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Yuma County Pioneer Photographs:

John and Arietta  (Ball) Flora, daughter Luella G. (Flora) Conrad and James Q. Conrad,  Idalia

In 1860 Adams County, Illinois John and Aretta Flora have Olive, one year old.  He doesn't have an occupation listed, but he follows John Mercer, 29, blacksmith.

1866 Brownville, Nebraska "Petition of John Flora presentented (sic), asking privilege to erect a wooded addition to his house on Main street; granted."


"In 1873 a woman and four school children burned to death in Brush Creek Precinct near what is known as Turners Hall [Athletic Association of Sokol]. This fire started from a point on Swan Creek, remains of a camp fire on election day on October 14, 1873, about 2 PM. It reached the school house, located in the Northeast corner of Sec. 26-6-3 Brush Creek Precinct. Miss Elen Taylor was the teacher and she was so unnerved by the catastrophe that she quit teaching in that school. Mrs. Morey took six of the children from the school and as the fire approached they took refuge in a sod building that had been used by John Flora as a blacksmith shop. They became panic-stricken and left their refuge. Two of the children who had woolen clothes did not get fatal burns, but four of them and Mrs. Morey died from their burns. Mr. Elliot, father of Fred Elliot, went there to lay out the dead bodies, on account of the fearful stench of the burned flesh, the bodies were removed from the house, to which they had been taken and laid out in Mr. Elliott's wagon. These bodies were buried on the school ground at the time. It is thought they were later removed."



1876 John Flora was elected a delegate to the Sheridan Convention of the Democratic party.




In 1880 Saline County, Nebraska, John Flora, 47, and Arietta, 40, both born in Pennsylvania, have Olive, 20, Illinois, Luella, 18, Illinois, Mollie 14, and Jessie 11- the last two daughters born in Nebraska. 

They had been in Nemaha County, Nebraska in 1870 - John's a blacksmith. 

Nancy Olive Flora, 23, married Peter Waldorf, 23, in Saline County November 24, 1880.

 The Brownville newspaper "Miss Olive Flora, oldest daughter of John Flora, formerly of this city, now of Wilbur, Neb., was married on Thanksgiving day."

Mollie G. Flora, 20, married Charles D. Lockhart, 24 in Saline County May 26, 1886.

In 1885 Saline County, John 53 just has Mollie 19 and Jessie 16.  He's married, but no spouse listed.

Jessie Flora, 18, married Frederich W. Schultz, 25, Illinois, in Saline County April 24, 1887.

John cash-claimed a quarter in 10, 4S 46W in 1891, and "heirs of John Flora" timber-claimed one next to it in 1898.  Luella G. Flora proved up a quarter just south, in 15, 4S 46W in 1894.

John Flora died May 1891 in Denver.

In 1894 Arietta S. Flora "Wid. John" is living at 1945 Vine, in Lincoln, Nebraska.

In Plainview Cemetery, Saline County, Nebraska are John F. Flora - May 30, 1833 - May 19, 1891 and Arietta S. Flora - April 13, 1832  - Nov 11, 1898, per FindAGrave 101589235.  Also buried there - Olive Flora Waldorf - Jan 23, 1859 - Oct 13, 1897.  

Wilber, Nebraska history "PETER WALDROF, firm of Waldrof Bros., hardware. Business established in 1877; capital $6,000; size of building 22x60; warehouse, 24x30 and 20x24; average cash sales, 1882, $75 per day. Peter was born in LaSalle County, Ill., 1857. At the age of sixteen he went to Chicago and learned the carriage-maker's trade, remaining a little over two years; going from there to Monroe, remaining eighteen months, coming from there to Nebraska in 1877. In 1880 was married at Wilber to Olive Flora."

Arietta stone says "Arietta S. - Wife of John Flora - Born April 13, 1832 Died November 11, 1898. Thy trials ended,  thy rest is won."

October 22, 1897 Nemaha newspaper "..... the deceased formerly lived in Brownville, being the oldest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John Flora."




