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Yuma County Pioneer Photographs:

Charity Nancy (Carr) Draper, children William Leo, Frank, May Ione (Draper) Itten,  brother Clarence Walter and Mabel (Lincoln) Carr, Pleasant Valley

In 1880 Story County, Iowa, Almond Carr is 48, Sarah 40, with Eward 21, Charity 16, John A. 13, Florence 8, and Walter 3.  (One tree said Amond died in 1902 in Hand County, South Dakota)

In 1885 Hand County, South Dakota, L.S. Draper is 23, Charity 20, and W. L ten months old.

  In 1895 Sioux City, Iowa, Louis S. Draper is 33, Charity 30, Leo 10, Frank 5, and May 2.

In 1900 Sioux City, Iowa, Lewis Draper is a street-car motorman, 39, married seventeen years to Charity November 1863 in Illinois, May born October 1892 in Iowa, Frank 10.

Louis S. Draper - thanks to Daniel Draper
Daniel added "Louis S. Draper died on a train in to Denver in 1921."

In 1900 Leo Draper, born Aug 1884 in South Dakota, is a boarder in the James and Nabby Ricks household in Sioux City.  Both James and Nabby are 59.

Findagrave # 37302596 has "Lee S. Draper 1858-1922 and another listing 8415192 in Graceland Park, Sioux City, Woodbury County, Iowa for a Mrs. Lee S. Draper."  This certainly is Lewis.

1909 "Mrs. Draper is assisting  Mrs. Jessup with her housework."

In 1909 Charity was a witness for the claim of Elma M. Roberts for land in section 1, 3N 47W.

1910 "Mr. and Mrs. McCord are visiting her brother, Walter Carr and sister, Mrs. Draper."

In 1910 Magee precinct, Charity M. Draper, 44, widowed, born in Illinois, has had four children, three living.  Frank, 20 was born in South Dakota, May 17 in Iowa.

In 1880 Custer County, Nebraska, Edgar is 10, parents W.J. 34 and Samantha 32. Henry is 9, Leroy A. 3, and Mary 1.
Amber Hill (son, 8) is in Pottawattamie County, Iowa in 1880, with C.T. Hill 36, Eva M. 33 Mamie 12, Maggie 10, and Ethel 2.
(Cyrus T. Hill is in Yuma in 1920, 76, born in Indiana, with Eva M. 72 Wisconsin. February 12, 1920 "Funeral services of C.F. Hill, who died in a Denver hospital Tuesday will be held at the M.E. church today.")
Both Cyrus and Eva are buried in Merrick County
August 18, 1932

Edgar is in Merrick County, Nebraska in 1900, born May 1870, married five years to Amber Sept 1871, with Blanche May 1896 Nebraska.

In 1910 Sherman County, Nebraska, Loup Precinct, Edgar Draper is a photographer, 39, with Amber 38, Blanche 13, and FOrest 4.
Edgar is farming in Yuma County in 1920, 5N 47W, 50, with Amber E. 48 , both born in Iowa. Forest 14 and Gwendolyn were born in Nebraska.

June 1924 "Mr. and Mrs. Frank Mitchell spent Sunday with relatives from Nebraska at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Edgar Draper."

Edgar Draper 1870-1927 is buried in Haxtun # 58408849, with Amber (Hill( Draper 1871-1929.

