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William, Henry A., and Henry C. Lohman,  Vernon and Wray

This is complicated, because -(1) William's wife Alma divorced him and married Henry C. (2) there were two Henry's, (3) they often went by middle names - Henry A. was called Augustus or Aug, and (4) they're not described in the East Yuma history books.

In 1880 Hamilton County, Nebraska, William H. Lohman is 27, Alma 18, with an infant son. Brother John Lohman, 14 is with them, born in Illinois.

Wm. E. Lohman cash-claimed 200 acres in 2 and 3, 1S 43W in 1891.
Wm. Lohman proved up 160 acres in 3 and 34, 1S 43W in 1910, and Winnie 80 acres in 34 in 1911.

In 1900 Glendale precinct (southwest of Wray) Alma E. Lohman, born Jan 1861 in Sweden, has been married 21 years, but no spouse listed.  With her are Harvey E. May 1880, Emma E. July 1882, and Mabel D. Feb 1885, all three born in Nebraska, and Bryan, born Sept 1895 in Colorado.

Alma E. and William E. Lohman divorced in Yuma County in 1903.

In 1870 Bond County, Illinois, Henry Lohman is 6, with parents Christ 43 and Minnie 31. Willie is 12, Augustaa 10, Albert 8, Henry 6, and Charles 3.
In 1880 Bond County, Illinois, Christ Loman is farming, 52, with Minnia 40. Christian W. is 22, Albert 18, Henry 16, Charley 12, and John 2.
Frederick Richard Lohman registered for WWI in Wray, saying he was born Sept 20, 1895 in Wray, farming,.
In 1900 Glendale precinct Henry has his own household, born June 1863 in Illinois, single. Then William and Anna Nienaber are listed, then Alma Lohman, born Jan 1861 in Sweden, married 21 years. She's had six kids, four living. Harvey E. May 1880, Emma E. July 1880, Mabel D. Feb 1885 - these three in Nebraska - then Bryan Sept 1895 Colorado.
Fred Lohman passed the eighth grade examination in 1912 in District 103, with Edd Barton and Harold Taber.

Henry H. Lohman, son of Caspar N. Lohman and Clara Eckert, married Amanda Erlenborn, daughter of Anton Erlenborn and Rosa Haefner, in La salle County Illinois June 24, 1884.

In 1885 Hamilton County, Nebraska, Henry Lohman is 30, a merchant, with Amanda 20, and John 20, a clerk, all three born in Illinois.
The 1890 gazetteer of Hampton, Hamilton County lists "Among the leading business houses of the village at the present time are.... Lohman & Erlenborn, general store...."

In 1920 Wray, Henry C. Lohman is a jeweler, 56, with Alma E. 58, Frederick R. 24, also a jeweler married to Inez A. 17, and Lawrence L. 1.

In 1930 Yuma County, Henry C. is farming, 66, married to twice-widowed Olga 48 born in Germany. Her kids Andrew Chaney, 11, Mildred Chaney 12, and Melvin Chaney 12 are with them. So is stepdaughter Pauline Oestieich, 14, all four born in Colorado.
(Olga Cheney had been in Wray in 1920, 37, with Freda Oestrich 13, Pauline E. Oestrich 4, Mildred and Melvin Cheney 2. and Andrew H. ten months.
In 1922 Margaret J. Cheney sued Olga Cheney, Mary Esther Forsman, Rosetta A. Penfold, Cloyd E. Cheney, Leila M. Arnold minor, Cloyd E. Cheney guardian, and Melvin Sidney Cheney, Mildred Sadie Cheney, Andrew Cheney - minors, Olga Cheney guardian, heirs of Hyrum E Cheney, Deceased.
G.B. Forsman of Palisade and Miss Esther Cheney of Wray were married in Wray in February 1906.
Henry Lohman 1863-1936 is buried in Wray # 64687734.
In 1930 Corpus Christi, Texas, Frederick is a watchmaker, 34, Inez 27, Lawrence 12, Robert 10, Howard 9, Teddie 6, and Phyllis 3. All the kids were born in Colorado.
Frederick Lohman 1895-1963 is buried in Tumwater, Washington # 104017346, with Inez 1902-1976.

