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Yuma County Pioneers

Oliver Lemuel Mitten, wives Elizabeth Lowe, Lillian Heald, Wray

In 1860 Miami County, Indiana, Robert Mitten is 26, Josephine 23, with Oliver L. 2.

In 1880 Wabash County, Robert is a carpenter, 46, now married to Mary 29, with Lemuel (index has Samuel) 22, Dora 19, and Minnie 11.

1902 " WABASH. Ind.. Feb. 20.-Miss Minnie, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. R. J. Mitten, this city, and Mr. C. H. Cuddebach, of Hudson, Wis., were married this evening at the home of the bride, on West Maple street. The Rev. O. B. Work. pastor of the Wabash street Methodist Church, performed the ceremony, which was attended by about forty guests. After the ceremony a wedding dinner was served, and the bridal pair left for their Northwestern home."
Minnie M. Cuddebach 1868-1950 is buried in Hudson, Wisconsin # 118503163.

Robert P. Mitten 1832- 1916 # 45855409, is buried in Falls Cemetery, Wabash County, Josephine 1836-1865 # 45716157.

1870, Lawrenceburgh Township, Dearborn County, Indiana
William Lowe, 55 Bulh [Beulah] Lowe, 49 [daughter of Job Miller], Bailey Lowe, 22 George Lowe, 20 Eliza Lowe, 13 Job Lowe, 11 Joseph Lowe, 6 Jacob Syde, 21

"Lawrenceburgh Press - 8 Jan 1872
Death of William Lowe -
Died, at his residence at Harden town, on Friday morning last, of a complication of diseases, Wm. Lowe an old citizen of Dearborn County. William Lowe was born in Ohio, January 10th 1817, and consequently the time of his death was in his year. He came to this State in ?? and as a boy worked for Esqr. Watts. He was married in 1842 to Belah Miller, daughter of Job Miller, dec'd. He had united with the Methodist Church a year or two before marriage. He left a widow and seven children to mourn his death. From his boyhood up he had been a sober, industrious man, jealous of his good character. At the time of his death, and for years before, he had been the main stay of the Belleview Methodist Church and his death will be a sad loss to the church. As a neighbor he was kind and accommodating. The whole neighborhood where he lived and died, lament his loss. Would that we had more such men.
The funeral took place on sunday last --the services being conducted at Belleview church, by Rev. Benjamin Plummer. There was a large attendance of people, and the occasion was a very solemn one."
William 1817-1872 is buried in Greendale # 168945985.

In 1880 Dearborn County, Indiana, Grace Lowe is widowed, 38, with William 15, Rhoda 13, James 10, Emma 8, Jennie 6, Maggie 5, and Hugh 3.

(Beulah Lowe, dying 1915, is buried in Greendale, Indiana # 68512920.)
Bailey 1847-1928 is also buried there # 68512866. So is Job M. Lowe 1863-1935 # 68513175.

Oliver married Elizabeth J. Lowe in Wabash County, Indiana December 12, 1883.

In 1900 Wray, Oliver L. Mitten is a grain dealer, born May 1858 in Indiana, married 16 years to Elizabeth J. August 1860 Indiana. Beatria A. October 1885 in Indiana, Marie O. August 1888 Nebraska, and Maude A. Dec 1890 Nebraska.

December 15, 1900 "Mrs. Mitten and children will leave about the first of the year for Thedford, Nebraska. They expect to take a claim and start a stock ranch near that place."

Thedford Congregational Church " Mrs. Jennie MITTEN, Miss Beatrice MITTEN, Miss Maud MITTEN, Miss Marie MITTEN rec'd. April 27, 1902 "

Buried in Hillcrest Cemetery, Thedford:
67 Lowe, Charles 1888-1904
67 Lowe, Edward 1890-1904
69 Lowe, Gertrude 1868-1954
67 Lowe, Mable E. 1894-1962
69 Lowe, William H. 1860-1930

"LOWE, MABEL ETHEL: County Superintendent of Schools; b Thomas Co. Neb Jan 17, 1899; d of William H Lowe-Gertrude Cleveland: ed Thomas Co HS 1914; Midland Coll; Hastings Coll; CSTC; 1914-19 tchr in dist schs, Thomas Co; 1919-84 tchr, Thedford grade schs; 1935- Thomas Co supt of schs; NSTA: NEA; leader in 4-H club work; Thedford Vicinity Club; secy Garden Club; Womens Project Club; past noble grand Rebekah; Congl Ch; hobby, flower gardening; res Thedford."

