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Yuma County Pioneer Photographs:

Almond H. Hall , Pleasant Valley

One tree said he was the son of Casandar Hall 1849-1876, dying in Brush Creek, Franklin County, Missouri,  and Elizabeth Bishop, and that Casandar's father was David Babcock Hall, 1808, dying 1879 in Leadville, Colorado....

In 1870 "Carander" Hall is 21, with parents David B. 62 and Sophia 51 in Jackson County Ohio.  Siblings are Susanna 18, Francina 14 and David Hall 8.  Henson Brunton , 22

 Casandar and Elizabeth married in 1871 in Franklin County, Missouri, "Cassander Hall, son of David Babcock Hall and Sophia VanDusen married Elizabeth Bishop in Moselle, Franklin, Missouri in 1871. The surname Hall is on the original image but was left off of the transcription." that Elizabeth died Jan 31, 1884 in Franklin County.

Elizabeth's parents are, per a tree, James Jones Bishop and Bitthany Celia Robinson

The tree said Elizabeth married Franklin Barnes Sept 26, 1879 in Franklin County.   Two sisters and a brother were in Franklin County, too.  Nancy married James Richie/ Richey and Amanda married Thomas Gibson.

In 1880 Franklin County, Missouri, Frank 30 Barnes  born in Kentucky, and Elizabeth 28 Illinois, have a "son" "Almon 7, born in Missouri, father in Ohio., mother born in Illinois.

Sarah Elizabeth (Bishop) (Hall) Barnes

 "Daughter of James Jones Bishop and Bethany Celia Robinson. Wife of (1) Cassander Hall and (2) Frank Barnes.

She came to Franklin Co., MO in 1862.
She married Frank Barnes September 26, 1878 and was listed with her family on the 1880 census:

She died aged 32 years, 10 months, 12 days, of pneumonia. Her death was recorded by Franklin County. She was buried at Brush Creek. # 71957359

Her husband Frank died of the same cause a month and a half later and was buried next to Sarah.

Almon(d) is actually her son by her first husband, Cassander Hall."

Almond cash-claimed a quarter in 25, 4N 47W in 1891 - the same year as Joseph Rutzer next to him, and Roudy Cole a mile north.


A.H. Hall married Nellie McClellan Sept 12, 1893, recorded in Pitkin County.

Almond Jasper Hall's death record says he was born Oct 26, 1897 in Colorado, mother's name McClellen, and died May 24, 1952 in Los Angeles.

In 1900 Eagle County, Almond Hall is a farm laborer born Nov 1871 in Missouri, married to Millie seven years, April 1875 Iowa.  Elizabeth  Nov 1894 and Almond J. Dec 1897 both born in Iowa.

The "Allen" Hall in 1880 Hickory County, Missouri, born in 1871 - had parents born in Arkansas, so it's not likely.

Next household in the 1900 census is William Hall Dec 1837 Ohio and Mary   Aug 1846  Ohio, a possible uncle.

From a post by Maureen Brook

Maurice HOFFMAN, Occupation - prospector married Francina HALL. Their children were Julius, Theresa, Robert "Burtie", and Ida

Francina HALL's brothers were Almond, Casandar and David

David 1874-1936 is buried in Eagle County # 5574053 says his parents were William 1838-1922 and Mary Jane (Reynolds) Hall 1846-1933

In 1880 Barton County Missouri William Hall is 41, Jane 33, Isaac 16, Mary 11, David 6, and Arthur 4.

Nelson Robert DOWNEY married Susanna HALL. Their children were Albert who married Helen A. THIELKE, David and Ellick. "

"Would like to find someone familure with David Downey and wife Eva L who in 1900 was in Peachblow CO, in 1920 was in King WA, in 1930 was in Seward AK. In Seward he was working in a Gold mine."

February 1881 Leadville

Almond's aunt Susanna married Nelson Robert Downey in 1874, and they're in Lake County in 1880, where he is "coaling". 

1884 Aspen

They're in Pitkin County in 1885, where Nelson is a coal burner.  So is David Hall, 23, on the same census page.

Another aunt, Francine, married Franklin Morris Hoffman in 1875 Franklin County, and they're in Leadville in 1880,  She married John Nisbet Nov 24, 1891, recorded in Fremont County,  and they're in Eagle County 1900, Chaffee County 1910, and she and John are buried in Leadville.

"Frances Nisbet formerly Frances Hoffman" proved up a quarter in 6 and 7, 8S 85W, Eagle and Pitkin Counties, in 1898.

Nelson Downey proved up 121 acres in 8, 8S 85W in 1894.

The Downey family is in Eagle County in 1900.  Probably that's why her father David was in Leadville.

William's brother Almond 1846-1864, per #2968944, died in Knoxville Tennessee of measles, Company F, Ohio 1st Heavy Artillery.

  March 15, 1902 Basalt, Colorado


The Hall's probably knew the Thielke family from Leadville.

William 1838-1922 is buried in Eagle County # 5574038

In 1906, Almond H. Hall of Peachblow, Colorado, filed for land in 12, 3S, 28 W (that's near Aspen, Colorado)

In 1910 Lincoln County, Idaho, "Edwond" is 37, Millie 35, Elizabeth 15, Almond J. 12, and Virgal W. 5.

One tree said Millie died in Eagle County in 1914.

Almond H. Hall, widowed, married Ida Belle Lee May 11, 1918 in Twin Falls, Idaho. One tree said she was Ida Belle Fowler

Almond Henson Hall registered in Portland Oregon, a carpenter, born Nov 10, 1872, nearest relative Ida Belle Hall, same address.

Article in the Twin Falls Daily News, May 8, 1920 "A. H. Hall has been given a divorce from Ida B. Hall on the grounds of desertion, by Judge Babcock of the District Court.".

Almond is widowed in 1920 Twin Falls, Idaho, 47, Almond 22, and Virgil 15 - all three carpenters, with Minnie Carter 48 a housekeeper and Chester Carter 4.

Virgil W. Hall, born about 1905, died in Los Angeles County February 13, 1929.

Elizabeth B. is married to Ivan Shuster in 1920 Twin Falls. He's a  carpenter, 27, born in Kansas, she's 25, born in Colorado, and they have Nellie E.  ?Hammer?  , 4 - a stepchild born in Idaho, and Almond A. Shuster nine months born in Oregon.

In 1930 Los Angeles County, Almond is 57, married to Minnie L. Hall 59 and Chester J. Hall 14.

All three are in Los Angeles County in 1940.

Almond died May 11, 1945 in Los Angeles County, mother's maiden name Bishop.

Ivan, Elizabeth, Mellie, and Almond are also in Los Angeles County in 1930.

Ivan 1891-1962 and Elizabeth B. 1894-1970 are buried in Glenwood Springs   # 33151890.

So is Mellie E. (Hammack) Schmautz 1915-1955, daughter of Elizabeth and Pierce King Hammack.  "Pierce was a former circus performer. He retired to Castle Rock, Washington and took up dry cleaning/tailoring."

Almond A. Shuster 1919-2005 and Mary E. 1920- have a tombstone in Glenwood Springs, Colorado #33151912.



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