Henry C. proved up a quarter in 2 in 1893.

Henry C. Lohman married Alma E. Swanson, age 42, in Denver October 12, 1904. Reverent R.A. Uzzell of Denver performed the ceremony.

1899 Laird "Chas Rife went to Holyoke to see his best girl."

Alma -1861-1922 is buried in Wray

Henry Lohman, born June 1863 in Illinois, single, is on the same census page.

October 13, 1938
January 11, 1940


January 5, 1906 Wray

Emma Lohman married Chas A. Rife March 5, 1902, recorded in Denver.
In 1900 Laird, Charley H. Rife born October 1872 in Iowa is with parents Simon and Elvira Rife, farming.

In 1910 Twin Falls, Idaho, Charles is 35, Emma 27, Harvey 6, Herman 3, and Marie 1.


In 1920 Tehama California, Charles is 46, a laborer in a lumber camp, Emma 37, Harvey F. 16, Herman L. 13, Alicde M. 11, Mildred M. 9, Chester R. 8, Rugh N. 4, Robert P. 2, and Una L. eight months.

In 1930 Torrington Wyoming, Charles is 57, Emma E. 47, Chester R. 18, Ruth N. 14, Robert P. 12, Una L. 10, Herman L. 23, Georgeia M. 20, one-month -old Ramon K., and WILLIAM E. LOHMAN, 71.
Charles 1873-1946 # 10890265 and Emma 1882-1954 # 10890267 are buried in Torrington.
Harvey Lohman, age 29, married Lottie Dunlap, age 22, in Vernon Colorado June 2, 1909.

In 1910 Kirk precinct Harvey E. Lohman, 29 and wife Lottie A. 23, both born in Nebraska are farming.  The next household is Mabel D. 25, born in Nebraska, single.

Harvey cash-claimed a quarter in 30, 4S 47W in 1913. 

Harvey Calvin Lohman, with an address of Wray, registered, saying he was married to Lottie Angeline Lohman, and was born May 9, 1880.



1916   foundry work.

In 1919 the Mellinger Tire distributers were Fred R. Lohman of Wray and Harvey C. Lohman of Laird.

In 1920 Harvey and Lottie are farming in Wray precinct, with Otto I. 8, Archie M. 6, and Volney W. 4.

In 1922 Harvey was on the school board of District 103, with an address of Wray.

In 1930 Wray precinct Harvey and Lottie have Archie and Volney. (on the same census page are Henry C. Lohman, 66, married to Olga, 48, her three Cheney kids, and her daughter Pauline Oestieich.

Harvey died Feb 24, 1966, and is buried in Glendale with Lottie Angeline (Dunlap) Lohman.  FindAGrave has her born March 12, 1887 in Grand Island, Nebraska, dying June 16, 1969.

Archie -1913 - 1998 and Otto Iven Lohman 1911-2000 are  also buried in Glendale.


February 1917


HENRY AUGUST LOHMAN, born 10 August 1851 in St. Louis, Missouri. Married Louise MEYERS ( born 11 August 1851 New York). Known children were:
Edward George Lohman, born 21 August 1876 in Princeton, Bureau County, Illinois. Married Winnie Lela Dorman 31 Dec 1905 in Yuma County, Colorado. Died 17 Feb 1961 in Bakersfield, California.
Art Lohman, born 3 January 1882 in Missouri, married 2'xs; Nellie Wakefield, and Caroline Proctor. Died 1970 in Wray, Yuma County, Colorado.
I'd like to know parents of Henry August Lohman. Where he died, is buried, and even where he married. Any sharing appreciated.
Frances at fm_fortune@hotmail.com


"1870 Census for Bureau County, Illinois shows: LOMANN, Henry (Casper) - age 42, born Germany. His wife Caroline, age 40 born Germany.
Children (Henry) August - age 19 born Missouri, (William) Edward - age 17 born Missouri, Henry (Conrad) - age 15 born Missouri, Julia - age 12 born Illinois, John - age 5 born Illinois, Baby (male) - age 2/12 born Illinois. Also shows LOMANN, Wm. - age 30 bn Germany, and William age 25 born Germany."
(John was with William in 1880 Hamilton County, Nebraska.)

