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Yuma County Pioneer Photographs:

Thomas J. McKinney - his sons Harry, Grover, and Clarence , Pleasant Valley

In 1880 Holt County, Missouri, Thomas J. McKinney is 35, Mary J. 27, James B. 8, Charles J. 4, and Harry M. seven months.

In 1900 Holt County, Thomas is widowed, born Jan 1845. Harry Sept 1890, Daisy A. April 1884, Grover October 1886, and Ray W. June 1890 were born in MIssouri.

December 1908 "Mr. McKinney of Mo., son of our neighbor, has taken a homestead west of Gummer and with his family will move to it in the spring and make North Yuma their future home."

July 21, 1927 "C.J. McKinney, who had been visiting with his father T. J. McKinney and other relatives north of Yuma for a couple of weeks, left Saturday, bound for his home at Casper, Wyoming."
Funeral services were held in Forest City, Tuesday, Dec. 13, for Thomas J. McKinney, 82 years old, who died Thursday, Dec. 8, 1927, in Fowler, Colo. Services were held at the Methodist church, conducted by Rev. J. Harold Fairly and burial was in the Forest City cemetery.

Mr. McKinney, who was born at Stanford, Ky., Jan. 22, 1845, was a resident of Forest township for a number of years but left this vicinity several years ago. He leaves a daughter, Mrs. Daisy Bagby living hear Mound City.

Thomas is buried in Holt County, # 94277257, with Mary J. 1863-1893.

In October 1928, Ray McKinney was the administrator of Thomas J. McKinney's estate to be settled in Yuma County Court.

December 21, 1950

In 1910 Yuma County, Harry M. is 30, Missouri Lena B. 30, New York, married seven years. They have Ruth 5, Wedell B. both born in Nebraska, and Anna Burnam 20, Lena's sister.
Next household is Thomas McKinney, 65, widowed, Kentucky.

Harry McKinney proved up a quarter in 6, 4N 48W in 1911, widnesses Joseph Turechek, Henry Gummer, Claude Tribbett and Andrew J. Aydelott.

December 1912 "Harry M. McKinney was down from Yuma last Saturday evening and leased the Davenport residence, near the mill, and will move his family here as soon as the house is repaired. M . McKinney will commence work in the county clerk's office the first of December, as deputy county clerk, which will enable him to become familiar with the work in that office by the time he assumes charge of it next January. - Wray Rattler

Mr. McKinney loaded his household effects Wednesday and with his family left in the evening for their new home in Wray. They have many friends in Yuma and vicinity who regret to seee them leave us, but our loss will be Wray's gain. However, we still have a string on Harry, as he is to serve us all in his new position as county clerk, and there are none in this part of the county who could wish for a better man than they know Harry to be to fill the office. Our best wishes go with you Mac."

Harry Medell McKinney registered for WWI in Yuma, born October 17, 1879, the post master at Yuma. Lena Caroline McKinney is with him.

In 1930 Yuma County, Harry is farming 50, with Lena C. 49. Next household is son Medell B. 22, now married to Grace 23, Missouri.

Also on on the page is Ray W. McKinney, 40, farming, with Daisy C. 29 Iowa, Grace M. 11 Lori R. 8, adn Leo C. 7, all three born in Colorado.

In 1940 Harry is a state senator, and brother Charles McKinney visited from his home in Denver.
1942 Mrs. Warren Neff and daughters Marguerite and Nancy, of Scottsbluff, Nebraska, arrive for a visit at the home of the former's sister, Mrs. H. M. McKinney of north of Yuma."

Harry is buried in Yuma # 92648174.
December 21, 1950

Lena is buried in Yuma # 92589898.
Feb\\\October 15, 1959

July 28, 1927 "Medell McKinney went up to Fort Morgan aand on his return to Yuma was accompanied by Miss Grace Young who caught the midnight train at this place for Benkelman, Nebraska."

December 29, 1927 "Mrs. Medell McKinney and brother returned Friday from a few days visit with their father B.L. Young at Benkelman, Nebraska."
April 25, 1929 "B.L. Young was up from Indianola, Nebraska visiting at the home of his daughter Mrs. Medill McKinney north of Yuma."
In 1937 the Fort Morgan newspaper reported that Medill McKinney, who had been there for a few months, was transferred to Greeley.

