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Yuma County Pioneer Photographs:

Homer D. and Eula (Galbreath/Gilbreath) Sigler, Alvin

In 1900 St. Louis Missouri, Edward D. Sigler is 49, born in Ohio, Clara 41 Missouri. Roy 24 in Missouri, Homer D. June 1883 in Arkansas, Elmer G. 13 Vernon 6 and Clara 1 weere born in Missouri.

1899 Missouri " Robert Marrs, of East Third street and Miss Bertha Gilbreath were married last evening at 8 o'clock at the residence of the bride's parents Mr. and Mrs. L.C. Gilbreath on west Ninth street. Rev. L.L. Johnson of the M.E. Church South officiated. A number of friends and relatives were present. After the ceremony delicious refreshments were served. Both young people are well known in Carthage, and have the best wishes of all. The happy couple will make their home with the bride's parents for awhile until they can get a house which suits them. Samuel E. Gilbreath and family and W. E. Gilbreath and family all of Golden City, were the guests present from a distance.
(Bertha was the daughter of Lewis C. Gilbreath, Samuel E.'s brother)

Samuel E. "Gilbreth" married Mary V. Davis on February 11, 1879 in Saline County, Missouri.

In 1900 Barton County, Missouri, Eula Galbreath born March 1886 is with widowed father Samuel 49. Mable is 19, Carl 17, and Herbert 16, all three born in Missouri.
Samuel E. Gilbreath 1851-1938 is buried in Barton County, # 120873263, on the same stone as his mother Charlotte L. 1826-1909.

Eula's mother Mary (Davis)(VanLear)Gilbreath 1860-1887 is buried in Saline County, Missouri # 13045946.

January 20, 1913 "Carl Gilbreath, a transient en route from Albuquerque, to Golden City, Mo was found dead in the toilet of a Pullman car on No. 2 Sunday afternoon. When the train reached Newton and the porter started to lock the toilet doors he found in one, a man in an upright position but leaning against tho door dead. Coroner Abbey was called, and the body taken to the Sprinker undertaking rooms where an investigation was made by the coroner. From letters written by Samuel Gilbreath, evidently the young man's father, Carl had been ill for some time and was in Albuquerque in hopes of benefitting his health. The letter was written from some point in Nebraska and bore the date of December 27. In his pocket was a note written on a western union blank which read: "This man, Carl Gilbreath is on his way to Golden City, Mo. Please see that he has help anything happens to him, wire Samuel Gilbreath at Golden City, Mo." The young man appeared to be about 30 years of age and was wasted as though he had been suffering for some time. His grip contained circulars and letters that would indicate that he had been agent for the Occidental Insurance company.. He had evidently been lying in his berth as he had no shoes on, and had gone to the toilet after the train left Hutchison the next stop, which was at Newton. Dr. Abbey wired Samuel Gilbreath and this morning received a message asking that Carl be sent to Golden City. It is another of the pitiful cases of one returning home to spend his last days, only to be called to an eternal home before reaching his loved ones.

Edward Sigler and Clara are in Barton County, Missouri in 1910, and Edward is buried there 1851-1934 # 119537842, with Clara 1858--1923.

H.D. Sigler and "Ela Gilberth" married in Lamar, Barton County, Missouri November 7, 1906.

Homer and Eula are in Barton County, Missouri in 1910, no kids.

Homer proved up 320 acres in sections 23 and 26, 4N 43W in 1919.

In 1916 the Rattler advertised the Beatrice cream separator was sold by Sigler & Dempsey of Alvin, Colorado.

Homer Danse registered for WWI with an address of Alvin Colorado, born June 16, 1883, farming, with wife Ula.

Eula E. Sigler was the Alvin postmaster from February 21, 1916 to August 1, 1918.

May 15, 1919 "Mrs. Doyle and Mrs. Homer Seigler of Alvin were Monday shoppers in Wray."

In 1920 Yuma County, Valley precinct, Homer is 36 born in Arkansas, with Eula E. 33 Missouri. Nellie E. is 5, born in Nebraska.