The 1877 list of Bureau County has :
LOHMANN H. C. Princeton; prop, hardware store; Dem; German Luth; from Germany.
LOHMANN H. A.. Princeton; hardware store; Dem; from Mo.
LOHMANN H. H. Princeton; clerk Gonterman & Co; from Ill.
LOHMAN W. H. Princeton; clerk; Dem.

In 1880 Princeton, Illinois, "Caster" N. is a grocer, 60, Caroline I. 53, Henry H. 24, and Conrad 17.

In 1880 Princeton, Bureau County, Illinois, August Lohmann - a clerk - and Louesa, both 28, have William 6, "Edurd" 4, Caroline 2, and Lyudia four months.

In 1900 Yuma County, Henry A. Lohman born Aug 1851 in Missouri, married 28 years to Louisa Aug 1851 New York, have Edward G. Aug 1875 Illinois, Lydia J. Jan 1880 Illinois, Addie M. Nov 1881 Nebraska, Arthur D. June 1884 Nebraska, Amanda Feb 1886 Nebraska, Daniel G. July 1889 Nebraska, and Nora M. Dec 1891 Nebraska.

October 15, 1902 Roy Cuney and Miss Lydia Lohman married at the home of the bride's parents near Vernon. Miss Addie Lohman was bridesmaid. Those present were Mr. and Mrs. Peter Cuney, Arley and Ross Cuney, Mary Cuney, Mr. and Mrs. A. Lohman, the Misses Carrie, Addie, Amanda and Norah Lohman, Messrs Edward, Arthur and Daniel Lohman, Mr. and Mrs. Will Lohman, Mrs. Alma Lohman and sons Harvey and Fred, Henry C. Lohman, Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Rife, Mr. and Mrs. Guy V. Meyers, M. Ed Ellis..

May 29, 1903 "Mr Cuney of South Whitley Indiana is here this week visiting with the Cuney family. Mr. Cuney is a father of our Mr. Cuney of near Wray."

1913 "Mrs. H.A. Lohman of Vernon returned from Hyde where she had been spending some time with her daughter, Mrs. Roy Cuney and family. Mrs. Cuney had been seriously ill for the last two weeks but is now improving."

In 1910 Vernon precinct Henry - a harness-maker - and Louisa - a midwife- have only Nora R. 18 and Mandy 22.

1913 "James Osborne and wife of Princeton, Ill., are here visiting with the August Lohman family of near Vernon." (Julia Lohman, born in Princeton Illinois in 1859, married James N. Osborne in 1887, was with him in 1900 and 1910 Princeton, divorced in 1918, widowed in 1920 and 1930, and died in Princeton April 19, 1934, buried in Oakland. Father was Conrad Lohman, mother Caroline Eggert.)

1913 Vernon "A. Lohman has moved his goods into the Ed Lohman store building. Mrs. Leona Simons has bought the building formerly occupied by Mr. Lohman."

1915 Wray "Mr. and Mrs. H.A. Lohman, of Vernon, were here visiting their children, Mrs. Art Downing, Ed and Miss Nora Lohman."
In 1920 Henry and Louisa, both 68 are in Washington County, Colorado. He's still a harness maker, at age 68.
Henry 1851-1938 # 60544848 and Louise 1851-1940 are buried in Yuma.


Mabel was one of the three graduates from Wray high school in 1906.

1909 "Miss Mabel Lohman returned Tuesday from a visit with relatives and friends in Trenton, Illinois."

In 1912 Mabel filed suit against H.H. Lohman and Julia Osborne, who had said they were the legal heirs of John F. Lohman.  But Mabel had an alleged will saying "My land and all my belongings I want my niece, Mabel Lohman and brother Conrad Lohman of Wray, Colorado to have all.  Never let my brother Henry Lohman of Lincoln, Nebraska have anything that belonged to me."