In 1940 Medell is a state patrolman in Greeley, 32, with Grace H. 33, Margaret 7, Helen 5, and Gordon 2.
1961 "Mrs. M.B> McKinney returned from Las Vegas, Nebada last Friday wehre she had been called by the sudden death of her mother, Mrs. B.L. Young. Mr. McKinney returned at a n earlier date."

Medell is buried in Yuma 1907-1971 # 92648563.

July 22, 1971
Grace H. McKinney died in 2004, and is buried next to him.

In 1956 Medell G. McKinney, son of Mr. and Mrs. Medell B. McKinney of Yuma, was at the Naval Training Station, Great Lakes, Illinois."

January 1, 1925 "The teacher, Miss Ruth McKinney, and her pupils had the house decorated very prettily."
February 13, 1930

Ruth (McKinney) Wingfield 1904-1961 is buried in Vernon # 79917714.


Grover Clarence McKinney registered for WWI in Yuma, born Sept 9, 1888 at Forest City Missouri, with a father and wife to support, farming.

In 1920 Yuma County, Grover C. McKinney is 32, with Beatrice 25 Nebraska. They have Kenneth C. 7 Nebraska. Next household is Thomas J. McKinney 75, Kentucky.
February 19, 1920

Bee Darwin was born at Virginia, Neb., Feb. 29, 1894, was married to O. C. McKinney, Mar 9, 1912.
The first five years of their lives were spent in Beatrice and here their son Kenneth was born. From there they they moved to Yuma, Colo., where she died Feb. 12, 1920. She was a victim of the flu and being critically ill was taken to the hospital and after a time was so much improved it was planned to take her to her home but the night before when all was ready for her return the next day, the end came suddenly and unexpectedly, the cause heart failure. Her age was 25 years, ll months and 12 days. She grew to womanhood here, attended school here and was brought back to her childhood home and laid to rest by the side of her parents in the Filley cemetery. She leaves four brothers and one sister: Allen, Harvey and Clifford of Virginia, Verne of Sioux City, Iowa and Mrs. May Ramsey of Fowler,Colo. The pallbearers were her old schoolmates: Fred Butterfield, Joe, John and George Weber, Walter Erickson and Jerry Kozak.

Beatrice, Nebraska Daily Sun April 4, 1920

Bea is buried in Gage County # 59312626.
Grover is in McCook County, South Dakota in 1930, 42 a teamster on a road crew, marital status indecipherable.
He's also in Pueblo, Colorado in 1930, 41 "Clarence G.", with son Kenneth C. 17.

August 25, 1938 "
Grover is buried in Yolo County, California 1887-1979 # 87668103.
Kenneth C. Mckinney 1913-1992 is buried in Fowler, Colorado # 35331228.

Ray William McKinney registered for WWI in Yuma, born January 10, 1890 at Forest City Missouri, farming in section 30, 5N 48W, "one finger off"
Plainview items - January 12, 1922 "Mr. and Mrs. Ray McKinney were entertained at the Armstrong home alst Sunday."

October 8, 1925

January 14, 1943 "Mrs. Ray McKinney returned to Yuma on the bus Monday afternoon after spending a week with her daughters in Denver."

In 1952 Ladena McKinney married Duane Dietsch in Yuma. His parnets were Mr. and Mrs. Lester Dietsch, his grandmother Mrs. Sheets of York, Nebraska.
"They are living in Fort Morgan, where the groom is employed."
June 9, 1960
April 11, 1963

Ray W. McKinney 1890-1963 is buried in Yuma # 4747175, with Daisy (Arnold) McKinney 1901-1990.
October 10, 1963
August 3, 1972

June 1975 "Mrs. Daisy McKinney accompanied Mrs. Lora Felderman to Denver Sunday for the day. Mrs. McKinney visited at the Bud McKinney hoome in Littleton and Mrs. Felderman visited the Keith Feldermans in Aurora."
July 26, 1990

February 1, 1990

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