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Yuma County Pioneers

Thomas G. Bain, Alvin and Wray

William "Mack" and Mollie (Merrifield) Bain, Vernon

Thomas' father might be William Riley Bain, 1826-1862, buried in Springfield National # 312778, killed crossing a river at the Battle of Newtons.
His mother, per one tree, was Elizabeth Elliott 1825-1897, marrying William R. Bain in Adams County Illinois January 6, 1850, and then a Hall.
Elizabeth, per # 21685705, is buried in Cainsville.

Thomas was living with Micajah H. Bain dying age 59 in 1887, buried in Cainsville # 21685536.

In 1870 Harrison County, Missouri, Micajah is 40, Nancy 34, with Mary 14, Elizabeth A. 12, Ophelia and Pernelia both 8, William H. 7, Viola 5, and Delilah J. 3. Thomas is 15, born in Illinois, a farm laborer, David E. Bain 26 born in Indiana is a farmer.
In 1880 Johnson County, Missouri, Thomas Bain is 25, born in Illinois, Mary 19.

Thomas G. Bain and Mary Ida (Heldman) had a child in Madison township, Harrison County on July 31, 1885.
In 1900 Harrison County, Missouri, Thomas G. Bain is 44, Ida 35, Homer 17, Oris 12, and Beatrice 11.

Laurel -August 1, 1881- August 20, 1881 # 21685525 buried in Cainsville "Dau of T. & M. Bain."

Frankie - July 20, 1885- October 7, 1886 "Son of T. and M. Bain" buried in Cainsville # 21685519.

William Bain dying Feb 3, 1882, buried in Cainsville # 21685541 might be another child.

In 1910 Franklin County, Nebraska, Homer is a carpenter 27, married 4 years to Mary E. 24. Lucile is 3, Dorothy one month.

On the same page is Thomas G. Bain a carpenter, 58, with Mary R. 49. She's had six kids, three living. Oris is 22, a dressmaker.

In 1920 Yuma County, Thomas G. Bain and Mary Ida are farming in Valley precinct, with daughter Beatrice Siel 32 and her children Hal R. 10 and Gwenith L. 4.
Thomas G. Bain proved up two quarters in 7, 8, 17 and 18, 4N 44W in 1920, and another quareter in 17 for Stock in 1920.

"Notice is hereby given that Thomas G. Bain of Wray, Colorado, who, on January 26, 1921, made additional stock-raising homestead entry, Serial No. 028496, for SW1/4 of SE1/4, section 7, township 4 north, range 44 west, sixth principal meridian, has filed notice of intention to make final stockraising proof, to establish claim to the land above described, before T. C. Jennings, United States Commissioner, at Wray, Colorado, on the 27th day of August, 1928. Claimant names as witnesses : Evan Garton of Wray, Colorado, Robert Twiss of Holyoke, Colorado, Edward Twiss of Holyoke, Colorado, William A. Cox of Wray, Colorado." "

1930 Denver, M. Ida is widow of Thos G,. living at 1260 Corona.

In the 1930 federal census Ida was living with a daughter (Oris Bain Hunt) in Denver and in 1940 she was living in a home for the aged infirm in Adams County (suburban Denver), Colorado.

Homer Gilbert Bain 1882-1973 is buried in Wheat Ridge, Colorado # 158798749, with Mary E. 1884-1967. " He married MARY E. BAIN about 1906. Their children were: Lucille Bain born 1907, Dorothy Bain born 1909, and twin boys (Keith and Kenneth Bain) born in 1913, not surviving beyond infancy.

Homer and Mary E. are buried adjacent to his mother (Mary Ida Bain) and a sister (Oris Bain Hunt)"


Franklin, Nebraska Academy "BAIN, HOMER Franklin NE; years in F. A. 1900-1902 & 1909-1910; courses pursued, music; graduated, no; present address, Colorado; married Bea Gettle; four children; occupation, ranchman, carpenter."

December 23, 1915 Eckley items "Death recently visited the home of Mr. and Mrs. Homer Bain , taking their youngest child, a babe of about one year. The heartfelt sympathy of their many friends is extended to the bereaved family."

