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Will and Susan V. (Arnold) Schelly, Robert C. and Lillian (Calkins) Schelly, sister Lillian Schelly, Susie V. Schelly , Wauneta

William Schelly was born December 29, 1886 at Norfolk Nebraska.

In 1900 Norfolk, Madison County, Nebraska, "Wilhelm" is with parents Fred Aug 1849 Ohio and Regula June 1856 Switzerland, who've been married 20 years. John is 17, Elizabeth 16, Mary 14, Wilhelm 13, Andrew A. 9, Lillie A. 8, Robert C. 7, and Edward C. 4.

July 31, 1908
In the home of the bride's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Schelly, prettily decorated with a profusion of minis, ferns, smllax, roses and sweet peas, Dr. Carl J. Verges and Miss Elizabeth Schelly were married at 8 p. m. the wedding ceremony being performed by Rev. J. P. Mueller, pastor of Christ Lutheran church. The bride was attended by Miss Lillie Long of Rock Island, Ill., a cousin, and by Miss Llllle Schelly, a sister. The groom was attended by Ed Brueggeman and by Fred Heller man of Norfolk. The bride wore a gown of white silk pongee made in Princess style with a train. She wore a veil and carried white roses. Miss Long wore a gown of green silk. Miss Schelly was dressed in pink silk. Miss Mary Herman of Rock Island, a little cousin, was the flower girl. She carried pink and white sweet peas.
The ceremony was performed beneath an arch of Incandescent light globes, tastefully mingled with flowers. The wedding march, "Hearts and Flowers," was played by Miss Grace Long of Rock Island.
A wedding supper in six courses followed the ceremony. About seventy-five guests, relatives and intimate friends of the young people, witnessed the wedding ceremony and partook of the supper which followed. Among the guests from away were: George Long, George E. Long, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Herman, Mrs. C. Herman and daughter, Miss Mary Herman, Andrew Herman, and Misses Grace and Lillie Long of Rock Island and Mrs. Fred Buck of Omaha. Miss Mary Verges, a sister of the groom, was also present, having accompanied Miss Minnie Verges home from Germany this summer. The bride, formerly Miss Elizabeth Schelly, is the oldest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Schelly. She has grown to young womanhood in Norfolk, where her many endearing qualities have won her hosts of friends. She is a capable musician. Dr. Verges, the groom, graduated this spring from the Hering Medical college of Chicago and is about to enter upon the practice of medicine in Norfolk, where his father, the late Dr. F. Verges, practiced with success for many years. The groom's father was one of the pioneers of Norfolk and during his life time occupied a prominent position in the actlvltes of ths section of the state. It was to Dr. Verges, more than to any one else, that the Norfolk sugar factory was due. Dr. Verges took a homestead here in 1869 and lived in Norfolk until his death in 1900. In 1879 he built the Verges residence property. The groom was sent to Germany when nine years old, remaining there for seven years to secure his elementary education. Returning to Norfolk he studied English a year in the high school and then entered Northwestern university at Watertown, Wis., as a sophomore. Ho received his B. A. degree in 1904 from that institution. A four years' course at the Hering Medical college followed. Following his graduation Dr. Verges passed the required examination before the Illinois state medical board.
Dr. and Mrs. Verges left on the noon train for Lincoln to spend a few day in that city before going to Colorado where they will spend the next three or four weeks. They will be "at home" after September 1 at the Verges residence at 912 Prospect avenuo.
Some time in September Dr. Verges will open an office in Norfolk and enter on the practice of medicine. He will start with every prospect of success.

November 22, 1908 "Fred Schelly, for about twenty-five years past a prominent resident of Norfolk, died suddenly Wednesday morning at his home on North Seventh street. He was taken sick a few days ago but has been able to be about. Wednesday morning just before his death he was up and about the house. He had liver trouble with other complications. His sudden death was probably due to heart failure. Mr. Schelly leaves a wife, two daughters, Mrs. Carl Verges and Miss Lillie Schelly, and six sons, John Schelly, who was interested with his father in the Norfolk Bottling works, Will Schelly, who is in Benkelman, Neb., Herman Schelly, who is attending Creighton college in Omaha, and Robert, Edward and George Schelly, who go to school in this city. Fred Schelly was fifty-eight years old. He was born in Hamilton county, Ohio. About twenty-five years ago he came here from Iowa, buying out the Blatt bottling works. For seventeen years he was the agent of the Anheuser-Busch company. Six or seven years ago he sold out to George Heller. Mr. Schelly still kept up the Ice business, which he has been engaged in since becoming a resident of Norfolk. He belonged to the Eagles and the Sons of Herman."

December 4, 1908
October 1909 Wray "Will Schelly, Oliver Goodwin and E.M. Miller, of Benkelman, Neb. were up the first of the week looking for homesteads."

December 17, 1909 Norfolk "William Schelly and John Schelly have gone to Rock Island, Illinois, to spend a few days visiting relatives."

