Cordon L. "Clyde" Long, Wray, Flo's father

William and Winifred Long, Holyoke and Wauneta, Flo's brothers

Mary, Emma, and Laura Ward, Holyoke and Wauneta, Cordon's sisters-in-law

Cordon was born to Henry and Lydia Long in Iowa about 1874.
Henry Long was in Clay County, Indiana in 1850, 15, with parents Abraham 47 and Hannah Long, 45. William is 19, John 17, Easter 14, Malinda 13, Isac 12, Jacob 10, Madison 8, Andrew 7, Margaret 6, and Rhinearson 2.

Abraham 53 and Ellen 45 are in Boone County Iowa in 1856, with Jacob 16, Mathen 14, Andrew 13, and Benjamin 7.

In 1850 Clay County, Indiana, Peter Cagle is 40, "Dury" 32, with Talitha 17, Elmira 14, LIDDY 11, and Susanah., 8. Elmira married Henry's brother William Long, and Susannah married John Long.

Dovea 1817-1856 is buried in Boone County, Iowa # 39084726.

Abraham Long married Mrs. Ellen Stark in February 1856 in Boone County.
In 1860 Gentry County, Missouri, Abraham is a mechanic, 57, with Ester 24, Jacob 20 farming, Mathias 19, Andrew 17, Margraet 16, and Rhyneson 13.

Abraham is in Gentry County in 1870, farming, 60, with Abraham 22, next to John 37 married to Susanna 26 and their three kids. Peter Cagle 62 is next household, born in North Carolina, with Candice 12 born in Iowa.

Henry Long and Lydia "Cagle" had married June 12, 1856 in Boone County.

In 1870 Boone County, Henry and Lydia have Nathan 10, Margaret 7, and Sarah three months.

Nathan R. Long 1864-1926 is buried in Tacoma, Washington, # 105638934.
In 1900 Pierce County, Washington, he's farming, born Nov 1860, married 18 years to Hattie Sept 1861. James Oct 1882 was born in Iowa, William Jan 1893 and Claud May 1896 in Washington> William and James are buried in Tacoma, with Hattie E. (Moore) Long 1854-1908.
Corden's sister Amanda 1870-1941 married Ulysses Grant Saunders, and is buried in Boone County # 33607577.

Mattie M. Long, daughter of Henry Long and Liddie "Hegel", married Jacob M. Schlisher on February 2, 1903 in Boone County.
She might be the Mattie Long in 1900 Sheridan County, Kansas, 17, born in Iowa, a servant to the Mason/Nason household, both born in Ohio.
She's buried in Lee County, Iowa # 126546897. "Daughter of Henry and Lydia Long.
She married Jacob Schlicher on February 2, 1903 at Boone.

Jacob was in Sheridan County, Kansas in 1900, too. with parents jacob 48 and Bertha 39. Jacob Jr. was born February 1884 in Illinois. They were parents of six sons; Louis, Earl, Charles, Albert, James and Frank, and four daughters, Magdalena Proenneke, Josephine Wilson, Elizabeth Harrelson, and Genevieve Fraiser. She has 27 grandchildren and 22 great-grandchildren.
She was preceded in death by her husband and two children in infancy. "

Charles Schlicker, age 21, son of J. M. Shlicker and Mattie Long, married Nellie Shoemaker in 1932 in Fort Madison, Iowa.

The stone in the Selden Cemetery in Sheridan County # 81010411 has Lydia Long, wife of H. Long, dying in 1891.


In 1900 Smith County, Kansas, Eli, born Dec 1886, is with Adam 54 and Estella O. 37. Adam was born in Scotland, Estella O. in Ohio. Grace is 15, Charles 10, Marion 7, Lillian 5, Hugh 3, and Mary 1.

Eli is with them in 1910, too.

Mattie F. Long was in Phillips County, Kansas in 1900, born November 1895. Cordan L. was 26 born in Iowa, Margaret A. 27 in Ohio. Winford H. is 3.
1913 Witherbee items "Eli Scott went to Holyoke last week."

Eli married Flora Long on November 10, 1914 in Holyoke.
Eli proved up 320 acres in sections 15, 22, and 23, 5N 43W in 1917.

This is the Eli William Scott born Dec 12, 1886 in Kirwin, Kansas, marrying Flora Long on November 10, 1914 in Holyoke. He registereing for WI in Yuma County with a Holyoke address, with a wife an two children.