In 1913 Mabel D. Lohman proved up a quarter in 19, 4S 47W, witnesses John P. Heinrichs, Charles N. White, Oliver D. Ball, and Henry Babb.

Mabel was a school teacher in Yuma County in 1917.

In 1920 Wray precinct Thomas K. Hissong 47, born in Pennsylvania, is a house carpenter, married to Mabel D. 34, born in Colorado.

September 1922 "Mrs. T.K. Hissong is teaching school this winter about ten miles southeast of Yuma.  Mr. and Mrs. Hissong have arranged to rent a house in the vicinity of Mrs. Hissong's school a little later in the season, at which time Mr. Hissong will move thereto temporarily and remain until spring work opens up."


1923 Mabel Hissong was the administratrix for the estate of Alma Lohman

Mabel D. Hissong, 43, married John R. Nelson, 56, in Julesburg Sept 5, 1928. (John B. Nelson, 44, had married Emma Brown, 50, in Wray in 1924)  He might be the John Nelson born Oct 1871 in Indiana,    married in Ford County Illinois January 1, 1894 Lizzie B. Wack.  In 1900 Ford County he's a carpenter, married to Lizzie B, with daughter Ruth P. born June 1894.  Ruth was living with grandparents (John's mother and her husband Morton Roberts) in 1910, so Lizzie might have died.

In 1930 Mabel, 45, is married to John R. Nelson, 58, - yes, he's a carpenter, too - and they're in Wray precinct,.

In 1940 Wray, John and Mabel don't have occupations.

Mable D. Hissong 1885-1968 is buried in Wray. 62909341, sharing a tombstone with Thomas K. Hissong 1870-1925.

In 1893 Thomas had married Martha Antoinette "Nettie" Barrett, and they were in Urbana Ill in 1900 and Boone County Indiana in 1910.  Nettie died in 1936 and is buried in Mt. Olive, Champaign County, Ill 30257696.  Thomas and Nettie are parents of Lynn W. Hissong buried Boone County, Indiana 65725013 - and Muriel Pearl (Hissong) Galvin - also buried in Boone County Indiana.

In 1940 Wray, William E. Lohman is 87, questionable marital status, born in Missouri, no occupation.

Arthur Lohman, age 27, married Nellie Wakefield, 17, in Wray October 1, 1910.

Nellie Gertrude (Wakefield) Lohman 1893-1956 is buried in Wray # 46982829.

1971 "Art Lohman was born June 3, 1884 and passed away in Wray Colorado October 19, 1970. He is survived by his wife Caroline; a stepson, W.C. Proctor, Jr., 3 stepgrandchildren; and 4 sisters - Mrs. Carrie Cox, Mrs Lydia Cuney, Mrs Addie Bowman and Mrs. Nora Triplett. Services were held in Wray with interment in the Wray Cemetery." # 46982799.

One post said W.C. Proctor married Carrie Milner in Angelina County, Texas in 1934.
" Mary E. Mullins married John D. Milner on September 20, 1893. Both Mary Mullins Milner # 51051851 and John Milner # 83418315 are buried in Angelina County at the Zavalla Cemetery in Zavalla, Texas. Children were: Carrie Milner Proctor; Jocie Milner Brakefield; Jim Milner; John Milner; Glenn Milner; Lois Milner; Lee Milner (reportedly killed by lightning). "

December 1957 Del Rio, Texas

"Mrs. Caroline Proctor and Arthur Lohman were married in Burlington, Colorado, December 6, local friends of the bride have learned. The widow of W. C. Proctor, she formerly resided in Del Rio. Mr. and Mrs. Lohman are on an extended wedding trip through the South and Florida, making the trip in a car which was the wedding gift of the groom. Their plans include a month's visit in Paris, France, where Mrs. Lohman will meet and study with her former organ teacher. She is a musician and teacher and served as organist at the Wray Methodist Church In Wray, Colo. The groom is a retired wheat farmer and a long time resident of Wray. "

July 1934 Orange Texas, "Mrs. W.C. Proctor of Del Rio arrived here this morning to be the guest of Miss Clara Arnette, this week. Mrs. Proctor is staff organist for radio station XER at Del Rio."