August 1921 Pleasant Valley items "Bryan Mitchell hauled a load of wheat to town for Mr. Draper Thursday. Ms. Draper and Forrest accompanied him."
1923 Yuma high school - Forrest Draper is a new Senior.
October 13, 1927 "Miss Gwendolyn Draper has discontinued school at Waverly. She and her mother will leave in the near future to make their home at Palmer, Nebraska."
September 1927 "Forrest Draper will again teach the school in the east end of Dist No. 14. (Hill Top_.
January 10, 1929 "Mrs. T.N. Christy, who had been visiting with her mother MRs. Eva M. Hill and sisters Mrs. Mamie Hirst and Mrs. Frank Mitchell for about ten days, left for her home at Omaha, Nebraska, on the afternoon train Saturday."
February 1929
August 1929 Theodore Clark and Forrest Draper left for Denver Sunday.
In 1943 when the estate of Eva M. Hill was settled, heirs were Mamie M. Hirst, formerly of Yuma, since deceased, daughter ; Maggie M. Christ, Omaha, daughter; Blanche Mitchell, Yuma daughter; William E. Hill, Gandy Nebraska, son; Blanche Curren formerly of Palmer Nebraska now deceased, granddaughter; Forrest Draper - Boyero Colorado grandson; Gwendolyn Draper Mathies- Haxtun- granddaughter.
October 6, 1932 "Mrs. Mamie Hirst went up to Denver Friday in which city she will make her future home with her son Lloyd."
May 1934 January 17, 1935 "Mrs. Mamie Hirst of Denver, who spent Christmas and New Year's visiting with her sister, Mrs. Frank Mitchell, near Yuma, was a guest of Mrs. Amanda Bradley the latter part of last week. Mrs. Hirst returned to the home of her sister for aweek before goin to her home."
Mamie 1867-1941 is buried in Wheat Ridge # 15532835. So is

10 Mar 1889 Prairie Creek, Merrick County, Nebraska
Hirst, Edward S. 23 Taylor Co., WVa Merrick Co., Neb Francis M. Hirst & Elizabeth Sinsel
Hill, Mamie M. 21 Jasper Co., Iowa Merrick Co., Neb Cyrus T. Hill & Eva M. Connor
Married by Charles S. Herrington, Baptist Minister. Married at the Baptist Church. Witnesses: Revd H. B. Fitch and Mrs C. S. Herrington.

4 Sep 1894 Merrick Co., NE
Draper, Edgar 24 Missouri Valley Co., Neb William Draper & Samantha Baker
Hill, Amber E. 22 Jasper Co., Iowa Merrick Co., Neb Cyrus T. Hill & Eva M. Conner
Married by Rev. F. Conner, Minister M. E. Church. Married at the bride's parents. Witnesses: Mr Ira Wiedman and Mrs M. E. Powell.

4 Jul 1901 Central City, Merrick, NE
Christy, Butram H. 29 Butler Co., Pa Merrick Co., Neb Robert Christy & Mary J. Wright
Hill, Ethel B. 23 Pottawattamie Co., Ia Hamilton Co., Neb Cyrus T. Hill & Eva M. Coinner?
Married by H. A. Carnahan. Witnesses: Mr Edgar Draper and Mr C. T. Hill.
William Lloyd Hirst # 15532846.



Jennie Foltz, born Oct 1886 in Iowa, is in Woodbury County in 1900, with parents J.L and Jessie Foltz.

Jessie Bell Foltz 1868-1918 is buried in Graceland, Woodbury County. They're in Woodbury County in 1905.

Wm. L. Draper and Lola J. Foltz married Sept 24, 1907 in Woodbury County.

William L., a carpenter 24, and Lola J. 21 are in Sioux City, Iowa in 1910

William Leo Draper registered in Yuma County, born Aug 28, 1884, married to Lola Jennie Draper.

William proved up two quarters in 21 and 28, 3N 46W in 1917, near Waverly, next to his brother.

 In 1920 William and Jennie L., 33, born in Iowa and her brother Frank A. Foltz, 10, Iowa are in Yuma County. 

W.L. Draper 1884-1925 is buried in Sioux City Graceland. FindaGrave 8415196 doesn't have anything but interment records.


  July 1910

  Colorado records have Edward "Itter"

Charity N. Draper proved up a quarter in 27, 4N 47W in 1914.


Frank Draper married Mabel Benedict March 20, 1911, recorded in Yuma County.

October 20, 1911 "Dr. Billsborrow reports the arrival of a baby boy at the home of Frank Draper, living northeast of town, Tuesdday."

1914 "Frank Draper has moved the house from Charles Marshall's land to his homestead."