February 1916 "Homer Bain, one of our leading carpenters, is erecting a shop in Eckley, and will soon be ready to do any kind of wood work."

in 1919 H.G. Bain was delinquent on taxes for lots 1 and 2, Eckley South addition.

February 1922 "Homer J. Bain and family moved to Wray last Thursday , where they will make their permanent home. Mr. Bain has secured the position as band master at the Wray high school, and this move was necessary in order that he may devote all his time and attention to his duties as band instructor. The Tribune regrets to lose such good families as this one from our midst, but we wish them well in the new location. - Eckley Tribune."
1922 Wray
The Parent-Teachers Association held a splendid meeting last Friday evening at the grade school auditorium. The meeting was a boy meeting largely and the big attendance indicated that the fathers and mothers of Wray are interested. The meeting was opened with a selection by Bain's Junior band. The writer wishes to deviate from the report of the meeting long enough to state that Bain s Junior band is an organization of Wray boys, few of whom are older than 12 years, who have associated themselves together under the leadership of Mr. Bain in the capacity of a boys band. This band was organized some eight weeks ago, and we are pleased to tell you that they gave the audience an agreeable surprise with the splendid music they rendered. There were two selections by the 30 piece band , and then something happened. Mr. Bain stepped to the front of the stage and placed a music rack. A moment later Master John Hedrick walked to the front of the stage, placed a sheet of music on the rack, raised his cornet to position, and proceeded to play a cornet solo. If you will excuse the expression , permit us to say that Master John Hedrick and his cornet solo took the house down. He has had his cornet a little less than eight weeks. Eight weens ago he knew nothing of music, nor had he the ability to make even a squawk on a cornet. And yet last Friday evening he stepped out before an audience of some hundreds and played two pretty little solos quite as composedly and quite as proficiently as a professional band man would. It was a difficult stunt - like carrying a message to Garcia - but he put it over and he is deserving of all the praise that has since been forthcoming. The speeches of the evening were a delight to all who heard them. Master Owen Williams, Gerald Hurst, Donald Hays, James Bradley, Wm. Wells and Elmer Hampton were the boy speakers. These lads had won their right to a place on the program by elimination contests held earlier in the week. We are expressing the sentiment of many when we say that these Wray boys made a showing Friday evening that compared very favorably with the showing made by the Dinger Highlander boys when they visited Wray a few weeks ago. The boys who appeared on the program with speeches, as well as many others who did not, were trained by Professor Curtis. Professor Curtis deserves much credit for the capable manner in which he is handling this work. Mr. Curtis is giving a real service to the boys of this community. The selections by the Junior orchestra under the direction of Mr. Bain were well rendered and enthusiastically received."

In 1924 Homer G. Bain was the director of the Wray Public School Band.

In 1926 T.G. Bain was allowed $25 from the Yuma County poor fund. Dick Thomas Kyle, 29, married Dorothy Louise Bain, 19, in Windsor, Colorado Sept 27, 1926.

In 1940 Denver, Homer is a janitor 58, Mary 56. Son-in-law Richard Kyle 44 born in Arkansas is a steam shovel operator, married to Dorothy 31 Nebraska.

Homer Gilbert Bain registered for WWII in Denver, working for the First National Bank, bon Ausugt 3, 1882 at Ridgeway, Missouri.

Richard Thomas Kyle registered for WWII in Denver, residence in Colorado Springs, born at Sulphur Springs Arkanasas April 20, 1895. Reference was H.G. Bain of 2616 Stout Street, Denver.


Oris Dell Bain Hunt, born August 12, 1887 in Cainsville, Missouri to Thomas Bain and Mary I. Heldman

In 1925 Sioux City Iowa, Oris is married to Fred P. Hunt.

Oris 1887-1957 is buried in Crown Hill, Denver # 158742811.

Beatrice Siel married Edward C. Twiss on June 2, 1920, recorded in Sedgwick County Colorado.

Franklin Academy, Franklin, Nebraska "BAIN, Beatrice M. . Franklin NE; years in F. A. 1905-1906; courses pursued, scientific; graduated, no; present name, Mrs. George Siel; present address, 604 So. 23 rd St., Council Bluffs IA; married George Siel-railway mail clerk in 1908; three children, Hal 8, Helen 6, Gweneth 1 ½-1917. Franklin NE; years in F. A. 1900-1902 & 1909-1910; courses pursued, music; graduated, no; "

Beatrice Twiss 1888-1977 is buried in Arnold, Nebraska # 59584564 - saying she died in Bremerton, Washington.