August 1959 Corning, Iowa "Mr. and Mrs. Art Lohman, Wray, Colorado, stopped here Thursday and visited at the local telephone office and visited a few hours with Mr. and Mrs. Joe Fisher. They were on their way to the Dells in Wisconsin where they will spend the balance of the summer."

Lubbock, Texas - September 2, 1976
"Services for Glenn Milner, 71, of 1911 47th St., will be at 10:30 a.m. Saturday in Resthaven-Singleton-Wilson chapel. The Rev. J. Waid Griffin, associate pastor of First United Methodist Church, will officiate. Burial will be in Resthaven Memorial Park Cemetery. Milner died Wednesday morning at a relative's residence in Cotton Center. Justice of the Peace Glenn Stone ruled death due to natural causes. Born in Hunington, he moved to Lubbock in 1932, from Lufkin. Milner was married to Bertha DeJarnett on Oct 22, 1932, in Clovis, N.M. He was a retired pipeline instructor, a member of Asbury United Methodist Church and Yellowhouse Masonic Lodge. Survivors include his wife; and two sisters, Mrs. Carrie Lohman of Wray, Colo., and Mrs. Josie Brakefield of Fort Worth."

Caroline O. "Carrie" (Proctor) Lohman is buried in Wray 1894-1988 # 64687670.

William A. Lohman married Hattie May Shively, age 17, in Vernon August 30, 1899.

WILLIAM - Henry A.'s son

1911 "Mrs. W.M. Lohman, who has been visiting in the H.A. Lohman home near Vernon, returned to her home in Kansas last evening. She was accompanied by her son and daughter, Dowart and Dallas."
William A. Lohman 1873-1949 # 69488159 and Nellie A. (Dunlap) Lohman 1884-1963 are buried in Wheat Ridge, Colorado. Dallis Z (Lohman) Estey 1906-1975 is buried in Wheat Ridge, Colorado,
Edward George Lohman, born Aug 21, 1875 in Illinois, died near Bakersfield, California Feb 17, 1961. Surviving are two sons, August of Van Nuys, California and Verne of Bakersfield; six grandchildren; a brother Art of Colorado and four sisters; Carrie Cox, Addie Bowman, Lydia Cuney and Nora Tripplett, all of Colorado.CARRIE
1914 Yuma, Colorado "Miss Nora Lohman came up from Vernon last Friday, and will spend the winter at the home of her brother, Ed Lohman, northeast of town."

Carrie Lohman and John Cox, both 31, married in Wray June 10, 1909. Reverend W.B. Ray of Vernon, Colorado performed the ceremony.

In 1908 Carrie Lohman proved up a quarter in section 4, 2S 43W, witnesses Lloyd Jones, Uraag Morton, Edward Lohman, and David Kellar.
"Carrie Loh Cox (nee Lohman) was born October 23, 1877 in Princeton, Illinois and died April 15, 1979 in Loveland, Colorado She was a memeber of the Eden Valley Church. She is survived by five sons; Ernest E. Cox of Myrtle Creek, OR, Alfred A. Cox of Ontario, OR, Alvin J. Cox of Idalia CO, Wes Cox of The Dalles, OR, Frank Cox of Idalia CO, and two sisters, Addie Bowman of Eden Valley, Loveland CO and Nora Tripplet of Akron, COlorado.

In 1897-1898 at the Sunnyside School a mile west of Vernon, pupils included Arthur Lohman, Daniel Lohman, Addie Lohman, and Manda Lohman.
In 1899-1900 only Amanda of the four was a pupil.

Addie Lohman, age 24, married Elbert Bowman, age 27, in Wray on June 27, 1906.
Addie 1881-1980 # 17013786 and Elbert E. Bowman 1879-1968 are buried in Wray.
In 1920 Nora is married to Leo Triplett, a real estate dealer in Yuma. They live on Woolworth Street, with Ivena eleven months, born in COlorado.

Nora Emma (Lohman) Triplett 1892-1992 # 74897758 and Leo Guy Triplett 1892-1969 are buried in Akron

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