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Yuma County Pioneer Photographs:

James W. Macrum,  Fox

Ace-Kauffman Stamp and Seal Company is one of Colorado's oldest companies, and one of America's oldest stamp companys.  It was founded in 1872 as the Denver Novelty Works Company by J.W. Macrum.  In 1876 it was located  at 284 16th Street, and later occupied two different buildings on Lawrence Street in downtown Denver.

   George P. Kauffman and Son bought the company in 1896, and finally settled at 1511 Stout Street where it remained from 1915 until 1958, referring to itself as the only stamp shop "uptown."

1878 "J. Macrum has sold his herd of 900 head of cattle on the South Park range, to M.V. B. Gillette, of Greeley, for $13,500 cash."

In 1879 J.W. Macrum and J.B. Arthur were Commissioners of the Ninth Round-Up District of Colorado, and announced that the first legal round-up for said district, for 1879, will begin at Julesburg, on May 20, and work up the Platte - through LaPorte along the foot-hills to Jack's Springs.

In 1880 Greeley "Jas W. " Macrum, 29 is a stock grower, with Flora 23, and Helen, five months old.

Helen Macrum - Jan 3, 1880  - Aug 13, 1889 is buried in Denver Riverside Cemetery.

1885 McCook, Nebraska "J.W. Macrum of Denver, Manager of the American Cattle Co., was in town, Friday, in attendance upon the meeting of the Stock Growers' Association."

July 1885 McCook "J.W. Macrum of Haigler, manager of the American Cattle Co., was in town Tuesday and Wednesday."

James cash-claimed 320 acres in sections 5 and 6, 4S 46W  and sections 2 and 11, 4S 47W ( two parcels a mile apart on the Arickaree River) in 1886.

The 1885-1887 Colorado brand registry has J.W. Macrum of Washington County (at that time his land was in Washington County)

In 1886 Colorado Governor Eaton approved the appointment by the Colorado Cattle Growers' Association as Inspection Commissioners :  B.F. Johnson, Greeley; L.R. Tucker and J.W. Macrum, Denver......"

1890 "The Novelty Manufacturing Co, 1126 Sixteenth street, chiefly engaged in electrical construction and as dealers in electrical supplies, has for its principals J.W. Macrum and Pierre Mequillet, experienced men both.  They are prepared to take large contracts, and for that purpose have regularly employed about sixteen or eighteen hands."

In 1894 The Denver Novelty Works and Mfg. Co. , J.W. Macrum, Prest., of 1520 Lawrence Street, advertised rubber stamps and type, trade and baggage checks, seals, etc., electric bells and batteries.

In 1897 the American Short-horn Herd Book listed four red animals, bred by I. Barr & Son, Davenport, Iowa, owned by J.W. Macrum, Denver.

In 1900 Denver James W. Macrum, a stockman,  born Nov 1850 in Ireland, has been married 22 years to Flora B. Feb 1857, Ohio.  They have Emily Aug 1881, Clara Sep 1884, Wallis B. Nov 1887, and James  Feb 1895, al born in Colorado.

Emily was born August 30, 1881 in Greeley, and was christened in Franklin County, Ohio - parents J.W. Macrum and Flora Bancroft.

1904 Haigler "J.W. Macrum received a car load of steers from Western Colorado Friday morning."

One writer  - in a 1942 article - has a vivid recollection of the deluge of rain in the rain period of August, 1906. He had leased the hay land of the J. W. Macrum ranch, formerly the American Cattle Company land, where we had a camp established, with tent and equipment, where we cooked, ate and slept. There was a hay crew of some six men, included in which were Fred Miller, Chas. W. Schmutte, John Vance and Floyd Snider and two others were haying in the early part of August that year, when a deluge of rain came; it rained incessantly for nearly a week, some six inches of rain, altogether, and nearly everything was afloat, the camp equip. meat, hay and everything. Floyd Snider did the hay raking with a one horse wheel hay rake. He had a runaway with the wheel rake, but with no particularly disastrous results. He is now living in Denver and is mentioned as master of ceremonies at the Dundy County picnic next Sunday, the 15th instant, in Denver. Fred Miller lives in Lincoln, Nebraska, and was with the Gooch Milling Co. until retired recently, on an annuity. Chas. Schmutte is in Haigler in the mercantile business. We have lost track of John Vance, and do not know what became of him or where he lives, if yet living, The other two men of the crew we have lost track of and do not remember their names. I have a photograph of the hay crew, and perhaps Chas. Schmutte can identify them.


1909 Laird "J.W.  Macrum of Haigler was a visitor in Laird Thursday."

1909 Haigler "Norman Bellville of Pittsburg, Pennsylvania nephew of J.W. Macrum is visiting them at the Meadow ranch."

In 1909 Haigler "Wallace Macrum spent Sunday at Wray visiting friends"  and "Mr. and Mrs. Rosenkrans, of New York, and Miss Lura Johnson, of Wray, were visiting at the Macrum ranch the first of the week."

1910 Haigler news

James and Flora are in Haigler for the 1910 census, with Wallace 222, James Elist 15, and Harriet N. Bancroft, 81, Ohio, widowed, mother-in-law.  (Harried N. Doolittlie Bancroft died September 25, 1911 and is buried in Columbus, Ohio  68486412)

1910 Haigler "Mr. and Mrs. Macrum are enjoying a visit from their daughters and children from Arizona."

In 1910 Graham County, Arizona Edward F. and Emily Whittlesey have Frederick 6 (Arizona), Helen 3 (Colorado), and Gertrude 2 (Arizona). In 1920 Phoenix Edward is a bank teller, with three kids.  In 1930 Edward, still a banker in Phoenix, and Emily have only Frederick, 25, no occupation, with them. In 1940 Edward manages an office building in Phoenix, and no kids.  Frederick in 1941 is an architect in that office building, married to Miriam.