Frank proved up two quarters in 20 and 29, 3N 47W in 1917. - Horace G. Benedict proved up two quarters a mile north, in section 17, in 1915.

Frank Nathan Draper registered with an Eckley address, born October 25, 1889 in Wessington, South Dakota, with a wife an three children, claiming exemption because of those, and his Seventh Day Adventist beliefs. 

In 1920 Eckley precinct, Frank is farming, with Mabel, both 30, with F. Randall 8, Emily 6, Helen 3, and Donald, 1.

Frank and Mabel Draper divorced in 1924 in Denver.  Mabel Draper married Sam Tangard Feb 16, 1929, recorded in Yuma County.

Frank is a conductor in 1922 Denver, with Mabel.

F.N. Draper married R.H. Smith July 11, 1925, recorded in Arapahoe County.

In 1930 Randell, Hellen, Donald, and Robert 9 Draper are living with mother Mable Tangand, 40 and her parents H. Benedict 75 and Amanda Benedict 67.  They're on the same page as my great-uncle Frank Woodward, so they were living near Waverly.

Samuel Tangard, 32 is with his sister Angie Rice in Niobrara County, Wyoming in 1930, and a nephew of George Rice is Mathew Tangard, 11, born in Nebraska. 

Helen R. Draper married Vic T. "Nrinchow" March 16, 1933 in Wray.  Both were 18. 

  Frank Draper, 28, is in Yuma County in 1940, married to Edith.  They have Richard 4 and Jeanette 1.

In 1940 Denver, Frank is a meterman, married to Ruby, 30, born in "Miss", with Doris W. 13, Frank Jr. 11, Richard 6, and Ronald 1.

Mabel is also in Denver in 1940, with a Draper name, divorced.  Donald 21 is a printer, Robert 19 is a Western Union manager.

Frank N. Draper was in a 1943 Denver probate court on a mental incompetence case.

Frank died Dec 22, 1963 and is buried in Crown Hill, Wheat Ridge. # 95301721.


In 1940 Denver, Edward Itten is 52, May 47, with Howard 22 and Dorothy 14.  He's a building maintenance man for the City of Denver.

Findagrave # 94366502 says Edward Itten died Jun 27, 1957 and is buried in Crown Hill "employee of the City of Denver ) with Mary Jane # 94366501



John and Emma Glantz divorced in 1914 in Yuma.

In 1920 John and Charity are in Rock Creek precinct, Washington County, alone.

They're still alone in 1930 Yuma, with the census listing "Joshua John Glantz."

In 1940 Yuma, Charity N. Glantz, 76, born in Illinois and John, 80 are alone.

John Glantz married Christina Yost January 9, 1906, recorded in Yuma County.

In 1930 Yuma, Emma Glantz, widowed, 70 is living with divorced daughter Margaret Kuecke, 31 and her sons Fred 10 and Richard C. 9.

In 1940 Yuma, Emma is now divorced, with Margaret Kuecke, 40 a cook, and Fred Jr. a truck driver.  Richard 18 is also a cook.

John 1859-1948  and Charity 1863-1941  # 49997234 are buried in Yuma.

So is Emma


Richard "Bud" Kuecke, 83, of Akron, died April 4, 2005, at the Colorado Plains Medical Center in Fort Morgan. Funeral services were held today at Peace Evangelical Lutheran Church in Akron, with Pastor Neil S. Kvern officiating. Burial followed at Akron Cemetery .

Mr. Kuecke was born May 21, 1921, in Yuma to Fred and Margaret (Glantz) Kuecke.

He attended school in Yuma, and enlisted in the Navy in 1940. He served until 1946. The following year, he bought a liquor store in Akron.

On April 4, 1950, he married Mary Louise Gertson in Denver.

He worked in the county assessor's office for several years. He then worked for the U.S. Postal Service for 23 years, retiring in 1987, the same year he sold the liquor store.

He was a member of Trinity Lutheran Church, was a charter member of Peace Lutheran Church, served on the Akron town council, was the Veteran's Services officer in Washington County for 50 years, and was a lifetime member of American Legion Post 66 and VFW Post 8064, having served as past commander of both.