In Greenwood Cemetery, Cass County, Nebraska, Henry Conrad died Dec 13, 1887, aged 55 years.  He married Ruth Wagers June 19, 1855 in Holmes County, Ohio.
"The Young book, "Our Children's ancestors" states that Henry and Ruth Wagers were married June 22, 1855 in Holmes County, Ohio and immediately moved to Iowa. The first five children were born at Cedar Falls; the sixth was born at Greenwood, Cass Co. Neb.

Holmes County obit says that there was a sad accident when his hired man accidently shot him to death while he was hauling corn in Nebraska. Parents: John Jacob CONRAD and Mary LOWE."

  December 22, 1887 - Omaha Daily Bee

July 14, 1909 Nebraska State Journal  "Ruth Conrad died at her home four miles west of Alvo, aged seventy-six years. Funeral services will be held at Greenwood M. E. church on Thursday at 2:30 -p. m. and burial will be at the Greenwood cemetery"


CLARENCE ALONZO5 MATHIS  was born February 14, 1855 in Dubuque, Iowa , and died September 25, 1944 in Greenwood, Nebraska . He married MARGARET ELLEN CONRAD October 17, 1877 in Weeping Water, Nebraska , daughter of HENRY CONRAD and RUTH WAGERS. She was born October 01, 1858 in Cedar Falls, Iowa , and died January 31, 1955 in Greenwood, Nebraska796.
 Clarence came to Plattsmouth Nebraska with his father Enoch Jackson in August of 1866 at the age of eleven years old. They stayed there until the fall of 1868 when they moved to the homestead two miles east of Greenwood, on Thanksgiving Day 1868. Wife Margaret's parents did not approve of her choice of a husband, so they sent her to Weeping Water to school, but they were married October 17, 1877. They lived on the same 80 acres that Enoch J. lived on. It made a big farmstead with two houses lots of out buildings. Here the eight children grew to maturity. Clarence was a handyman and Doctor, set the broken bones, delivered the eight children, he worked on the farm, resoled shoes and in his way was a carpenter, a jack of all trades. He was also a collector, anyone who had anything unusual that no one wanted he would take and keep. His room was lined with books that he'd read and kept, he had a stamp and coin collection that he added to faithfully. He also corresponded with many dealers. He added another 80 acres, the North half of the Southwest Quarter of Section 34 Township 12 North Range 9 East of the Sixth Principal Meridian, that was bought from Earnest A. Wiggenhorn, filed 30 Apr 1891. All the children were born at the farm 2 miles east of Greenwood (on what has been called the old church road). After the death of E. J., Clarence bought the original homestead from William R. and Edwin R. (his two half-brothers) this was filed 6 Jun 1898. Clarence and Margaret left the farm in 1921 and moved into Greenwood.


Calvin Ulysses "Liss" Conrad

In 1880 Cass County Henry Conrad 49, Ruthann 45, James 14, Ulysus 12, both boys born in Iowa, and George F. 4., Nebraska.

In 1900 Cass County Ruth A., born July 1840 in Maryland, is widowed, living with Calvin May 1869 Iowa.

Louisa Strakbein, daughter of Maria Homrighausen and Ludwig Strakbein, was born July 17,1874 in Big Rock Iowa, married Calvin Ulysses Conrad in June 1915, died December 15, 1950.  The tree says Calvin was born May 1, 1868.

In 1920 Lansing precinct Calvin U. is 52, Louisie (sic) 46.

In 1930 Armel precinct Calvin W. Conrad is 62, Louise 55.

In 1940 Armel precinct C. U. and Louise are still farming, with a young couple working for them

Calvin U. Conrad 1868-1950 and Louise 1874-1967 are buried in Wray.

The three brothers - George, Calvin, and James - were partners in the Idalia Flour Mill.



James is 4 in 1870 Black Hawk County, Iowa, with Henry 42 and Ruth A. 37.  Sister Mary E. 14, and Margearet E. 11, brother Calvin W. 2.