1926 Longmont Colorado "Miss Nellie Sigler, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Homer Sigler, will have her tonsils removed tomorrow."

In Longmont, Colo., Sunday, April 17, 1927, to Mr. and Mrs. H. D. Sigler, a son/

July 1927 Longmont
The house at 520 Collyer in Longmont " A.C. Oviatt is the home's earliest known owner and resident. Albert Cyrus Oviatt was born near Cleveland, Ohio on August 14, 1853. He moved first to California, then came to Colorado in 1887, settling on a farm near Highland Lake. He quickly gave up farming, and moved to Longmont in 1879, opening a meat market, which he operated until just before his death in July 1896. Mr. Oviatt was married twice. His first marriage ended with his wife Allie's death, of pulmonary complications, in December 1890. On October 26, 1892, he married again, to Lillian Terry. At the time of his death, at the age of 42, Albert Oviatt was serving as Longmont's postmaster, having been appointed to the post by President Grover Cleveland. Following Albert's demise, Lillian Oviatt served Longmont as postmistress, completing her husband's term. Lillian continued to reside in the home at 520 Collyer, until passing away on December 24, 1914.
In 1930, Homer, a decorator, and Eula are living at 644 Emery in Longmont, with Nellie 15, Gloria M. 10, and Homer L. 2.

In the early 1930s, the home was purchased by Homer and Eula E. Sigler. Homer D. Sigler was originally from Arkansas, having been born in Eureka Springs on June 16, 1883. The couple moved to Longmont in 1923, where Homer made his living as an interior decorator and painter. Homer passed away in March 1939, at the age of 55. Following Homer's death, Eula apparently converted the home at 520 Collyer into a duplex; in 1940, she is listed as the owner, with Thomas B. Linn occupying the second unit. Eula remained in the home for only a short time after Homer's death."

Homer 1883-1939 is buried in Longmont # 61017179, with Eula E. born 1886.

Nellie Edith Sigler married Charles Ralph Jones on May 29, 1936, recorded in Adams County, Colorado.

Mary C. Lorine Sigler, age 19, married Frank O. Donley in Longmont on March 1, 1939.

December 1936 Moberly, Missouri EULA'S AUNT "Mrs. Daniel E. Shirley, 81, died yesterday morning at 5 o'clock at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Arthur Hardin, rural route 1, Moberly. She had been critically ill for about three weeks. Mrs. Shirley, who, before her marriage was Miss Sarah Elizabeth Giibreath, was born in Elkton, Hickory County, Missouri, Sept. 30, 1855. She was married to Mr. Shirley November 1, 1874, and had been a resident of Randolph County for more than half a century. She was a member of the West Park Methodist Church; Mrs. Shirley's parents moved to Missouri in 1844, settling in Hickory County. Her two grandfathers, the Rev. Mr. Giibreath and the Rev. Mr. Carter, were founders of Hiwasse College, a Methodist school at Madisonville, Tenn. Mr. Shirley died in 1890. Mr. and Mrs. Shirley were the parents of seven children, four of whom survive: Mrs. Hardin, Jethro and O'Don Shirley, both of Moberly, and Samuel, Prescott, Ariz.; two sisters, Mrs. Jacob Reed, Harrison, Ark., and Mrs George Ferguson, Renick; and two brothers, Samuel E. Gilbreath, Longmont, Colo.; and William E. Giibreath, Golden City, Mo.. Funeral services were conducted at the Snow Funeral Home at 3:30 o'clock this, afternoon by the Rev. J. E. Baker, pastor of the ..."

Eula is widowed in 1940 Longmont, with Homer Lee, 13.

Nellie Edith Sigler was born June 1, 1914 on a ranch in Neebraska, as Jones in 1936, and Haury in 1945, and as Rawlings in 1962. and as Prue in 1965.

In 1940 Longmont, Charles Jones is a steward, 33, born in Colorado, with Nellie 25 Nebraska. He was in Grand County, Colorado in 1935.

She's buried in Riverside County, Claifornia 1914-2004 iwith harold J. Prue 1921-2013.

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