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Yuma County Pioneer Photographs:

Sam and Cassie (Strong) Heaton, Clyde Strong , Pleasant Valley

In 1900 Phillips County, Kansas, Benjamin F. Heaton is 43, Cora B. 34, Myrtle A. 18, Olive A. 14, Samuel 11, Orin K. 9, Peter J.6, and Merritt J. 1

In 1910 Phillips County, Kansas, Benjamin F. Heaton is 52, Cora B. 44, Samuel 21, Peter J. 16, Merritt J. 11, Elvin 7, Mildred 4, and Allison 1. (This is WSilliam Allison)
Cassie married Samuel Heaton, and in 1910 they're in Rawlins County, Kansas, Sam 31, Cassie 29, Willet 8, Mildred 6, Cora 2, and Clinton five months.
Sam and Cassie are in Rawlins County in 1920, with Willet 8, Mildred 6, Cora 2, and Clinton five months.
In 1930 Rawlins County, Willet is 18 - working in a grain elevator, Mildred 16, Cora 12, Clinton 10, and Irene 8.
April 1938 "Miss Irene Heaton, a student at the Wray high school, spent the week end with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Heaton, and Clinton. The Heatons also enjoyed a visit with their daughter and her family from Kansas.
February 2, 1939 "Harrison Allen received word of the death of a sister in Wyoming last Friday. They left for that place Sunday to attend the funeral. We extend sympathy to the bereaved family. Clinton and Willet Heaton are doing the chores for Mr. Allen during his absence."
In 1940 they're in Yuma County - Sam is 51, Cassey Irene 48, Clinton Samuel 20, and Lois Irene 18.

Anna and John F. Strong were the parents of William C. Strong born about 1852 in Indiana. He was the father of Cassie, who married Sam Heaton. William's sister was Anna, born about 1869, mother of Ray. So Cassie Heaton of Pleasant Valley, Yuma County, was the aunt of the Morgan brothers.

In 1900 Phillips County, Kansas, William Strong born Jan 1852 in Indiana, married 27 years to Rheney Jan 1852 Ohio ,have Stella G. March 1880 Loutze C. April 1882, Cora M. Dec 1884, Jordan F. April 1887, Clyde O. June 1889, and Cassie I. Feb 1892, all kids born in Kansas

April 4, 1940 "Ed Strong, Harry Morgan, Mr. and Mrs. Ray Rogers and Irene Heaton left Sudnay morning for Phillipsburg, Kansas, to attend the funeral of an uncle and father of Mrs. Sam Heaton. We extend sympathy to the bereaved family."
December 12, 1940 "Mr. and Mrs. Willet Heaton and baby, Mr. and Mrs. M.C. Rogers and family, Harry Morgan and Ed Strong spent Sunday at the Sam Heaton home."
August 1942
February 1943 "Harry Morgan and Jerd and Clyde Strong spent Sunday at the Sam Heaton home."
January 30, 1947
September 21, 1950 "Mr. and Mrs. Sam Heaton, Clyde Strong and Harry Morgan was (sic) called to Kensington, Kansas by the death of a relative on Thursday. They returned home Sunday."
That's probably Maggie Morgan 1886-1950, a sister of Ray and Harry.

Nov 16, 1950 "Mrs. Sam Heaton and Clyde Strong received word Monday that their sister, Mrs. Hattie Mong of Piqua, Kansas, had passed away. Harry Morgan accompanied Mrs. Heaton and Clyde Strong to Kansas for the funeral."
April 1, 1954 "Harry Morgan and his brothers, Walter and Dee Morgan from Iowa were guests at the Sam Heaton home."
Sam Heaton # 50790453 is buried in Yuma, dying 1960.

July 30, 1964

Cassie Irene (Strong) Heaton 1892-1981 is buried in Yuma # 50790450.

April 6, 1939
September 1939
In 1961 Roger Heaton, son of Willet, grandson of Cassie Heaton - also grandson of the M.C. Rogers of Yuma, married Roberta Kay Staley of Fort Morgan. Fay Heaton was one sister of Roger.

