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Yuma County Pioneers

James E. and Nellie Mildred (Meharry) Galbreath, brother Floyd E. and Mary (Cannady) Galbreath, Alvin

In 1900 James is with parents Charles G. 35 and Lorena 27 Galbreath in Laird precinct, Yuma County. Floyd E. is 6, James E. 5, Etta M. 3, and Min aH. one month.

In 1900 Nellie is with parents C. S. 45 and Minerva 42 in Union County, Iowa, sister Myrtle is 15.

They're on the "Wray Road" in 1910, Charles 45, Lovina E. 36, Floyd E. 16, Lettie M. 13, Eaarl J. 15, Clarence 8, Ellen G. 6, Francis C. 4, and Charles F. 2.

James proved up 320 acres in 11 and 14, 4N 44W in 1919.

James Earl Galbreath registered for WWI with a Wray address, born at Laird December 2, 1894, single, farming by himself.

James Earl Galbreath of Laird, Colorado, son of Charles Grant Galbreath and Luancy Elizabeth Bullard, married Nellie Mildred Mehary in Creston, Union County, Iowa on June 12, 1918.
Nellie was the daughter of C.S. Meharry and Minerva Alice Bray.

In 1920 Yuma County, Earl is 25, married to Mildred 25, with Selma eight months. They're next to Charles and Lovina.

In 1930 Yuma County, Idalia Precinct, Earl J. is 35, Mildred N. 33, Schna G. 11, Lois M. 9, James E. 7, Merdel M. 5, Shirley 1, and Lewis F. Cathcart 19.

In 1940 Creston, Iowa, Earl is 44 (said he was born in Iowa), Mildred 42 Iowa, Lois 18 Iowa, James 17 Colorado, Maidals 15 Colorado, and Shirley 14 Colorado.

James registered for WWII, living in Creston, Union County, Iowa, employed by C.E. Cole of Texas Co.

James and Mildred share a tombstone in Onawa, Monona County, Iowa.

James E. Jr. 1922-1993 is in the same cemetery # 118914117, with Arlene (James) Galbreath 1926-2011.



In 1900 Floyd, born July 1893, is with parents Charles and Lorena. in Laird precinct, Yuma County.

Floyd Elsworth registered for WWI in Wray, farming, born July 21, 1893, with a wife and two children.

Mary W. Cannady is in Laird Precinct in 1910, 14, with stepfather B.D. Prentice 44 - married twice - with Grace M. 34 born in Kansas. Sister Gladys Cannady 16 is also with them. B.D. has eithg kids from a previous marriage.
On December 10, 1913 Mary W. Cannady of Laird married Floyd E. Galbreath , at the residence of Mr. and Mrs. B.D. Prentice, stepfather and mother of the bride.
In 1920 Valley precinct, near brother James' claim, Floyd is 26, Mary W. 24 born in Kansas, with Ruth 4, M. June 3, and Robert B. 1. They have a hired girl, Blossom Chambers, 19 Kansas, and a partner Charles E. Swartz, 22, Ohio.

In 1930 they're in Skagit Head, Washington, farming, with Ruth 15, June M. 13, Robert B. 12, and Beth G. 9, all kids born in Colorado.

On the same census page is Grace M. Prentice, 56, widowed, born in Kansas.

Wendell Edward Thorsen of Island County, and Beth Galbreath of Island County married there September 29, 1939 - wittnesses Bennie and June Schumacher.

In 1940 Clinton, Washington, Floyd is a merchant, 46, Mary 44, Robert 22, Beth 20. Their son-in-law Wendell Thorsen 21 Washington is with them, married. He must be the husband of Beth.

Grace Prentice is also in Island County in 1940, 66, widowed. She died April 28, 1945 in Everett, Washington, father Newton anderson, mother Margaret Allison.
Grace is buried in Bayview, # 82939495.

Floyd died in Everett, Washington, a resident of Island County, on March 17, 1982.

He's buried in Bayview Cemetery, Langley, Island County, per # 82938699, as Floyd E. GALBRAITH.
Mary # 82938698 GALBRAITH is also buried there 1895-1972.

Ruth H. Skarberg 1915-2006 is buried in Clinton, Washington # 64700855.

June Schumacher, born June 4, 1916 in Laird to Floyd Galbreath, died April 1995. She's buried in Bayview Cemetery # 82938697.

Robert B. Galbreath 1918-1962 is buried in Clinton, # 64700658. He possiblly died in British Columbia.

Wendell E. Thorsen 1918-1993 is buried in Bayview Cemetery # 82938690. Grace E. "Beth" Thorsen 1920- ? # 82938689 also is there, with no date of death - perhaps stil lliving....

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