He is survived by wife Mary, Akron; son Bud Kuecke Jr., Longmont; daughters Linda Kurkowski, Longmont, and Donna Baird, Arvada; eight grandchildren; and 14 great-grandchildren.

Memorials may be made to Peace Evangelical Lutheran Church.


In 1900 Hand County South Dakota, Clarence, born July 1876 in Iowa, is with parents Almon and Sarah.

Clarence was a witness for the land claim in 2, 3N 47W of William Kill in 1908.

He's in Magee precinct, Yuma County in 1910, 33, married to Mable I. 29, with Ralph L. 4 and Glynn A. 2.

1910 "Walter Carr, Owen Edwards and George Waters were among the Pleasant Valley visitors in Yuma this week."

1910 - South of Yuma items "F.M. Carr is building a new house."   This is probably not a relative - he was Francis M. Carr, born about 1857 in Wisconsin, father Canadian, in Yuma County in 1910, married but living alone.  In 1920 he's in Yuma, on Weld Avenue, and  the widow Cora Ford, 33 and her three kids are roomers with him.

1911 Yuma Pioneer "C.W. Carr, of the Waverly district, was a pleasant caller at this office Monday."

August 1911   Maybe Francis DUNKIN, and William MATHIESEN

Clarence proved up on a quarter in 33, 4N 47W in 1912, witnesses Robert G. Eyestone, Ernest T. Clark, Alfred Itten ,and William J. Lockard.

Clarence Walter Carr registered in Phillips County, Colorado with an address of Wages Route, Holyoke, Colorado (so he lived southwest of Holyoke), born July 19, 1876.   This is about twenty miles from his Yuma County claim. 

In 1920 Phillips County, Clarence and Mabel have Ralph 13, Glen A. 11, Flossie M. 9, Laurel V. 7, Waldo A. 5, and Oliver K. 3.

John R. and Fannie Clark's daughter Nellie was the first teacher at the Seventy-day Adventist boarding school near Vancouver Washington.  The first pastor was J.J. Clark, their son.  In 1880 Lancaster County, Nebraska, Chas. 41 and Melinda S. 38 Roberts have Laura 15, Olive 11, Pearl 4, and Elma five months.  Melinda's mother Laura Hall, 59, is also with them.

They had been in Boone County, Nebraska in 1880. John and Fanny had Fanny S. 12, John J. 10, Thomas E. (Ernest) 8, Elen M. (Nellie) 5, Alfred W. 3, and Sarah M. 1.

Pearl E. Roberts born Aug 1876 in Nebraska, is in Lancaster County, Nebraska, with parents Charles 61 and Melinda 57, and sister Alma M. 20.

Ernest married Pearl S. Roberts, daughter of Charles Roberts and Malinda Sophia Hall, on 4 Dec 1901 in College View, Lincoln, Lancaster County, Nebraska. (Pearl S. Roberts was born on 8 Aug 1876 in College View, Lincoln, Lancaster County, Nebraska and died on 12 Jul 1921 in Haxtun, Phillips County, Colorado.)

On the same census page as the Carr family in 1920 Phillips County is the Earnest and Pearl Clark family.  They were also in north Yuma County in 1910, Earnest 36, born in Iowa, Pearl 32 Nebraska., Nellie 7 Nebraska, Robert 1 Colorado, and Viola three months.

Earnest Clark was a witness for the claim of George E. Waters for a quarter in 1, 3N 47W.  Other witnesses were Frank Woodward (my great-uncle who claimed a mile east) Andrew Carper (in the same section, Frank's father-in-law), and Charles Hersh.

1910 Waverly items "They say the men are going to wear clothing to match their hair this winter i- that will be hard on Ernest Clark, won't it."

1911 Waverly "The firm of Clark-Mathiesen and Carr have their spring work almost completed."  The relation appears based on Seventh-day Adventist membership.

Ernest proved up on a quarter in 1, 3N 47W in 1912.

