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Yuma County Pioneer Photographs:

Gerhard and Catherine Regier, Isaac and Aganetha Regier,  Joes

One tree says Gerhard and Isaac - and Abraham - were sons of Johann and Susanna Quiring Regier - but it also say Johann died in 1850 in Russia.  Another tree says Johnann died in 1866 in Russia

In 1880 Butler County Kansas, Gerhard "Regeir" is 22, with Gerhard 58 and Anna 55 Regeir, the oldest of six.

Gerhard cash-claimed a quarter in 21, 4S 47W in 1891

Also in 1891,  Isaac cash-claimed a quarter in section 28, 4S 47W - a half-mile from Gerhard.

In 1900 Butler County Gerhard May 1858 in Germany, has been married 16 years to Catherine, born March 1859, also Germany.  They have Gerhard I, March 1886, Kaete December 1887, John E. April 1889, Gustave Nov 1890, Annie April 1892, Mary Dec 1893, Henry M. June 1895, Cornelius Dec 1896, Elise Aug 1898, and Edward B. April 1900 - all kids born in Kansas.


Died January 24, Gerhard Regier, at a Wichita Kansas hospital. Married to Catherine Wiebe. Survived by his wife and seven children, Gus W., Cornelius P., John E., Edward B., Anna, Mrs. Pete Thiessen and Mrs. Carl Claassen. Burial was in Emmaus Cemetery. (Independent, January 31, 1935)

Gerh. Regier, one of the old settlers of the community east of Newton, died at his home near Whitewater last Thursday. On the preceding Tuesday Mr. Regier had suffered a stroke of paralysis which was the immediate cause of his death, although he had also submitted to an operation some time ago. Funeral services were held at the Emmaus church at Whitewater on Monday, where interment also took place. The services were largely attended.

Mennonite Weekly Review

A Very Rough Google Translation to English --

Gerhard Regier in Whitewater, Kansas., Was born 25 May 1858 to Leske at Neuteich, West Prussia. His parents were Gerhard and Anna Regier born Flam. He received his education in the village school to Trampenau. On 25 May of 1874, he was on the confession of faith of the elders Gerh. Penner and baptized member of the church to Heubuden. As in Prussia conscription was introduced in 1874, the parents of the deceased among the first who thought about leaving home and friendship and to emigrate to America, where they could live free from the military service of their faith. Were This thought came in June 1876 for execution and on 6 July came with the deceased parents, siblings and other relatives in Halstead, Kansas., At. After a stay of about two months with relatives there, the parents moved with her children to a farm three miles north of the present town of Brainerd, which they had purchased. Here on Bald Prairie then started quite the pioneer life. This period was also a heavy hand, but on the other hand it was also a good time that he was the eldest son of his parents, help to establish a home in a foreign land. He gladly and often told of this time, and we have listened to you and often also his story. In his notes from that time he noticed that he was the 1st to the Sept. 1883 was working with his parents. On this day he resigned from Newton, a trip to the old home to. Here he found Katharine Wiebe of Leske a partner and ended with her on 25 October 1883, the marriage covenant, consecrated by the Senior Citizen. Heinr. Penner. Returned to America, she moved in with his parents and served them, and especially the suffering father for support. On 11 Founded in May 1885, the young couple, our trust in God, then his own household, on a farm one mile north of his father, where he was active until his retirement with visible joy. They joined the Emmaus community and were therefore co-founder of the same. The 25th October 1908, he writes, was not a day of mourning, but of joy and thanksgiving, in which he was able to celebrate the feast of the silver wedding anniversary with his wife, surrounded by his 11 children and many relatives and friends. In 1910, the Lord placed it on the coffin of his eldest son Gerhard. Four years later, he is once again mourning the coffin of his daughter Marie 20 years. Again four years later, in 1918, he followed the coffin for the third time to the quiet cemetery, this time it was the 23 year-old son Henry. I again it was a day of joy and a day of special grace of God that the departed with his partner on 25th October 1933 was able to celebrate the golden wedding celebration in the company of children, grandchildren, siblings and friends in relatively good health. - Once again, the Lord put him in deep mourning but when his grandson Daniel Regier died at the age of 19 made in April. - With increasing age, but also presented a physical weaknesses of these was that for several years the one eye more and more refused the service and eventually died out. It turned a long time ago also an inner suffering a, which took shape such that an operation was necessary, which was completed by a physician in Wichita and also took a good course. He may already have guessed a long time that his career would come here on earth soon to a conclusion, he expressed this by saying that he warned his children in the latter time when saying goodbye: Remember my in your prayers. Three days after surgery, the deceased had a stroke, so that one side was completely paralyzed. So he lay for about a day, until the Lord to him 24 Jan. called home. He has brought his life to 76 years and 8 months. Mourn over his coffin, his deeply afflicted wife, 4 sons, 4 daughters, 3 sons, 3 daughters, 30 grandchildren, 2 brothers, 2 sisters and a large number of relatives and friends. But we do not mourn for him, as such, have no hope, but hope that the lot it has fallen the most delightful and it was a beautiful inheritance. The funeral was held on 28 Jan. among numerous participation. Words of comfort were spoken of in the house of mourning SENIOR CITIZEN. B W. Harder and in the church spoke SENIOR CITIZEN. Henry Dyck of Elbing, Rev. CE Krehbiel of Newton and Rev. Hein.Thiessen from here, an octet served with singing a song in church and at the grave, and here also served SENIOR CITIZEN. Bernhard W. Harder with a comforting prayer and pronounced the blessing.
(CBB February 5, 1935 p. 13)



