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Yuma County Pioneer Photographs:

James W. Magee , Pleasant Valley

In 1888 James made to Henry J. Aldrich a title for securing a promissory note by James payable to the order of Charles A. Stillman,.  AIn 1893 the interrest was not paid, and the land was to be sold at auction in December 1907 in Denver.

James cash-claimed a quarter in 5, 4N 47W in 1890 - next to Charles Riley - also 1890.  A mile north were claims of Willar Britton, Robert Ball, Felix Lyon, Johann Drewes, and Ellis Powell.

Possible - it's odd that the Library of Congress collection doesn't have much on James Magee.

In 1870 Gentry County, Missouri, James W. Magee is 23, Julia T. 24, and Mary A. one month.

In 1880 Stanton County Nebraska, James and Julia McGee are both 33, with Mary Ann 10, Henrika 8, Paulina 6, Birdie 4, Charley W. 2, and Frank two months.

James William Magee

Born: 26 December 1846   Place: Henry County, KY
 Died: 10 November 1924, Marshfield, Webster County, MO   Buried: Timber Ridge Cemetery, Marshfield, Webster County MO
 Occupation: Master Craftsman in Wood and Masonry, Farmer   Religion: Disciples of Church
 Other Wives: Mary E. (b.Dec 1855 in TN, m.1897-ref. 1900 Census)   Military: ?
 Father: Hezekiah Tolbert MAGEE  Mother: Mary Jane GIBBONY 
Wife:  Julia Thomas Spessard 
Married:  22 April 1869, Albany, Gentry County MO
  Born: 19 August 1846   Place: Roanoke County, VA
  Died: 18 July 1896, Marshfield, Webster County, MO   Buried: Timberridge Cemetery, Marshfield, Webster County, MO
Children of James and Julia
 Name: Mary Ann "Molly" (ref. 1870 Census), Female   Born: 14 May 1870, Albany, Gentry County, MO
 Died: 3 October 1951, Ford City, Gentry County, MO   Buried: St. Patrick's Cemetery, Ford City, Gentry County, MO
 Married: 13 February 1889, Stanberry, MO   Spouse: William Alphonse "Bill" HANDLEY 
 Name: Hezekiah Tolbert, Male   Born: 7 November 1871, Craig County, VA
 Died: 22 November 1959, Albany, Gentry County, MO   Buried: Albany, Gentry County, MO
 Married: 22 March 1899, Albany, MO   Spouse: Anna Mary KNIGHT
 Name: Perlina Ella, Female   Born: 8 February 1874, Harrison County, MO
 Died: 31 May 1905, Marshfield, Webster County, MO   Buried: Marshfield, Webster County, MO
 Married: 4 October 1891, Webster County, MO   Spouse: Franklin B. HIGHFILL
 Name: Roberta, Female   Born: 26 February 1876, Stanton County, NE or Harrison County, MO
 Died: 19 January 1909, Marshfield, Webster County, MO   Buried: Marshfield, Webster County, MO
 Married: 12 March 1904, Marshfield, Webster County, MO   Spouse: William HARTLEY
 Name: Charles W., Male   Born: 19 January 1878, Stanton County, NE
 Died: 11 November 1880, Stanton County, NE   Buried: ? 
 Married: ?    Notes: ? 
 Name: Frank W., Male   Born: 25 March 1880, Stanton County, NE
 Died: ? , Smithville, Clay County, MO   Buried: Smithville, Clay County, MO
 Married: 4 April 1905, Missouri   Spouse: Mae AKERS
 Name: Essie Mabel (ref. 1900 Census), Female   Born: 31 January 1884, Gentry County, MO
 Died: 4 November 1933, Marshfield, Webster County, MO   Buried: Marshfield, Webster County, MO
 Married: 17 April 1906, ?, MO, Franklin B. HIGHFILL   Notes: She married her sister's husband.
 Name: William Thomas (ref. 1900 Census), Male   Born: 20 December 1885, Gentry County, MO
 Died: ? August 1910, Gentry County, MO   Buried: ? 
 Married: ?    Notes: ? 
 Name: George A. (ref. 1900 Census), Male   Born: 7 July 1888, Gentry County, MO
 Died: 25 November 1965, Wadsworth, Leavenworth County, KS   Buried: Wadsworth, Leavenworth County, KS
 Married: ?    Notes: George is living in McLouth, KS in October 1951

 James W. Magee born December 1846 in Kentucky, in Webster County Missouri in 1910, married three years to Mary E. Feb 1855 Tennessee.  Daughter Mable Jan 1884 Missouri, William Dec 1885 Missouri, and George A. July 1888 Missouri - so this is probably a second marriage for both.

James and Mary E. are both 63 in 1910 Webster County, Missouri, and are there in 1920.

James, a widower of Mary Magee, born in Kentucky Dec 26, 1856 to Talbert Magee and Jane Gallaway, died Nov 10, 1924 in Webster County



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