"William Schelly of Benkelman, Neb. is in the city visiting relatives."

March 4, 1910 Norfolk, Nebraska "William Schelly is going to Wray, Colo., in a few days to resume charge of his homestead which is situated near that place."

Will is in the 1910 Yuma County census, 23, living and farming alone.

November 1911 "Will Schelly returned home from Benkelman, Nebraska, Saturday for a few days visit on his homestead north of town. He went back to Benkelman Tuesday."

Will proved up 320 acres in section 26, 4N 44W in 1913.

April 1914 Yuma County Court " In the case against Will Schelly for beating and injuring a cow belonging to Claude Harmon, the defendant made the plea of self-defense and was acquitted."

April 8, 1915 "The home of Rev. and Mrs. A. N. Wolff was the scene of a very pretty, but quiet wedding Tuesday morning at 10:30, when Rev. Wolff pronounced the beautiful words which made Miss Susan Velma Arnold the wife of Mr. William Schelly. Miss Lillian Schelly, sister of the groom acted as bridesmaid, while the bridegroom was attended by Mr. Lawrence Belknap of this city.
Immediately following the ceremony, the wedding party, in company with a few invited guests from here, drove out to the hospitable home of Mrs. Linda Arnold, mother of the bride, where a large reception was held in honor of the bride and groom. At high noon a sumptuous dinner was served to about sixty guests. Mrs. Schelly is the daughter of Mrs. Linda Arnold , who resides several miles north of Wray, and is a young lady of refinement and many accomplishments, and one who numbers her friends by the circle of her acquaintance. As a bride she was most attractive in a beautiful gown of sand colored crepe da chene. The groom is a prominent and successful stockman, who came to Wray several years ago, and located on a homestead about fifteen miles north of town, and during his residence here has mado a host of friends who rejoice with him in his successful marriage. Both he and his bride are well known and their many friends unite in extending congratulations and best wishes, in which the Rattler joins. For tho present they will make their home on Mrs. Schelly's homestead, which joins the homestead of her husband.
The guests from Wray who attended tho reception were Mr. and Mrs. J. Q. Conrad, Mrs. Anna Belknap, Mr. Lawrence Belknap, Mrs. Eva Sherman and daughter Miss Elsie. "

June 1915

In 1915 Jessie Lee Moore, formerly Jessie Lee Bruce, filed for land in 24, 4N 44W, witnesses Everett Carson, Charles A. Lincoln, Will Schelley, and Samuel Arnold, all of Wray.

September 1915 " Mr. and Mrs. Will Schelly drove down in their car from their farm several miles north of Wray and went on to Benkleman, Neb., Thursday to attend the fair held at that place Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. They returned Saturday."

October 1916 "The deal was closed last week whereby Lew Matson who has resided sixteen miles northeast of Wray for several years, sold his farm to Will Schelly of that vicinity. We have not learned Mr. Matson's plans for the future."

Susie proved up 320 acres in sections 28, 33 and 34, 4N 44W in 1917.
October 1917 "Mrs. Will Schelly, of eighteen miles north of Wray, left last Saturday for Benkelman, Nebraska, where she is taking treatments."

In 1920 Yuma County, William is farming 32, Susie V. 30, both born in Nebraska.

December 1923, Wray "For Sale—White Pekin drakes until Dec. 22, $1.00 each.
Mrs. Will Schelly

June 8, 1925 "WRAY, Colo., June 7. — Death and destruction followed in the path of a tornado which struck here late yesterday after leveling farm buildings, killing cattle and tearing down telephone and telegraph wires over an area of thirty-seven miles. Three persons, whose identity had not been learned late tonight, due to the destruction of communication lines, were reported to have been killed at a point twenty miles southwest of here. Others living at isolated points in the path of the twister, which covered a two-mile atrip, are reported to have been injured, in addition to a number injured in this city. Those seriously Injured here are: GEOBGE MERRY, Sr. bruised severely. GEORGE MERRY, Jr., foot amputated. MRS. FRANK CANTRALL, severely bruised. William BRYANT, broken collar bone. Mr. Bryant, the most seriously injured, miraculously escaped death when the automobile which he was driving was lifted from its path, hurled forty feet and turned over by the force of the cyclone. He suffered a broken collar bone and internal injuries when pinned beneath the machine. Saturday shoppers were thrown into panic when midnight darkness fell over the city ten minutes before the tornado struck. Hundreds probably, escaped death or serious injury by seeking refuge in store basements.
Residences belonging to George Merry, William Schelly, John Shepard, Frank Contrall and Olive Lake resort buildings were swept away, in addition to hundreds of smaller outbuildings..."

January 28, 1932
In 1937 the Wray directory has " Schelly, Will (w) Sue - 129 North Main, Ice Plant and Schelly Style Shop, respectively. (Elaine). "

In 1940 they're in Wray, with Alice Elaine 17. Alice was born October 7, 1922 at Moline Illinois, and the Wray history book says that Williand Sue adopteed her.