In 1925 Eli is 38, "Mattie" F. 28, with Margaret M. 8, Harold E. 6, and Wilda M. 3.

In 1940 Smith County, Kansas, Eli W. is 53, Flora 40, both born in Kansas. Harold 2 was born in Colorado, Wilda 11 in Kansas.

Eli registered for WWII in Smith County, born December 12, 1886, working for Clarence Duston of Athol, Kansas.
He's buried in Smith County, Kansas 1886-1981 # 76049329. Mattie 1896-1970 is also buried there # 76049275.

Margaret Scott was born August 3, 1915 at Wray/Holyoke Colorado to Eli W. Scott and Flo M. Long, dying as Margaret Creach November 6, 20002, buried at Johnson County, Kansas # 65004479.

Wilda was born June 27, 1921 in Smith County, dying as Waite on January 29, 1997.
She's buried in Smith County # 98861909, with Dallas Waite


In 1880 Cordon D. Long is 5, with Henry 44 born in Indiana and Lydia 39 Long, also born in Indiana, in Boone County, Iowa. Amanda is 10, Henrietta 7, and Jessie B. 1.

In 1885 Boone County, Henry 49 and Liddie 43 have Amanda 14, Henrietta 11, Corden L. 10, and Mattie 1.

In 1900 Kirwin, Phillips County, Kansas, John A. Ward 59 and Rhoda 53 have Richard 30 and Emma A. 29 all born in Ohio.
They're next to the Richard Scott family 43 with Dorothea 31 and their five kids.

John A. Ward 1841-1902 is buried in Phillips County. # 51472723. His FindaGrave says the Maggie Ward Long 1873-1907 buried in Kansas City, Kansas is his daughter # 99697048.
Rhoda died in 1913 "Rhode E. Grey was born in Noble County, Ohio, February 2, 1847, where her childhood days were spent. She was married to John A. Ward April 3 1864, and with her husband soon after moved to Washington, County, Ohio. A family of eight children was born to this union, three boys and five girls, six of whom remain.
Henry Charles, William Joseph, Richard Angus who reside near Kirwin, Mrs. Laura Taylor, Mrs. Mary E. Likens and Mrs. Emma Walcott all living near Holyoke, Colorado. Two children preceded her in death, Mrs. Maggie A. Long, who died May 29, 1907, and Mrs. Ida A. Lare who passed away April 11, 1913. In the fall of 1892 the family moved to Phillips County, Kansas, where she has since resided."

In 1900 Phillips County, Kansas, Cordan L. born January 1874 in Iowa, and Margaret A. March 1873 Ohio, have Mattie F. Nov 1895 and Winford H. November 1897, both born in Kansas.

Corden and Margaret had Ray Long 1901-1903, twins born and dying in 1907, Mattie 1895-1970, Grace Marion 1907-1970, William and Winifred "Hack".

Per one tree, Margaret died in Chase County, Nebraska in 1907, She was born March 6, 1873 in Washington County, Ohio, daughter of John A. Ward 1841-1902 and Rhoda E. Gray

In 1880 Washington County, John Ward is 39, "Roda" 33, Charles H. 14, Joseph W. 12, Angus R. 10, Laura A. 8, Margaret 7, and Mary E. 3, all born in Ohio.

C. L. Long married Pearle Salisbury on August 8, 1907 in Yuma County.
Miss Pearl Salisbury of Laird, and Mr. C. E. Long of Haigler, were married Thursday at the court house, Judge J. S. Hendrie officiating."

May 21, 1909 "Mildred Salisbury went to McCook Saturdayh to visit her sister, Mrs. Long."

February 1, 1912 "Mrs. E.D. Salisbury returned from her daughter, Mrs. Long and reports that a baby boy has arrived there."

August 6, 1914 "What is known as the old McLaughlin place on the road between Laird and Wray, is being made to teem with melons as big as a water pail and many other varieties of garden vegetables, as well as a fine field of 30 acres of corn, under the magic touch of Clyde Long, the tenant."

April 1915 "Clyde Long and family have moved to town and will occupy the old Hammond property . "

September 9, 1915 "Born to Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Long, Saturday, Sept. 4, a baby girl."

September 20, 1915 "To those friends and neighbors who gave us help and sympathy during the long illness and the death of our son, Royal, we extend heartfelt gratitude.
Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Long. "

September 23, 1915
Gordon L. "Clyde" Long, per one tree, died November 6, 1916 in Wray, and Margaret died in 1907 at Wauneta, Nebraska.
November 9, 1916

December 1916 the Yuma County commissioners paid Amos Carl $47 for burial expense for Clyde Long. Because the county had paid for supplies for Clyde iearlier in the year, the grave is likely not market with a stone.

