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Yuma County Pioneer Photographs:

James G. Culbertson, Charles  H. Culbertson, Thomas Henry Culbertson,  Joes

Thomas Culbertson was born April 16, 1858 in Pendleton County, Kentucky to George and Almena (Lafor) Culbertson.

Maybe they're part of the family in 1870 Pendleton County, Kentucky, with Geo. Culbertson 40, Indiana, Mattie 28, Kentucky, Mary J. 16 Kentucky, Thomas H. 12 Iowa, Minetta 11,  Sarah L. 9, Wm. H. 7, James E. 6, John D. 3, C? 2, and six-month Cora M. - the last seven kids born in Kentucky.

One tree said George married Mary A. Hemingway in 1853,  was a cooper in Fremont County Iowa in 1856, married to Anna M, 22, born in Virginia, with Mary M. 2 and newborn Poll, both girls born in Kentucky.

On the same 1856 census page is James G. Culbertson and Patience M., both 40 born in Kentucky, with Sarah J. 12, Illinois, Mary A. 9, Matthew W. 6, Maria 3, and George A. 1 - the last four born in Iowa.

George married Mary A. Hemingway in Pendleton County September 31, 1859.

In 1860 Pendleton County George does farm work, 30, married to Mary A. 21, with Margaret 6, Thos 2, and Jenetta one month.

In 1880 Pendleton County T.H. Culbertson, 22 is working for farmer Rich Mullins, 39.

Charles H. Culbertson married Mollie C. Liter October 5, 1882 in Audrain County Missouri.

 In 1900 Audrain County, Missouri Thomas Culbertson, born Apr 1858, and Mary F. Dec 1865, both Kentucky, have George W. Dec 1888, Bessie B. Sep 1889, Charles H. Nov 1890, Grace M. Jan 1892, and James Jan 1895, all the kids born in  Missouri.

In 1910 James, 45, born in Kentucky, is alone in Kirk precinct.  One tree said he was the son of George Allen Culbertson and Mary Hemingway.

Thomas and Mary are in Kirk precinct in 1910, with George, Charlie, Grace, Thomas J. 15(must be the James), and Albert B. 9,

1913 "Tyson McLean gave this neighborhood quite a surprise by going to Denver and returning with Miss Lila Gleaves as his wife.  They will live on the Culbertson farm north of the old Fox post office."

In 1920, still in Kirk precinct, James is living with his brother John D. 53, also born in Kentucky, married to Ida, 39, born in Missouri.  Daughter Theo Pares, widowed, 19, born in Missouri, is also with them.  John's sons Edward, 16, Henry 14, both born in Missouri, Otis 10 and Maxwell 5 both born in Oklahoma.

In 1920 Kirk precinct Thomas and Maud only have Charles with them.

(Ida Mae Culbertson is living with daughter Theora Flagerolle and her husband Will in 1940 DeKalb County, Indiana)

James is alone in 1940 Kirk precinct.

 Thomas proved up on two quarters in 8, 4S 46W in 1911.

James G. proved up on a quarter in 29, 4S 46W in 1912, witnesses William H. Ridgeway, Otto Colpitts, Thomas H. Culbertson, and John W. Collet.

Charley proved up on two quarters in 3 and 4, 4S 46W in 1921

Velma Colpitts married John E. Culbertson in Cheyenne Wells Dec 23, 1933, and they're farming near Carbondale in 1940, with no kids.

Velma M. Culbertson - Dec 23, 1907 in Fox CO - April 7, 1994 in Fruita Colorado,  is buried with John in Glenwood Springs 57750890.     John's FindAGrave says he was born Sep 3, 1903 in Christian County, Missouri, and died Oct 14, 1998

Charles H. Culbertson  - Private, 128th Infantry, 32nd Division, died Feb 20, 1924 and is buried in Olivet Cemetery, Kirk.

James G. Culbertson - 1866-1949 - another record says 1855-1945 is buried in the Kirk cemetery.

Sylvia Culbertson owns lot 56, but no burials are recorded there.

Ida Mae Culbertson died June 7, 1975 and is buried in Lakeside Cemetery, Canon City.  Thomas H. died May 31, 1925 and is buried there.


George graduated from Wray in 1911, and married his classmate Zella Elizabeth DeArmond, dying April 20, 1959 in Los Angeles. 




He registered in Porterville California, saying he was a high school teacher, born Dec 25, 1887 in Mexico, Missouri.

George - Dec 25, 1887 - April 20, 1959 is interred in Inglewood Park 41010560 with Zella.


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