W.F. "Bill" Heaton 1911-1992 is buried in Fort Morgan # 69493303, with Maxine 1919- on the stone.

November 12, 1942 "A miscellaneous shower was held at the M.C. Rogers home last Thursday for the recent bride, Mrs. J. Ray Rogers. She received many useful and beautiful gifts for her future home."
February 1943 "Mr. and Mrs. J. Ray Rogers moved onto the Tracy Hardy place Saturday, where they have employment for the coming year."
March 1947 "Mr. and Mrs. Ray Rogers have spent the last few days getting moved from the George Lassen farm north of Yuma to the M.C. Rogers farm south of Eckley."
July 1, 1954

August 1954 "Mrs. Ray Rogers moved to Wray last week with her three daughters. They will make thir home there as Mrs. Rogers intends to begin working in September."
July 13, 1961
Irene (Heaton) (Rogers) Fisher died 1985, buried in Yuma # 49689689

Mildred R. (Heaton) Harwerth 1913-1992 is buried in Rawlilns County, Kansas, # 106816828.

Clint married Vera Heaton, daughter of Peter and Louise Trautman of Yuma. She had two sisters - Elsie married William Schmudke and Alma married John Ernst.
Clint and Vera celebrated their 40th wedding anniversary on October 14, 1988.

Clinton is buried in Yuma 1919-1989, with Vera L. 1924-1989 # 50790455 - their two children both died tragically - Sandra in 1971 # 50790454, and Dennis in 1976 # 50790452.
January 5, 1989

December 14, 1989

January 14, 1971


Cora Ann Carson 1917-2009 is buried in Littleton, Colorado # 139743035. So is William Frederick Carson 1915-1994 # 139743121.

May 19, 1955 "A group of neighbors and friends from the Waverly community surprised Clyde Strong at his new home in Yuam Sunday with a basket dinner. His presents were cans of food with labels removed, so his meals will be a surprise."
May 26

September 8, 1955 "Relatives who spent last week with Sam Heats were C.L. Strong and family of South Gate, California, a brother of Mrs. Heaton. They hadn't been together for 17 years. Mr.and Mrs. Ben Harworth of Atwood, Kansas, Mr.a nd Mrs. Bill Carson and Doug of Denver, and Ben Carson of Las Vegas, New Mexico. On Sunday, Irene Rogers, Clyde Strong, C.L. Strong and Sam Heatons were in Fort Morgan at the Willet Heaton home."

December 26, 1957
Clyde O. Strong # 113225376 is buried in Kensington, Kansas.
1958 The house on North Albany which belonged to the Clyde Strong estate was sod by Mrs. Sam Heaton to Harry Long.
William Allison Heaton, brother of Samuel, was with Benjamin 63 and Cora 65 in 1920 Rawlins COunty, Kansas. Peter J. is 27, Merritt 21, Elvin 17, Mildred 14, and "Allison" 11.
In 1930 William iis in Cope, Washington County Colorado, 31 with Esther 22, both born in Kansas. Esther's mother Addy Anderson 69 widowed, Iowa is with them. Next household is Hilmer ASnderson 31 born in Iowa and his family - maybe related....
In 1940 Yuma County, farming in Laird precinct, William is 3, Esther M. 32, with Ellen B. 9, Evelyn J. 8, Hubert A. 5, and Ronald Albert 2. Addy Anderson is still with them.
Addy Bell "Ida" Chadsey Anderson 1860-1945 is buried with John Willard Anderson 1847-1918 in Atwood, Rawlins County, Kansas.
Esther M. (Anderson) Heaton 1907-1998 is buried in Wray # 62894389, as is William Heaton 1908-1995 # 62894451
Hubert A. Heaton 1935-1967 is buried in Wray # 62894404.

So is Evelyn J. "Evie" (Heaton) Keeler 1932-2006 # 130234367 and Albert R. Heaton 1937-2010 # 58518283 " Married Dec 1956 - Rosa Lee Sturdivan - 3 children "

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