In 1920 they have Nellie and Robert, "Iola" M. 9, and Charles N. 6. 

Pearl Clark 1876-1921 is buried in Haxtun, Phillips County # 129294081 - so is Earnest 1872-1926.

 In 1930 Clark County Washington, Nellie 27 "aunt", Robert 21, Viola, 19, Neal 16, Wallace 9, are living with  aunt Myrtle Atkins, 50, born in Nebraska.  

Robert W., Viola M. , and Wallace J. Clark, siblings, are living together in  Malheur County, Oregon in 1940 - all were in Clark County, Washington in 1935.


It's a long ways away, but 39306167 has a Doris Carr born Jan 10, 1923, dying January 21, buried in Rulison Cemetery, Garfield County.  If the Carr family was moving from Holyoke to Washington, they could have traveled through Rulison - the main rail route from Denver to Salt Lake City goes through it.

1930 United States Federal Census
East College Place, Walla Walla Co, WA

Household Members:
C. Walter Carr 53 -Head IA -farmer
Mabel Carr 49 -Wife IA ***
Ralph Carr 24 -Son NB
Glenn Carr 22 -Son CO
Florrie Carr 19 -Dau CO
Laurel Carr 18 -Son CO
Waldo Carr 16 -Son CO
Kenneth Carr 14 -Son CO

Clarence died Nov 3, 1965 in Walla Walla Washington, and is buried in Mount Hope Cemetery, Walla Walla County. # 39882679.  So is Mabel Ina (Lincoln) Carr 1880-1944, daughter of Lauren H. Lincoln and May Barrett.

  Union Leader, November 19, 1965

At the June 1954 wedding of Ralph Carr's son Dallas in College Place, Oregon "Out-of-town guests Mr and Mrs Elson Abbott and Cindy Mrs Mary Abbott Mrs Gail Mix Mr and Mrs Dick Crosier Mrs Ralph Carpenter and Mrs Edgar Lincoln all of Moscow Idaho.  Mrs Harry Button and Virginia Post Falls Idaho Mrs sen and Herbert Bend Ore.  Mrs Susan Haffner Eagle Idaho.  Miss Flossie Carr Boise.  Mr and Mrs Waldo Carr and Arline,  Mr and Mrs Laurel Carr and Joan Carr Pendleton.  Mr and Mrs Robert Bingham and Mr and Mrs ence Bingham Pomeroy Idaho. Coming from Viola Idaho were Mr and Mrs Ira Chaney Mr and Mrs Nolan Hollen and Robert len Mr and Mrs Fred Schoepflin Mr and Mrs Ray Carter and Mr and Mrs Carl Boden. Others were Mr and Mrs Monroe Bingham Echo Ore Mr and Mrs Glen Carr and Miss Phyllis Winnard Freewater Mrs Blaine Gammon"

Laurel V. Carr 1912-1971 is buried in Pendleton "Husband & Dad" # 110309718

Glen Alva Carr 1908-1961 is   buried in Walla Walla  39882679

Waldo Carr of Hermiston, Oregon, married Agnes Beamer of Hermiston, a spinster born in Weston, Washington,  August 31, 1934 in Walla Walla.

In 1940 Waldo A. Carr,  26, born in Colorado, is in Pendleton, Oregon, married to Agnes, 24.  They have Helen, 2.


  Waldo Almon Carr  1914-1969 is buried in Washington.  69064290.   # 71328050 says  "Agness was born in Weston. She owned a health food store and was a homemaker.   Agness is survived by her grand-daughters, Lori Lowe and Ronda Fontes. A memorial service will be held at 3 p.m. Saturday, Nov. 21, 2009, in Hood View Seventh-day Adventist Church, Boring. Cremation arrangements by Heritage Memorial."

 Helen Carr Merritt, att., was born Oct. 4, 1937, in Hermiston, Ore. and died Dec. 7, 2007, in Lake Havasu City, Ariz. Surviving: husband Robert of Lake Havasu City, daughters Lorie Lowe att., of Dayton, Wash., Ronda Fontes of Plains, Mont.; and mother Agness Beamer Carr Lange of Damascus, Ore.