February 1912 "Paul Beckman, who has been employed at this place with Mr. Mitten', went to Akron, Friday, to take charge of Mr. Mitten's business at that place."

September 1912 Wray "Mr. and Mrs. R. P. Mitten, who have been visiting their son , O. L. Mitten here for the past week, left yesterday morning for Salt Lake where they go to spend a short time with another son before they return to Wabash, Indiana , their place of residence."

September 1913 "Miss Maude Mitten, who had been visiting her father and sister, 0. L. Mitten and Mrs. M. Jensen, for the past two weeks, left with the former Monday morning for Fort Morgan to attend to business there. Miss Mitten was joined in Brush Tuesday morning by Mrs. Jensen and the two went on to Thedford, Nebraska, where Miss Mitten resides with her mother. Mrs. Jensen expects to bo absent from Wray for six weeks or two months."

January 1915 "Through the Denver papers of Wednesday we learn that Mr. Kenneth P. Grier of Seneca, Neb., and Miss Maude F. Mitten of Thedford, Neb., were married in Denver this week. The bride is the youngest daughter of O. L. Mitten and a sister of Mrs. M. M. Jensen, and has visited her father and sister in Wray, so is known to a number of our townspeople who unite in congratulations."
Maude 1890-1990 is buried in Thedford # 59097626. So is Kenneth.

Elizabeth J. Mitten and Oliver L. Mitten divorced in Yuma County December 14, 1905.

In 1880 Dixon County, Nebraska, Eli "Hale" is 52, Liddy Ann 50, with son Emmet 29, Clement 15, Charley 13, Willie 9, and Lily 5. All the children were born in Iowa.

Emmet W. Heald 1851-1929 is buried in Ponca, Dixon County, # 120025184.

In 1900 Dixon County, Nebraska, Eli Heald is 72, Lydia A. 70, both born in Ohio. Lillian M. is a school teacher, born October 1875 in Iowa.

July 1907 Wray Rattler- "We notice by a Cleveland, Ohio, paper that Miss Lillian Heald of Denver, is visiting in that city. Miss Heald taught school here a couple of years ago and has been elected to a position here the coming year."
Lillian's mother died in 1907, per this 1918 history

July 17, 1908 "Announcements were received by friends in Wray yesterday that O. L. Mitten, the popular grain man and weather prophet, was united in marriage to Miss Lillie M. Heald, one of Wray's most talented school teachers, at Denver, Wednesday, July 15. They will be at home in Wray after September 1st. Their friends, who are legion, unite in wishing them well."

