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Yuma County Pioneer Photographs:

Simon August Konigsbrugge and (probably his mother) Augusta Konigsbrugge , Pleasant Valley

Iowa marriage records have Augusta "Kora" marrying Henry Albert in 1911, her father's name L. Kora, mother Charlotte Asnd.

Simon, 21, a painter  and his brother August 22, a carpenter, were on the Hanover, sailing from Bremen December 30, 1905, arriving New York January 14, 1906.  they were going to be with brother Wilhelm Konigsbrugge  of Leavenworth and Omaha.

Simon -section 7-  and Augusta -section 6 -both cash-claimed quarters in 4N 47W in 1909.

Auguste "Konegsbrugger"   owned the Section 6 quarter in 1920, but W.D. Hoch owned Simon's.


HENRY ALBERT, farmer and stock-raiser, P. O. Clatonia, was born in Hanover, Germany, in 1842, coming to America in 1856, and located in Scioto County, Ohio, and was engaged in the iron works. In 1861, enlisted in the Second United States Regular Artillery, serving until 1864, when he was discharged at Lighthouse Point, Va. Was in thirty-eight battles, being one of the three out of twenty-five who went out together. He then returned to Ohio, remaining there until 1865, when he came to Nebraska City, and in 1866 took a homestead on Section 22, Town 6, Range 5. Has remained in the same place, and now has 720 acres. In 1876, was elected County Commissioner, and is serving his second term; has been Assessor of his precinct twice. In 1865, was married to Miss Emma Steinmeyer, at Portsmouth, Ohio. They have seven children--Anna, Ella, John, Franklin, Minnie, Augusta and Benjamin C. They are members of German Methodist Episcopal Church.

1910   Omaha

A 1904 newspaper article mentions "Henry Albert, former member of the legislature from Gage county.".  In 1908 Effie J. ALbert, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Henry Albert, married Francis J. Chittenden.

Henry Albert and J. H. Steinmeyer, both highly esteemed pioneer residents of Gage county, were the proprietors of Clatonia, and having caused the townsite to be surveyed and platted in the spring of 1892, they filed the plat for record in the office of the register of deeds, December 3. 1893. In 1894 Henry and William Steinmeyer built a bank and the following year Henry Albert started one across the street.

Henry Albert came from Germany in the early days and was a pioneer of Gage County, Nebr., settling on a farm on which the
town of Clatonia is now located. At that time the country was wild and the buffalo were still numerous. His wife was a native of Ohio. In the Albert
family there were thirteen children: Anna, John, Amelia and David are dead.  Ella is the wife of Frank Jones of Clatonia, Nebr. Frank is on the old
homestead there. Minnie Josephine is the wife of David C. Latshaw. Augusta, wife of George Lydick, Effie wife of Frank Chittenden, and Benjamin, all
live in Clatonia. Alma, wife of Roy Barkey, is dead. Daniel and Clara, wife of Ed. Chittenden, are in Clatonia.

She might be the Augusta Konigsbrugge in 1910 Omaha, 53, widowed born in Germany.  She's had eleven children, seven living. Son August 26 born in Germany is a carpenter.  They're in the Harry and Alvina Voss house.  Harry 26, born in Nebraska, Alvina 24 Germany have been married two years, and Alvina has had two children, none living.

August married Bertha Dirsgus June 1910 in Omaha.

Augusta Konigsbrugge, 55, married Henry Albert in Council Bluffs, Iowa July 12,1911.

In 1920 Gage County, Henry Albert is 82, Augusta 63, and her daughter Ella "Korngsbrugge" 23, both immigrating in 1905, naturalized 1911.  Henry 1837-1926, is buried in Clatonia, Gage County # 52435045.

WWI registration :Simon August Konigsbrugge of 3015 Larimore, Omaha, born October 13, 1883, is a declared alien, a cabinet maker for the City National Bank.  Nearest relative Bertha.

Another Simon August Konigsbrugge is in Gage County Nebraska, born Oct 6, 1881, a painting contractor.  His nearest relative is Augusta Albert (Mother) of Gage County.

In 1920, at 3015 Larimore, August - a cabinetmaker- and Bertha, both 36 born in Germany, August immigrating in 1906 Bertha 1899 have Emma A. and Ella .. both 9, Frank H. and Francis G. 5, both 5, all born in Nebraska.

In 1930 August S. and Bertha A. have Emma, Ella, Frank, Frances, and have added Walter A. 5 and William A. 2.

In 1954 Omaha, August (Bertha) Konigsbrugge is a repairman for Davidson Furniture, living at 3015 Larimore.  William A. (Norma N) works for Northern Natural Gas, and they live at 3017 Larimore.

August 1883-1958   # 26778425 and Bertha Konigsbrugge 1882-1970 # 26778424 are buried in Omaha Westlawn.

Augusta (Konigsbrugge) Albert 1854-1935 is buried in Omaha  # 26778423.

Frances married Robert Lester Bertram in Omaha in 1939.  He died in Alta Loma California in 1999, buried in Oak Park, Clarmont, California.  She died in 2002, per one tree.

Emma Konigsbrugge, 22, married Ernest Hoffmann, 26 in Omaha March 1933.

Lynn Darrel Jordan, born Oct 19, 1941 (the Texas death certificate must be incorrect) in Omaha, died in a car accident Dec 7, 1966 in Fort Worth, Texas, father Leo Jordan, mother Ella Konigsbrugge, to be buried at Restland, Dallas.  In 1940 Omaha, Leo Jordan 29 and Ella 29 have Lee 2 and Gary 1.

Walter August Konigsbrugge married Donna V. Branson 26, in Omaha November 1949.

Norma Naomi Schoeder, 21, married William A. Konigsbrugge, 23, in Omaha April 1951.


The other Simon is a house painter in Omaha in 1930, 48, born in Germany, married at age 38, to Emma, 29, born in Nebraska.


William Konigsbrugge is running a saloon in Omaha in 1910, 31, married seven years to Almah H. 29, born in Iowa.  His sister Ella, 13 is also with them.

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