May 24, 1970, Walla Walla "Kenneth Carr of 905 SE Birch, College Place, aged 54 years.  Survived by his widow Doris V., at the home, a son Keith Carr at the home, a daughter, Mrs. John (Charlene) Prochet of Walla Walla, two brothers, Laurel Carr of Pendleton and Ralph Carr of Denver and a sister, Miss Flossie Carr of Sandy, Oregon.  Born March 29, 1916 in Yuma, Colo.  member of the Milton-Freewater Seventh-day Adventist Church."

Oliver Kenneth Carr is buried in College Place # 107782520

In 1930 Sterling, Colorado, Leana J. Carr is 40, widowed, born in Michigan, with son Laruell 18, born in Colorado of Michigan parents.  THIS IS NOT THE YUMA ONE - this one was the son of Earl Carr, and they were in Frontier County Nebraska in 1920.

In 1940 Tonasket, Washington, "Lurel" is a farmer, 28, born in Colorado, and Lois, 21, born in Oregon.  They have Arline, 3, born in Washington.

Laurel V. Carr 1912-1971 is buried in Pendleton "Husband & Dad" # 110309718
 Johnson County, Texas Obituaries:   Memorial services for Arlene "Honey" Johnston, 63, are scheduled at 2:00 p.m. Sunday, October 29, 2000, at the Keene Seventh-day Adventist Church. Pastor Don Baker and Pastor Jerry Mayes will officiate. Mrs. Johnston died October 3, 2000, in Tijuana, Mexico while under treatment for ovarian cancer. She was born April 21, 1937, in Tonasket, Washington. Mrs. Johnston worked for 15 years at the Joshua Medical Center for Dr. Harold Frank. She was her husband's support system while he was employed for 35 years for the Seventh-day Adventist Denomination in Idaho, Oregon, New Mexico, North Dakota, Texas and Washington. She was her girl's and grandson's greatest cheerleader. Mrs. Johnson is survived by her husband of 45 years, Roy Lee Johnston; daughters, Vikki Goff of Cleburne and Shana Donica and husband, Matt, of Palmer; three grandsons, Tyler and Trever Goff and Colton Donica; aunt, Flossie Carr of Cave Junction, Oregon; nephews, Frank Carr, Jr., of Nigeria, South Africa and John Carr of Fort Carson, Colorado; several cousins, brothers-in-law and sister-in-law.


Flossie Marjory Carr, born August 14, 1910, died July 27, 2003 in Josephine County, Oregon.

Freeman S. Draper married Florence Koger, in Decatur County Iowa on December 25, 1889.  Her parents were Francis Marion Koger and Catjerome Brooks.

Fremont County Iowa Delayed Births:  Florence E. Draper, 69 in 1941, of Littleton, Rte. 3, Arapahoe county, Colorado, adopted Clarence Gilbert Draper (born Aug. 27, 1897 at Hamburg) on July 16, 1898. He was the son of Marion Langston and Laura Lowe.

Fremont County : Marion LANGSTON died Saturday.--May 16, 1905.


In 1900 Frances and Florence are in Atchison County Missouri, with Clarence adopted, born Aug 1897 in Iowa.  They're still there in 1910.

Freeman J. Draper filed in 1915 for land in 21 and 22, 2N 46W, with witnesses John G. Lane, John Chase, William Wood, and Mark M. Catchpole.

In 1920 Yuma, Freeman and Florence are boarding with widower John G. Lane - Florence is a housekeeper.

In 1930 Jefferson County, Colorado, Freeman and Florence are alone.  He is a gardener.

Garnet Gladys Hayes born Dec 1, 1902 Hubble, Nebraska

Clarence Gilbert Draper, born August 27, 1897, registered in Eckley, employed as a clerk by F.J. Draper of Eckley.  Nearest relative Garnet G. Draper of Eckley.

Freeman's father Nathan Austin Draper 1846 and mother Sarah Ann Draper 1847-192 are buried in Decatur County Iowa # 13040335.

