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Yuma County Pioneer Photographs:

Kate Robb,  Fox

Kate cash-claimed a quarter in 14, 4S 46W in 1892.  To the south of Kate, about twenty quarters in the township were cash-claimed in 1890-1892 - as though a land salesman was promoting it as future railroad line.  A.J Wright owned that land in 1921.

Possible - Charles E. Robb married Kate Fisher Sep 2, 1872 in Denver. In Pueblo in 1880 with two kids,  Awther 7 and Alice 3, both born in Colorado, and Charles is a dentist.

In 1900 Pueblo Charles E. born April 1856 in Kentucky, has been married 27 years to Catherine, born March 1856 in Pennsylvania.  She's had three children, two living.  Isa M. born Aug 1883 in Colorado, is with them.

Isa married C.H. McGirr in Pueblo, March 19, 1902, and they're in Portland, Oregon in 1910.  He's 35, an engineer in an office building, born in Nevada, she's 25, Colorado.  It looks like they split - when he registered and in later censuses he's married to Lillian (Hicks).

 Then Charles E. Robb married Della Stabler in Pueblo June 21, 1902.  In 1910 Pueblo he's a dentist, married six years to Della, who's had one kid, still living.  He's 57, born in Kentucky,  she's 46, born in Canada of U.S. parents.

They're in Pueblo in 1920, and told the census taker he was born in Missouri.  Same in 1930 Denver.

  Arthur Edgar Robb lived in Pueblo all his life, an auditor/ bookkeeper, marrying Louise McGlothlin Sep 22, 1897, and dying in Pueblo Sep 25, 1938 -  one tree said he was buried in Roselawn.


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