MACK - was probably in Vernon, Yuma County because his wife's brother and sisters were there.

In 1870 Harrison County, Missouri, Oliver S. and Elizabeth I. Bain are both 31, with Nancy J. 9, Margaret L. 7, and William M. 5.

In 1880 Harrison County, Missouri, Silas Merrifield is 39, farming, Julia E. 37, May E. 18, Othel E. 17, Rosetta L. 15, Catharine E. 14, Wm. S. 11, and David M. 7.
One tree said that Mary Ellen Merrifield born December 2, 1863, married William Newton, and died Oct 23, 1922.
So Mary might have married William Newton before marrying Mack Bain??

September 1888 Colby Kansas "Otho Merrifield, of Harrison county, Mo., an old friend of Mr. Jasper Fulkerson, was in the city on Monday, and called at this office. We found Mr. Merrifield a pleasant gentleman and a staunch republican."

Julia is in Harrison County in 1900, with Othel and Bessie.
Julia is buried with Silas in Cainsville 1841-1901 # 21685769.
Bessie is buried in Vernon 1880-1927 # 79927319, with Lewis Edward Sweazy 1875-1941.

Wray Rattler 1905 "Mr. L. E. Sweazy was married to Miss Bessie E. Merrifield near Cainesville, Missouri, last Wednesday, March the 8th, at the home of the bride's sister Mrs. Mack Bain......Mr. and Mrs. Sweazy will be at home on their farm about seven miles south of Vernon."

William McClellan Bain is in 1880 Cainsville, Missouri, 15, with Oliver and Elizabeth both 41, born May 1865 in Tennessee.
In 1896 Siskiyou County, California, William McClellan Bain registered to vote, born about 1865.
In 1900 Elizabeth is widowed, in Siskiyou County, California, William born May 1865 Tennessee, a farm laborer with brother Edward S. Dec 1879 Missouri.

In 1900 Harrison County, Missouri, Mollie STANLEY born December 1863 in Missouri, is a servant, married three years but no spouse. She's had one child, still living. That's Ethel Newton July 1886 Missouri.
Mack Bain and Mollie Merrifield, both of Harrison County, ,arried at Cainsville on October 4, 1903, reverend W. T. Church officiating.
Elizabeth Bain moved back to Cainsville, dying there in 1925. She was the daughter of Isaac Bowling and Elizabeth Hambling, widosw of Oliver S. Bain. Informant was Edd Bain of Coffeyville, Kansas.
She's buried in Cainsville 1838-1925 # 14890529.
So is daughter Nancy (Bain) Crawley 1860-1910 # 14890617, and son Edward Lewis Bain 1879-1968 # 20178268
Nancy's husband J.T. Crawley had married Mary Stallsworth about 1863. She died about 1884 had seven children andied and was related to the Stallsworths of Eckley COlorado.
In 1910 Yuma County, Mack Bain is 45, born in Tennessee, married six years to Mary 46 Missouri - first mariage for both , but Mary's had one child, still living.
Ethel Newton is 24, born in Missouri, in 1910 Wray, a servant in the Lemon Brown house.

1911 "O.E. Merrifield of Cainesville, Missouri, is expected here soon. He is a brother of Mrs. Ed. Sweazy and Mrs. "Mack Bairn" of Vernon, Colorado. He expects to make this his home."
1912 Wray " Mac Bain, living southwest of Vernon, came in Monday despite the storm, in order to consult a doctor regarding an eye that was giving him trouble."

Mack Bain proved up two quarters in 17 and 20, 2S 45W in 1913.

Mack and Mary are farming in Atoka County, Oklahoma in 1920, with step-daughter Nettie Newton 34 and brother-in-law Otha E. Merrifield 54 Missouri.

Mack is widowed in 1930 Atoka County, 65, living alone. Othel Merrifield 67 is the next household, with step-daughter Ethel Newton 44.

In 1940 Atoka, Mack is 75, Tennessee, Ethel Newton stepdaughter 53 Missouri.
The Green Hill cemetery has "BAIN Adelia Age 67 years, 2 days "

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