William died August 25, 1950 in Amador County, California, mother's maiden name Hermann.
September 22, 1955 Yuma - Pleasant Valley items
Gloria Jean Wells was born October 31, 1941 in Los Angeles County, mother Schelly.

Daniel Ernest Wells was born October 8, 1942 in Los Angeles, mother Schelly.

Alice Elaine Wells died February 14, 1992 at Ely, White Pine County, Nevada.


In 1930 Regula is widowed, living with daughter Elizabeth Verges 46 divorced, in Madison County and Elizabeth's daughter Dorothy, 20. Lillian is bookkeeper for a department store, 38, single, living with them.

Regula died in 1933, and is buried with Frederick in Prospect Hill Cemetery.

Lillian is still a bookkeeper in 1940, still living with sister Elizabeth Verges.

Lillian A. Schelly 1892-1976 is buried in Wray # 81716966.

R. C. Schelly married L.A. Calkins March 31, 1917, recorded in Yuma County.

Robert Chris Schelly is farming in Yuma County when registering for WWI, born December 23, 1892 at Norfolk, Nebraska, married.

May 23, 1918 "Mrs. R. C. Schelly, who had been visiting relatives and friends in California the past six weeks, returned home last Saturday."

Robert proved up two quarters in section 21 and 28, 4N 44W in 1919, just north of Susie's claim.

In 1920 Yuma County, he's 25, Lillie A. 24, with Robert C. Jr., 1. Lillie's parents Luman 55 and Mary G. Calkins 59 are with them.

In 1930 Yuma County, Valley Precinct, Robert born in Nebraska, and Lillian A. born in Iowa are 37, farming, with Robert C. 11, Thomas L. 9, and Velma L. 9 both born in Colorado. Lillian's sister Jeanetta M. Willis, 34, married, born in Kansas - no spouse - with Mary L. 11 and Lyla L. 7 both born in Colorado.

In 1940 they have Robert Jr., 21, Thomas L. 19, Velma M. 17, and Barbara S. 7.

Robert Crawford Schelly was born July 31, 1918 in Yuma County, dying February 2, 1998.

Velma M. Schelly 1922-1991 is buried in Wray # 81717148.
She was born at Wray November 27, 1922, and died February 1991.

Robert Chris Schelly 1892-1973 is buried in Wray, # 81717052.

Lillian A. Schelly 1892-1976 is buried in Wray # 81716966.

August 28, 2004 Greeley
"Patty Ann Schelly, 53, of Fort Collins died Friday, Aug. 27, at her parents' home in Greeley.
She was born Nov. 27, 1950, in Wray to Tom and Gene Schelly. In 1963, she moved with her family to Greeley, where she graduated from College High School and later from the University of Northern Colorado.
Ms. Schelly was involved in many things. She participated in a Bible study through her church in Fort Collins. She took French lessons and dreamed of traveling in France one day. She took scuba diving lessons with her brother Alan. She went camping with her family and loved going on long walks with her twin sister, Dottie. She enjoyed cooking and collected recipes and cookbooks and happily shared her many recipes with family and friends.
Ms. Schelly had worked for years at King Soopers in Fort Collins and in later years did day care work. She loved taking computer classes and became an expert at e-mail, enjoying sending and receiving messages to and from family and friends. She loved to care for others and reached out to many people. She visited church members who were not able to get out and served communion to them.
Ms. Schelly was known by her family as one of the warmest, most sincere, most loving, most generous, kind and caring persons one could ever know. She loved her brothers and sisters, nieces and nephews, her parents and most especially her twin sister, Dottie.
Survivors are her parents, Tom and Gene Schelly of Greeley; her twin sister, Dottie Bruch and husband Tom and their daughters, Anna, Katherine and Christina, all of Greeley; her brother,
Don and his wife Cathy of Laporte, and their children, Bob of New York City, Jeff and wife Libby, David and Erica, all of Fort Collins; her brother Alan of New Jersey; and her youngest sister Gloria and husband Rick, and their children, Sean, Jerad and Mariah, all of Gunnison.
Recitation of the rosary will be at 7 p.m. Monday at Stoddard Funeral Home. Mass of the Resurrection in celebration of Patty's life will be at 10 a.m. Tuesday at St. Mary's Catholic Church, 22nd Street and 23rd Avenue, Greeley. Interment will be in Sunset Memorial Gardens, Greeley. "

December 1916 "Ray Wells of south of Wray, a few days ago closed the deal whereby he became the owner of the Mrs. Linda Arnold place located about eighteen miles north of Wray near the Will Schelly ranch."

March 1917 "Mrs. George Garten and baby came down Sunday from their home in Denver and is spending the week with her sister, Mrs. Will Schelley and with her mother, Mrs. Linda Arnold, of north of Wray."

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