October 13, 1921 "Mr. and Mrs. F. M. Koger droved in from Edmund, Kansas for a few days visit at the home of Mr. and Mrs. F. J. Draper. Mrs. Koger is the sister of Mr. Draper and Mr. Koger is the brother of Mrs. Draper."


  Clarence Gilbert Langston Draper - thanks to Sasha Ablitt

In 1930 Littleton, Colorado, Clarence Draper is 32, Janet 29, with Elsie 12, Melvin 10, and Elvira 9.

In 1940 Jefferson County, (same as father Freeman), Clarence is 43, Garnett 38, with Melvin 20 and Elvira 19.

Clarence Gilbert Draper of Box 231, Coburg passed away in Eugene, November 2, 1971 at the age of 74. He was born in Hamburg, Iowa, August 27, 1897. He was united in marriage to Garnet Hayes December 25, 1916 in Eckley, Colorado. He was presiding Noble Grand of Spencer Butte Odd Fellow Lodge No. 9, Past Grand Patriarch of the Grand Encampment of Oregon, IOOF, a member of Canton Hovey #4 and held the rank of lieutenant colonel; he was presently serving as quartermaster of the Department Council Militant Branch, IOOF of Oregon, Past Chief Patriarch of Wimawhala Encampment, IOOF, and member of Wayfarer Masonic Lodge. He is survived by his wife Garnet; one son, Melvin Draper of Greenfield, Indiana; two daughters: Mrs. Elsie Tewksbury of San Diego, California, Mrs. Vira Davis of Eugene; five grandchildren; ten great-grandchildren. Funeral services will be held Saturday, November 6, 1971 at 2 p.m. in England Funeral Home, with interment to follow in West Lawn Memorial Park, Reverend Harold Robins officiating. Ritualistic services by Spencer Butte Odd Fellows Lodge No. 9. Those who wish, in lieu of flowers, may make donations to the Endowment Fund of the Odd Fellows Home or the Coburg Christian Church Building Fund in care of England Funeral Home. 

# 36967907

In 1900 Thayer County, Nebraska, Olie M. Hayes is a day laborer, born July 1876 in Illinois, father in Indiana.  He's been married eight months to Mildred, born Dec 1880 in Kansas.

In 1910 Marshall County Kansas, Richard Hays is 33, Illinois, with Pearl 28, Kansas.  They have "Garnit" 8, Orley 6, Haley 4, Herold 2 - these four in Nebraska, and Leo newborn in Kansas.

Ollie M. Hayes proved up 320 acres in 7, 2N 45W and 12, 2N 46W in 1919.

In 1920 Eckley, "Ollie" M. Hayes - running a pool hall - is 45, Pearl M. 38, with Orley 17, Halley 14, Harold 12, Leo  10, Daniel 7, and Janette newborn.

Ollie and Mildred P. have moved to Platteville Colorado in 1930, with Dannie 17, Juanita 11, Bernice 9.  Harold D. 22   married   Dorthy G. 19, and they have Dickie M. 2 and Barbara L. five months.  Harold D. Hayes and Dorthy G. Fuller married August 14, 1926, recorded in Jefferson County.

In 1940 Inglewood, California, Ollie  and Pearl are alone, no occupation.

Ollie Marion Hayes born July 1, 1876 in Illinois, died July 31, 1948 in Los Angeles County, mother's maiden name Guggenmier.

Pearl M. Hayes, spouse of Ollie, died July 14, 1962 in Lane County, Oregon.

Harold is a plumber in Inglewood, California in 1940.  He and Dorothy have Dickie M. 12, Barbara 10, Harry D. 8, Marvin E. , and Gerald L. 5.  They were in Denver in 1935, and all the kids were born in Colorado.

The tree said Harold DeWhit Hayes born Feb 4 died April 1969 in Eagle Point Oregon.