In 1880 York County, Nebraska Isaac Regear is 24, married to Nettie M. 20, both Russia, next to Abraham Regear 30 and his wife Sarah 26.

In 1900 Garfield County, Oklahoma Isaac "Ragear"born Dec 1855 in Russsia, Agnas March 1860 also Russia, have had six children, one living, with Elizabeth Jan 1887 Nebraska and  nephew Nicholas Dec 1888 Nebraska.

The Mennonite Brethren church of Enid, Oklahoma "A number of families from the Henderson, Nebraska, community broke away from relatives and friends, coming to Oklahoma Territory to establish homes not too far away from Enid and North Enid, already growing trade centers at that time. During the latter half of 1894, and maybe a few even before then, such families as those of Bernhard M. Regier, Heinrich H. Poetker, Isaac Regier, Klaas Penner, Heinrich Nickel, Jacob Benke, Absalom Martens, Gerhard Regier, Dr. Gerhard Gaede, and others, made the move and settled where they could find land available. Others made homes near Waukomis, some near Lahoma, and a few at Hunter, all in Garfield County. All had to go through trying times with limited means financially and with meager crops. They endured severe trials and adversities such as are associated with pioneer life. Modes of housing consisted of dugouts, sod houses, homes of mixed boards and frame construction.

February 9, 1902, was a special day for this young Mennonite Brethren church, as on that day Rev. Peter Regier was ordained as elder and Brother Klaas Penner as deacon to serve in the respective capacities to which they had been elected. The officiating brethren were Johann J. Regier, Henderson; Johann Foth, Ebenfeld, Hillsboro; and Heinrich Adrian, Parker, South Dakota, all three being elders in their respective congregations. This period also marked the first twenty-five years of the Mennonite Brethren in America. This church in this year elected its first Board of Trustees--Deacon Klaas Penner, Elder Peter Regier, and Rev. Johann Boese, the latter having immigrated here with his family just recently from South Dakota. He was also a valuable assistant in ministering to the ever increasing number of souls. In the years 1900-1902, many families located in the vicinity, some coming from Nebraska and a goodly number who had pioneered in Colorado (Kirk) and then moved to southern Texas (near Houston), where the Westfield Mennonite Brethren congregation existed for a short time. Nearly all of them came to our community, among them some who became efficient leaders in different branches of the church work. "

In 1906 Isaac owned two quarters in section 18, about three miles north of North Enid.  A. Regier owned a quarter to the east, and B.M. Regier 40 acres east of her.

1910 Enid "Isaac Regier was in the city Wednesday with a sample of some of his products.  One sample was of wheat and it was certainly a splendid sample.  Isaac says that the wheat will make at least 20 bushels to the acre and also will that of his neighbors.  Regier also brought in a sample of his apples and it was a sturdy samples.  He says that he will have about 150 bushels of apples from his orchard this year.  Nothing beats these good old Oklahoma farms when it comes to production."

In 1911 a road was being built in Garfield County (Enid)  "Isaac Regier with his traction engine will finish his mile today and will help Spalding at North Enid."

Isaac (Dec 22, 1855 - May 8, 1915) and Aganetha (1860-1926) are buried in Mennonite Brethren Cemetery, Enid.  81810137

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