In 1876 Cass County, Nebraska James Q. is 7, Ulysses G. 7, M. Ella 17, Mary E. 19, Ruth Ann 40, and Henry 45

James Q. Conrad, 30, born in Ohio, married Luella G. Flora, 30, Nebraska, in Saline County Nebraska December 30, 1896.  He timber-claimed a quarter in 21, 3S 43W in 1898.

One history of Friend says "Luella Flora (Conrad) gave a reading. Her father was the village blacksmith."

In 1900 Idalia precinct James I. Conrad, running a grocery store, born Jan 1866 in Iowa, has been married three years to Luella G. Oct 1861 Illinois.  They have Lawrence L. Jan 1898 and Corine, April 1, 1900, both born in Colorado.  James' Brother George F. Conrad, July 1876, Nebraska, a salesman, is living with them.

In 1910 Wray James is running a lumber yard, Luella has a millinery shop, and they've added James F. 8, and John G. 5.

In 1919 Luella petitioned for one quarter, saying heirs of John were Arietta  Flora, Olive Waldorf, Luella Flora, Jessie Schultz, and Mollie Lockhart.  Olive Waldorf's heirs were Peter Waldorf, Flora Waldorf Kitzinger, Marguerite Waldorf Ashby, Louis W. Waldorf, and Rhea Waldorf.

In 1920 Wray James still has a lumber yard, and Lawrence is bookkeeper there.  Luella, Corinne, J. Francis, and D. Kenneth, 15, don't have occupations.

In 1930 Wray James has the lumber yard, Luella has a millinery shop, J. Kenneth is a farmer, and Corinne is a clerk in the lumber yard. 

James had the first Ford dealership in Wray, and was a generous donor to causes such as the Wray hospital.

Francis James Conrad, born Feb 12, 1902, died September 30, 1942 in Wray. Son of James Q. and Luella Flora Conrad of Wray.  Francis is buried in Wray.

Also buried there  - Luella G. Conrad - 1860-1949, James O. 1866-1955, Laurence L. Conrad 1898-1970 Corrine (Conrad) Peterson 1900-1987, Kenneth Conrad -1904-1961.]


In 1885 Otoe County, Nebraska Alex Lockhart, farmer, 44, Pennsylvania, and Nancy 43, Iowa, have Chas 23, Iowa, Sidney 14, Nebraska, Guy 9, Iowa, and Jennie 3, Nebraska.

In 1900 York County Nebraska, Charles "Lockhard" is a cigar salesman, born Feb 1862 in Iowa, with Mollie G. Dec 1865, Nebraska.  They have Linle Gleen June 1887 Kansas, Fay D. -son- Aug 1888 Nebraska, Fern M. Oct 1891 Nebraska, and Arlene Sept 1893 Nebraska.

In 1910 Routt County, Colorado Charles D. "Lockhart" is a barber. He and Mollie have Fay D., a fireman on the railroad, Fern M. and Aileen C.

1910 "Mrs. Charles Lockhart is the recipient of a handsome brown bear rug, a gift of her son Dave.  The rug was made from the hide of the big bear Dave killed during the summer."


1919 "Charles D. Lockhart, who for two months had been at Wray, was on Sunday night's train, returning to Milner, where he will spend the summer."

1919   68805464

In 1920 Mollie is with daughter Fern L. Milner and her husband Joseph E., both 28, in Jackson County, Colorado, with their one-month Rosemary.

In 1930 Mollie is widowed, living with daughter Arleene Myers, 36 and her husband Charles in Oklahoma City.  They hae Elaine, 13, too.

Charles D. Lockhart -1862-1923 and Mollie G. Lockhart 1865-1938 are buried in Crown Hill, Wheat Ridge, per FindAGrave.  35387492 and Mollie 35387539



Sidney A. Lockhart -died 1934 buried in Steamboat Springs 58551290


In 1930 Denver Earl J. and Fern L. are in Denver, with Rosemary 10 and Eloise 9.

In 1940 J. Earl Milner, 49, born in Colorado, and Fern L. Milner, 48, Nebraska, are in Denver, with daughter Rosemary, 20, Colorado.

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