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Yuma County Pioneer Photographs:

Aaron and Katherine Penner, Cornelius and Anna (Martens) Penner,  Joes

In 1880 Marion County Kansas Aaron is 13, with parents John and Aganetha Panner, both 46 born in Russia.  Siblings are Jacob, 22, Aganetha 20, Abraham 16, Catharine 11, and Frank 7.

When Bernhard registered, he said he was born August 21, 1895 in Kirk, Colorado, and was exempt because of membership in the Mennonite Brethren Church.

In 1900 Cope precinct Aaron born Aug 1866 and Katherine Feb 1869, both in Russia, have ? Dahl, step-daughter, born in Kansas June 1889, and another child born in Colorado - 9 years old

Aaron proved up a quarter in 30 and 31, 4S 47W in 1904.

In 1910 they're back in Marion County, with Tiene 21, daughter, Heinrich 19 (this must be Henry Dahl), Bernhard 15, Susie 18 - all Kansas, Daniel 11, Hulda 9, Gustaf 6 - all three Colorado, Anna 3 and Paul ten months, both Kansas.

Still in Marion County in 1915, they have Tiena Dahl 25, H.E. Dahl 23, Bernhard 20, Susana 18, Daniel 16, Hulda I. 14, Gustov 11, Anna 8, and Paul 5.

 In 1920 Aaron and Katherine are still in Marion County, with Gustav 15, Anna 12, and Paul 10.

In 1930 Marion County, Aaron and Katharina have only Tina 40 and Paul 20.

In 1940 Marion County Aaron 73 and Katherine 71 have Tina Dahl 50, Paul 30, Bernhardt 45 born in Colorado., and his wife Anna 44, their kids Ira 19, Frieda 17, Alice 14, and Katherine 8, all kids born in Kansas, and they all were in California in 1935.


The Mennonite Brethren church of Enid, Oklahoma "A number of families from the Henderson, Nebraska, community broke away from relatives and friends, coming to Oklahoma Territory to establish homes not too far away from Enid and North Enid, already growing trade centers at that time. During the latter half of 1894, and maybe a few even before then, such families as those of Bernhard M. Regier, Heinrich H. Poetker, Isaac Regier, Klaas Penner, Heinrich Nickel, Jacob Benke, Absalom Martens, Gerhard Regier, Dr. Gerhard Gaede, and others, made the move and settled where they could find land available. Others made homes near Waukomis, some near Lahoma, and a few at Hunter, all in Garfield County. All had to go through trying times with limited means financially and with meager crops. They endured severe trials and adversities such as are associated with pioneer life. Modes of housing consisted of dugouts, sod houses, homes of mixed boards and frame construction.

February 9, 1902, was a special day for this young Mennonite Brethren church, as on that day Rev. Peter Regier was ordained as elder and Brother Klaas Penner as deacon to serve in the respective capacities to which they had been elected. The officiating brethren were Johann J. Regier, Henderson; Johann Foth, Ebenfeld, Hillsboro; and Heinrich Adrian, Parker, South Dakota, all three being elders in their respective congregations. This period also marked the first twenty-five years of the Mennonite Brethren in America. This church in this year elected its first Board of Trustees--Deacon Klaas Penner, Elder Peter Regier, and Rev. Johann Boese, the latter having immigrated here with his family just recently from South Dakota. He was also a valuable assistant in ministering to the ever increasing number of souls. In the years 1900-1902, many families located in the vicinity, some coming from Nebraska and a goodly number who had pioneered in Colorado (Kirk) and then moved to southern Texas (near Houston), where the Westfield Mennonite Brethren congregation existed for a short time. Nearly all of them came to our community, among them some who became efficient leaders in different branches of the church work. "


Henry E. Dahl - Jun 10, 1891-Oct 19,1985 is buried in Hillsboro Mennonite, Marion County.

Tena (Dahl) Wall - June 4, 1889 - July 12, 1946 is also buried there.

Paul - who probably never was in Colorado -is also buried there.


One tree says Cornelius Penner was born in Russia June 1838, married Anna A. Martens, had Sara C. Penner in 1887 in Hampton, Nebraska, Abraham Martin Penner in 1888 in Colorado, Susanna Penner in Kirk, Colorado Aug 8, 1889, and died in 1916 in Dallas, Polk County, Oregon.

Cornelius proved up a quarter in 32, 4S 47W in 1896 - across the road from the New Hope Cemetery.

In 1900 Clay County, Minnesota Cornelius born June 1856, Anna , both in Russia, have Sarah April 1887, Abraham May 1888, and Susie Mar 1889, all three in Colorado. (Next household is Bernard Fadenrecht and family, including a son Cornelius, 15)

Abraham married Maria Kehler in Hanover, Manitoba Nov 14, 1905.

One tree says Susanna married George Cornelius Friesen May 30, 1909 in Dalmeny, Saskatchewan and died March 8, 1966 in Oregon.

It says Sara married David Giesbrecht Oct 30, 1904 in Dalmeny, Saskatchewan, and died January 18, 1945 in Salem, Oregon.

Cornelius - June 12, 1837 - March 22, 1915 is buried in Salt Creek Cemetery, Polk County Oregon. 52929362

One tree says Anna A. (Martens) Penner died September 10, 1924 in Winkler, Manitoba.


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