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Yuma County Pioneer Photographs:

Meinrad Bartholet, Peter Bartholet , Pleasant Valley

In 1880 Chariton Missouri, Meinrdad Batolet is 20, with parents John and Elizabeth Bartolet, .  Siblings are Antone 25, Paptist 17, Elizabeth 29, Motice 21, and Magdolen 27 - all were born in Switzerland.

Mathew Bartholet of Switzerland was naturalized in Chariton County October, 1886.

Peter Bartholet of Switzerland was naturalized in Chariton County in October 1888.

"Heirs of Meinrad Bartholet" proved up a quarter in 24, 4N 47W in 1894.

In 1900 the Cuban Colonist of La Gloria, Cuba said that three Oklahomans from Ponca City sailed on the Yarmouth Dec 30, Chas. Geer, B. Bartholet and M. Bartholet.

M. Bartholet crossed into El Paso Feb 4,1904, born about 1865, last residence Cuba.

Meinrad Bartholet, a merchant, landed at New Orleans from Havana, Cuba, April 1911, of Swiss nationality. He had been with friend Albert Clince of Mevitas, Cuba, and was going to Tulsa, Oklahoma.

This one is probably the same one landing at Key West, Florida from Havana in 1917.

In 1920 Muskogee County, Oklahoma, two Bartholet families both born in Switzerland. John D. Sr. is 70, and Joanna, with three sons born inOklahoma, and Peiter 72 and Mary 51, with four kids born in Oklahoma.

Peter Bartholet cash-claimed a quarter in 24, 4N 47W, also in 1894.

Elizabeth Bartholet married Fritz Moser in Denver January 26, 1897.

   Yuma Pioneer March 1902

  September 25, 1903

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