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Yuma County Pioneer Photographs:

Daniel P. Powell,  Fox

Daniel cash-claimed 160 acres in  sections 2, 3 and 11, 4S 47W (on the Arickaree River) in 1890.  He cash-claimed two quarters in 10, 4S 47W in 1894, just upstream from the first claim.

Maybe the Daniel P. Powell in 1875 Montgomery County, Kansas, 20, farmer, born in Georgia, with mother E.S. Powell, 44, "Husbandry", born in South Carolina.  He has six siblings.  This one was in Gordon County, Georgia in 1860, with parents Dyson 36 and Elvira S. 30.  And in 1870 Montgomery County, Kansas, with E.S. 39 he's D.P. Powell, 16, and seven siblings.

In 1900 Denver Dan P. Powell is a motorman, born Dec 1856 in Georgia, with Sadie , May 1870 Pennsylvania.  They have Amy M. April 1889 Nebraska, and Octavia Sep 1899 Colorado.

Application led July l5, 1902.

A fender is held raised five to ten inches from the surface, so as to avoid any unevenness in the surface, and when the car is in rapid motion and a person (or other obstruction) comes close in the path of the car the motorman to avoid running over the person is required to .turn off his switch, drop the fender,' pull back the reverse motor-controller lever, and apply his brake. The necessity for-haste and almost simultaneous action of these consecutive operations often gives the motorman great confusion, and hence it is my object to reduce the number of devices necessary to be handled. For this purpose I have connected, as hereinafter described, the reverse motor-controller lever and a trip-lever device or trigger of the fender-dropper, so that a pull on the reverse-controller-lever to reverse the car will also drop the fender.


In 1910 Denver Daniel is still a motorman with the tramway company, Sadie has had four children, two living, Amy M. is 20, Luverne O. 10.

In 1920 Denver Daniel is widowed, still a motorman, one of a dozen lodgers with the Fetherkile widow.

Amy, a telephone operator,  is married to Ernest Havill, a cashier at the telegraph company born in Canada, immigrating in 1888, and they're in Los Angeles.   Ernest was married when registering in Los Angeles.

Daniel P. Powell -1854-1924 and Sadie C. Powell -1869-1915 are buried in Angelus Rosedale Cemetery, Los Angeles.

In 1940 Los Angeles Amy M. and Ernest Havill both work for the telegraph company, and Luverne Powell, 39, divorced , a typist,  is with them.  Luverne was in Glendale, California in 1935.

Amy M. Havill born April 10, 1890 in Colorado, died Feb 17, 1982 in Los Angeles.  Mother's maiden name Seip, father's Powell.

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