January 11, 1912
We are called upon again this week to chronicle the death of another one of Wray's most popular young women in the person of Mrs. Lillian M. Mitten, wifo of Oliver L. Mitten, which is no easy task as the passing away of this beloved lady causes a sad feeling to creep over us as it did over the community when word was received from Denver Saturday morning that she had passed to her Eternal Home on Friday night, January 5, 1912. Some three weeks ago Mrs. Mitten was taken sick with la grippe and about a week before her death it was discovered that she was suffering with a mastoid abcess.
She was immediately taken to Denver where five of the best doctors and surgeons of that city held a consultation and it was decided that an operation was the only way to save her life and then she only had one chance out of a hundred for getting well. All of these doctors were present at the operation at which time it was discovered that the mastoid bone was already eaten out and very little hope was had after this discovery . It is thought by the doctors that the abcess had been forming ever since Mrs. Mitten was a small child when she had the measles which seemed to settle in her ear, causing her considerable trouble about hearing, besides once in a while she would have a sharp pain in her ear, causing her to have a headache. Had it been discovered in time of course it could have been cured, but as it was recovery was hopeless
Lillian M. Heald came to Wray from Ponca , Nebraska, in 1904 and taught in the schools two years. During the term of 06 and 07 she taught in Gunnison, Colo., after which she returned to Wray and taught another year. On the 16th day of July, 1908, she was married to Oliver L. Mitten at Denver.
Mr. and Mrs. Mitten began establishing a home, which at the present time is something to be proud of, and it seems sad that Mrs. Mitten should be called from the earthly home of which she took so much pride. She often said her home was just like she wanted it, which made her happy.
The funeral services were held in the Presbyterian church with Rev. J. L. Cameron of Brush, Colo., preaching the sermon. The choir, of which she had been a member, furnished the music. The father and brother of Cleveland, Ohio, were kept away from the funeral on account of sickness in the home, as was her sister, who lives in Allen, Nebr., prevented from attended. The members of the Eastern Star, of which she was a member, performed their part of the ceremony at the church which was very touching. The business houses of the town were closed and a very large crowd gathered at the church to pay their last respects to the deceased and to show their sympathy to the lonely husband, Mr. Mitten and the other loved ones have the sympathy of the entire community in this their hour of distress."

1917 " That the voice of Indiana is a potent one in the affairs of Colorado is well exemplified by the fact that one-seventh of the members of the state Senate were born within the confines of the Hoosier state. These men are Senators George West of Durango, D. P. Coldren of Ault, Perry C. Dunlap of Pueblo, O. L. Mitten of Wray and George Hetherlngton of Gunnison. All but Mitten are Democrats. "

Oliver Lemuel Mitten August 13, 1936
Oliver is buried in Wray 1858-1936 # 81596744.

In 1910 Beatrice is married to Ellsworth Terry, in Lewis and Clark Coutny, Montana, married one year with John R. one month old. Ellsworth is a railroad brakeman.
In 1920 they're in Logan County, Colorado, where Ellsworth is farming. John is 9, Oliver 8, born in Nebraska, Richard M. 3 and Benjamin C. 2 in Colorado.

In 1930 Beatrice is in Thedford, Nebraska, married but no spouse, with Richard 14, Benjamin 12, and Murial 9 born in Colorado.
They're next to Jennie Mitten 70, widowed, born in Indiana.

Ellsworth Elmer Terry, born at Tilden, Nebraska October 29, 1886, registered for WWII in Kuna Idaho, with nearest relative Mrs. Caroline M. Terry of Kuna.
He died in Idaho in 1956, and is buried in Boise # 61951684, with Caroline Mae Terry 1890-1971 # 61951683.
Merrial Terry, born at Atwood, Colorado October 2, 1920, living at 56237 Lindasley, Dallas, Texas, flew into San Antonio in 1947.
Beatrice Terry 1885-1978 is buried in Orange County, California, per # 162308164.


November 23, 1916 "The twenty-four hour old babe of Mr. and Mrs. M. Jensen died in Denver last Saturday. Mrs. Jensen was taken to the hospital last week, her health being poorly. The baby was born Friday, but death claimed the little one after only a few short hours of brightening the lives of the parents to whom it came. Mr. and Mrs. Jensen have the sympathy of the community."

"April 1923 Wray
"Mike Jensen underwent an operation for appendicitis at Mercy hospital in Denver several days ago. Mike went to Denver last week to undergo a thorough medical examination. This examination disclosed the fact that he was suffering from an affection of the appendix, which trouble was probably superinduced by an attack of the flu several years ago. He is reported to have gone through the ordeal nicely and is getting along as well as can be expected at this time. O. L. Mitton, father-in-law of Mr. Jensen, was with him during the operation."

Minor M. Jensen 1890-1986 is buried in Wray # 81538849, with Marie Olga (Mitten) Jensen 1888-1987 # 81538813.

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