March 1917 "Mrs. Clyde Long and children are visiting her parents Mr. and Mrs. E. D. Salisbury."

May 22, 1919 " Sheriff W. H. Hitchcock went Monday to Denver, having in charge one of the childcn of Mrs. Pearl Long. The child was taken to the State Home for Dependent Children. The sheriff returned Tuesday night."

Pearl Sampson 1881-1969 is buried in Wray # 63202197, and so is Albert 1872-1940. But Pearl is buried with her parents Edward and Martha Salisbury.

Charlotte "Billie" Long, per one tree is buried in Glendale, Arizona 1917-1992.

Daughter Loretta (Long) Rosenfelt 1915-1982 is buried in Idaho.
"Loretta was the daughter of C. Pearl Salisbury and Mr. Long, natives of Iowa. Mr. Long was gone before she was 4 and Loretta lived for a time with her grandparents, Edward and Martha Salisbury. Pearl married next to Alfred Sampson about 1923 and they lived near Parks in Dundy Co. NE "


Winfred "Hackel" Long was with grandfather Rody E. Ward 63 in 1910 Phillips County, Kansas, age 12. Richard A. Ward is 40.

He registered for WWI in Phillips County, Kansas, born Nov 25, 1897, farming for a farmer in Big Springs, Nebraska. His nearsest relative was Mrs. Ella Scott of G?ennington, Missouri>

In 1920 Valley precinct, Yuma County, "Haskel" long is farming, 22, nephew of Mathew 48 and Emma 31 Wolcott.

He married Hazel Edna North on December 22, 1923 in Holyoke.

In 1930 Valley precinct, Winfred H. Long, 30 is married to Hazel E. 25, Nebraska. Matthew H. 5 and was born in Colorado, Marion C. 3 in Nebraska.
They're next to William E. Long 27 born in Kansas, with Nellie 22 Kansas. Forrest A. 5 and Velda M. newborn in Colorado.

Winifred H. Long 1899-1956 is buried in Chase County, Nebraska # 153897951, with Hazel E. 1905-1992 # 153897797.


December 10, 1909 "J.F. Likens is erecting a neat dwelling for Mr. Jones in Section 22."

James F. and Mary E. Likens proved up a quarter in 14, 4N 43W in 1916.

Mary Eunice Ward Likens 1875-1940 is buried in Chase County # 62604823, with James Francis Likens 1872-1914.


James F. 38 and Mary E. Likens 33 are also in Yuma County, married 12 years,  with Clara 8, Cecil 7, Floyd 4, and ray 1 - all kids born in Kansas except Ray in Colorado.

May 1913 - Madams Taylor, Walcott and Lykens received the sad news of the death of their sister in Kansas the first of the week."

Laura 1871-1924 is buried in Holyoke, # 82913049.


Emma Walcott 31 is the daughter of John and Rhoda Ward.
In 1910 Phillips County, Kansas, Emma is 30, Matthew Walcott 31, married two years.

May 1913 - Madams Taylor, Walcott and Lykens received the sad news of the death of their sister in Kansas the first of the week."

June 5, 1913 Wray "Mrs. Walcott is visiting her mother in Kansas this week.

July 1913 "Mesdames Lickens, Tabor and Walcott went to Kansas, last week to attend the sick bed of their mother." (Should be LIKENS, TAYLOR, and Walcott.)

November 1913 "Guss Ward of Kansas is visiting his sisters Mesdames Taylor, Walcott and Lykens."

Matthew J. Walcott proved up 320 acres in section 26, 4N 43W in 1916.

In 1930 Yuma County, Matthew J. 51 and Emma 49 have Orville M. 15.

In 1940 Matthew and Emma are in Texas County, Missouri, (in Yuma County in 1935)

Emma is buried in Texas County, Missouri, 1879-1949 # 70215819, with Matthew 1878-1958.

Orville was in Texas County in 1940, too, 25, with Eva F. 24. (Eva Blankenship) He's a milk truck driver.
Orville's daughter Emma 1945-1945 is buried in Texas County.
Orvilile is buried in Yakima County, Washington # 143669767 1914-1982.
William E. Long 1903-1935 is buried in Holyoke # 83141837, with Nellie G. (Dodson) Critchlow 1906-2001 buried there too.

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