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Yuma County Pioneer Photographs:

Madison and Edith (Palmer) Finch,  Kirk

In 1870 he's probably in Iowa, with parents David and Jemima Finch - Jemima is buried in Newton Union, Jasper County, Iowa - 52544603

In 1860 Union County Ohio Frank 35 and Louisa 27 Evans have Marion 7, Eva 6, Josephene 3 and Isabelle eleven months.

In 1870 Marion County, Iowa Belle Evans, 10, is with Frank 46 and Louisa 34 Evans, with Marion 16 male, and Eva 14, Josephine and Belle all born in Ohio.

In 1880 Marion County, Iowa, Madison Finch is a bookseller, 24, born in Ohio, married to Bell, 20, also Ohio.   They're living with T. L. Evans, 47, born in Pennsylvania.

D Madison Finch, age 34, born in Hartford Ohio, married Eleonora McBride, age 19, born in Guide Rock, Nebraska, in Red Cloud, Nebraska September 16, 1894.

In 1900 Red Cloud, Nebraska Charles J. Palmer, a carpenter,  is 47, Mary E. 42, Flora G. 19, Leroy C. 14, Raymond H. 12, and ward Chas. C. Hutchinson is 2.

In 1899 Madison Finch was chairman of the Webster County Nebraska Republican central committee.

In 1900 Red Cloud, Madison is a bank cashier,  born Sept 1860 in Ohio,  married five years to Nellie L., Dec 1875 Nebraska

1900 Red Cloud, Nebraska "Madison Finch has sold one of his residence houses on Seward street to Mrs. Gross.  The building will be removed to another location."

1901 Red Cloud "Madison Finch who has for a number of years been the genial and obliging assistant cashier departed with his wife for Fort Morgan, Colorado, where they will visit for a while and then go to Cheyenne Wyoming, where he will take up a residence.  In his departure our city loses a good citizen and as councilman a good city officer."


1903 Red Cloud "Lucia Finch vs. D. Madison Finch, verdict for plaintiff."

In 1880 Red Cloud Wm. McBride is a harness maker, with Sue. R., and kids Laura A. 12, Carrie 10- both Iowa- Silas J. 8, Robert 6, Nellie 4, and Percy 2 - the last four born in Nebraska.

William died Dec 27, 1884 and is buried in Red Cloud.

In 1890 Red Cloud Susan R. McBride, widow of William T. McBride, Private in the 30th Iowa, received a pension.

1907 Red Cloud "Mrs. S. R. McBride has returned home from a visit in Kansas City.  She was accompanied by her daughter, Mrs. Nellie Finch."  In 1900 Red Cloud Susan R. McBride is widowed, born June 1847 in Ohio.

May 27, 1904 Red Cloud "Miss Edith Palmer and Madison Finch were married last week in Wray, Colorado."  - so that confirms they are the same.

Maybe Roy is the one in 1930 Yuma County  with "Mary A." and in 1940 Yuma County he's "Ray", farming, 54, born in Nebraska, with Alice 53, also born in Nebraska.  They're buried in the Yuma cemetery.

1904 Madison is the Town Clerk of Wray.

    May 20, 1904 Wray

1906 Wray

1906 Wray "Miss Flo Palmer of Red Cloud, Nebraska, but more recently of Seward, is in the city visiting her sister, Mrs. Madison Finch.  Miss Flo is a printer of considerable experience, and retired from that to take up bookkeeping, but likes printing best and will return to that profession."

In 1907 Madison Finch was the notary for a statement regarding wheat yields under the "Campbell System" of summerfallow.


1909 Wray "Madison Finch and wife went down to their claim near Kirk.  They will eat Thanksgiving dinner wtih Jack Shaw."

1909 Red Cloud, Nebraska "Charles Palmer and son Roy went to Wray, Colo., Saturday morning."

In 1910 Kirk precinct Madison is 49, born in Ohio, married six years to Edith M. 29, born in Nebraska.

Madison proved up 160 acres in 5, 4S 46W in 1912.


1914 "Mrs. Madison Finch returned home last Friday evening from Akron, where she had been visiting her mother, Mrs. Palmer, for a few days."

1916 "Ray Palmer, of Akron, Colorado, visited with his sister, Mrs. Madison Finch over Sunday and Monday of this week."

1917 Wray  "C.S. Palmer, who has been visiting his daughter, Mrs. Madison Finch, left Tuesday for his home in Greeley, Colorado.  He had been assisting with some improvement work on Mr. and Mrs. Finch's residence while here."


1919 "Madison Finch has accepted a position with the First State Bank of Idalia to begin his duties there July 15."

1919 Wray  "Ed Finch of Newton, Iowa, and a brother of Banker Madison Finch formerly of this place but now of Idalia, arrived the latter part of last week for a visit with Madison Finch and wife."

Madison and Edith are in Yuma County in 1920, 1930, and 1940 - in 1940 they have Lily Schultz and Anna Moellenberg,  teachers, both 30 born in Colorado, living with them.

In 1922 Mrs. Madison Finch was the postmistress at Idalia.

In 1923 Madison was the chairman of the county Republican party.

In 1920 Weld County Charles S. Palmer, a carpenter, 67, and Mary E. have Bertha 18, born in Nebraska, with them.

In 1910 "Ramon" Palmer and Gertrude , both 22, have been married four (or nine) months.  They're farming in Valley precinct, Yuma County.

Ramon Harvey Palmer, born Oct 8, 1887 in Red Cloud, Nebraska, registered in Akron, a motion picture exhibitor with a wife and three children.

In 1920 Akron Raymond H. Palmer, 32, born in Nebraska, is a motion picture exhibitor.  He and Gertruid, 32, Iowa have John B. 8, Scott L. 7, and Henrietta R. 6, all three born in Nebraska.

1923 Akron "Mrs. Finch of Wray came yesterday to be present at the school exercises and visit her mother Mrs. Palmer, also her brother R.H. Palmer."

In 1930 Akron Gertruid is a newspaper reporter, with the three kids.  She says she's married, but no spouse listed.  Ramon Harvey Palmer, 42, is in Scottsbluff, Nebraska, in a boarding house - he's a commercial traveler for motion pictures.

In 1940 Denver John is 28, a laborer,  married to Emma Lou, 25, selling advertising for a daily newspaper.  Brother Scott 27, an accountant for a rubber tire manufacturer,  and mother Gertrude 55 are with him

In 1930 Akron Charles Palmer, born in Ohio, and Mary, 72, born in Wisconsin have no occupations.

FindAGrave has Charles Scott Palmer - July 23, 1851- Apr 5, 1935 and Mary Harvey Palmer - Aug 1, 1857 - Nov 25, 1944 (dying in Wray) buried in Akron, Colorado.

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