In 1910 Graham County Arizona  - RIGHT ABOVE THE WHITTLESEY FAMILY -Clara is married to Ellis Honeyman, 28, a chemist for a mining company.  They have  Catherine 1, born in Arizona.  Ellis registered in Benton County, Oregon, a farmer, married to Clara Macrum Honeyman.  Ellis and Clara are in   Tacoma, Washington in 1920, with Catherine 10 and Flora 6.  Ellis, Clara, and Flora are in Whittier, California in 1930. and Clara died Jun 2, 1935 in Los Angeles.  Ellis in 1940 has remarried to Adeline, and he died March 25, 1955 in Los Angeles.  Clara is buried in Rose Hills Memorial Park, Whittier, California - FAG has her death June 2, 1937  116190990  ,  Ellis also buried there -FAG has him dying March 26, 1966  - 116190960


Eliot Macrum played Left Guard on the Haigler football team in 1911.

1911 Wray Rattler - 

William Wallis Macrum - June 2, 1912 - April 8, 1913 is buried in the Haigler cemetery "Son of Wallis B. & Gladys (Crews) Macrum.

1914 Hale "W.C. Macrum and family spent Sunday at Wm. Crew's."


1917 "Miss. Ida Crews, of Wray, is visiting at the home of her sister, Mrs. W.B. Macrum - Haigler News"

San Bernardino County Sun September 1917 :Clara M Honeyman et mar to James W Macrum. Lot 17 in sec 16-1S-7W, S B M. Cucamonga Fruit Ids. 16 Gr deed, Ack Sept 22 1917

James and Flora are in Cucamonga, San Bernardino, California in 1920.

In 1926 James, a rancher,  and Flora are in Pomona, California.


Flora is widowed in 1930 Los Angeles, an inmate at a "home for the aged"  She died April 10, 1937 in Los Angeles.


Wallis Bancroft Macrum registered in Dundy County, born Nov 19, 1887 in Colorado.

In 1930 Wallis - a plate glass estimator, Gladys, Edward 16, Howard 15, James Fred 13, and Richard 11 are in Denver,  All four sons born in Nebraska.

In 1940 Wallis - a salesman - and Gladys are in Colorado Springs, with Richard, 21.

Wallis and Gladys C. are in Denver in 1960, living at 642 S. Williams.

SSDI has  Wallis dying December 1975, last address of Denver.

Richard E. Macrum - Aug 12, 1918 - Jul 6, 2007 is buried in Fort Logan 23843209

Fred married Lois G., and they're in Denver in 1940.  He's a salesman, she's a dental assistant.

In 1960 "J. Fred" and Lois are in Denver - he's still a salesman- at Click Lumber.

James Eliot Macrum registered in Los Angeles, born Feb 14, 1895 in Denver, and was a merchant  on Hollywood Blvd, single.

In 1930 Los Angeles he's a clerk in a vegetable market, married to Ruby M., 23 born in Ohio.  They have three kids and Ruby's parents James and Cora Hamilton are living with them.

Cora is widowed in 1940, and her daughter Rella Du Cass 51, widowed, is with her.  James is a maintenance worker with L.A. Power & Light, and he and Ruby are living with them, with four kids.

James E. Macrum, born Feb 14, 1895 in Colorado, died in Los Angeles Aug 29, 1966, mother's maiden name Bancroft.

Margaret Macrum, 95, passed away on Saturday, October 10, 2009. Margaret was born on January 8, 1914 in Palmyra, NJ, to Albert and Edith Hardy. She attended school in Harrisburg, PA, and graduated from East High School in Denver, CO. She attended the School of Music in Philadelphia, PA, and became a gifted pianist. Margaret was a talented watercolor artist and had many one-woman shows in Colorado. A heartwarming melody delicately painted on a simple sheet of watercolor, Margaret's creativity and beauty drew those around her together.Margaret married Edward Macrum from Denver, CO, and celebrated 54 years of marriage, residing in Denver, Sterling and Fort Collins, CO, before he passed away in 2000. Margaret is survived by her children who will miss her smile and strength; Ellie and Bob Weakley of Fort Collins, CO; Chuck and Lolly Macrum of Greeley, CO; and Bill and Susan Macrum of San Antonio, TX; Lovingly known as "MomMom", she is also survived by her grandchildren who will always remember the twinkle in her eyes and her friendship; Cindy and Vaughan Briggs of Bend, OR; Mike and Alane Macrum of Layton, UT; Carol and Craig Harrison of Fort Collins, CO; Kay and Josh Shelby of Glencoe, IL, and brothers, Jeff and Stan Macrum of San Antonio, TX. Even her great-grandchildren had the joy of knowing "MomMom" teach them the love of piano, music and art; Makelle, Morgan & Mason Macrum, Kelsey & Bryan Briggs, Adam & Anna Frazier, and Kathryn, Emma & John Shelby.Her legacy remains in her positive outlook on life, and love for her family. She united us with love, forgiveness, prayer, encouragement, laughter, creativity, and joy. Margaret's smile remains forever in our memories.A private celebration of her life will be held by her family.

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