Leo Charles Hayes born March 10, 1910 in Kansas, died Nov 26, 1992 in San Diego, mother's maiden name Zartman. He's buried in Inglewood Park, Los Angeles 79770610

 Juanita F. Strand is a beauty operator in Los Angeles in 1940, married to Lloyd E. Strand, a waiter in a restaurant.

Juanita Hayes Strand, born Jan 9, 1919 in Colorado, mother Zartman, father Hayes, died Oct 17, 1984 in Riverside County California.

Orley Dean Hayes, born Aug 28, 1903 in Nebraska, mother Zartman, died August 15, 1980 in Sonoma County.   One tree said he married Vira Wheeler.

Hallie G. Hayes is in Jefferson County, Colorado in 1940 (same as Freeman Draper), with Jessie 31.  They have Delores 10 and Jean 7. The tree said he married Jessie Finch in Denver in 1927, and died January 1972 in Eugene Oregon.

 Daniel Stark Hays married Doris Thompson in Brush. 

Bernice Yvonne Hays born 1921 married Mark Berry in Los Angeles.


Greeley, Colorado: Of Interest to the many campus friends of Miss Elsie Draper and Herbert G. Towksbury, former students on the, CSCE (Colorado State College of Education) campus, are details of their marriage which will be an event of Thanksgiving day, 1937 in Denver. Vows will be read at UI.Su in the home of the bride's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Clarence G. Draper, with the Rev. Wayne L. Waters officiating. The bride has selected a handsome gown of white lace for her wedding. She will carry an arm bouquet of white roses and sweet peas. Her father will give her in marriage. As maid of honor will be the bride's sister. Miss Elvina Draper, whose gown will be of gold niuiro taffeta. Misses Ramona and Mildred DeKoev- end are to be bridesmaids, wearing frocks of rose moire taffeta. Jane Tewksbury, sister of the groom, is to be flower girl. Her frock is of while net. Walter Johnson of Greeley will attend the groom as best man, with ushers to be Allison Tewksbury and Melvin Draper. Miss Draper is affiliated with Delta Sigma Epsilon sorority on the Greeley campus, while Mr. Tewksbury's fraternity is Lambda Gamma Kappa. His parents are the Herbert P. Tewksburys of Denver. Following the wedding the couple  will go to Melbeta, Nebr., to make their home.

Buried in Tahoma National, King County Washington are Herbert G. Tewksbury Maj. U.S Army WWII and Korea 1910-2004 and Elsie D. 1918-2005 "A gracious beauty." 43246210

Elvira M. Davis, born Sept 21, 1920, died June 7, 1996 in Lane County, Oregon.

Melvin Draper married Odetta Harbison April 12, 1947 in Marion County, Indiana.

Melvin M. Draper, born Sep 7, 1919 in Colorado, died Feb 15, 1994 in San Diego County, mother's maiden name Hayes.


Dr. Sally Zoll is the Chief Executive Officer of United Through Reading based in San Diego, California. Upon hearing she was selected for the Greenfield Indiana High School Alumni Hall of Fame, class of 1968, she said, “Such wonderful memories of Greenfield! I am humbled by this honor and in awe of the other honorees!” They are also impressed with Sally’s accomplishments.

With degrees from Purdue University and the University of San Diego, Sally has specialized in education working as a teacher, professor, and in corporate management for educational organizations

Above all else, I am eternally grateful to my parents, Mel and Odetta Draper, who would be over the moon knowing I was receiving this honor and to my husband, Jimmie Zoll, who has a burning passion for education and has continually encouraged me to think and act outside the box.”

Gilbert's parents were Marion Langston and Laura Lowe of Iowa.  Marion was single in 1900, so Laura must have died or left before then.

p450 #A135 14 Dec 1909 Fullerton, Nance, NE
   Gleason, Ernest B.             24 bp: Nebraska          res: Merrick Co., NE           Parents: Wm E. Gleason & Sophia Yount
   Langston, Ella                 20 bp: Missouri          res: Merrick Co., NE           Parents: Marion Langston & Laura Lowe
   Married by Rev Ambrose G McVay.  Witnesses: Mrs Ella E J Paton and Mrs  A G McVay


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