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Yuma County Pioneer Photographs:

Edward W. Russell, Josephine A. Russell, James and Ada Russell, Waverly

Josephine cash-claimed a quarter in 32, 4N 47W in 1891, next to Henry Scheel and  the Kunzman brothers.

Possibly the Josephine Russell in 1880 Bent County, 22, born in Illinois, oldest of kids of Asabel 51 Ohio and Ellen Russell, 55, New Jersey.  Anna is 20, Warren 17, and Platte 11 all born in Illinois.

Josephine Russell married A.A. Miller January 15, 1891, recorded in Pueblo. (if this is the family in 1900 Denver, she's Josephine S. and bornin Indiana.

"Warren" might be the Edward M. (or W) Russell in 1900 Pueblo County, born April 1865 in Illinois, married four years tot Maggie E. July 1868 in Missouri, with son Jesse C. May 1898 Colorado.  Edward M. Russell married Maggie E. Graham April 25, 1896, recorded in Denver.

Edward's cash-claim was in 29, a mile north of Josephine's.


One tree said James was born Jan 22, 1862 in Ipava, Fulton County, Illinois, to Charles Russell and Jane Dilworth.. 

In 1880 Fulton County, Illinois, James is 18, with father Charles 58, siblings Hanna A. 25, Rebeca F. 23, Mary 20, William D. 16, and Emma O. 13.

In 1885 Beatrice, Nebraska, James 23 is farming, with his brother W.D. 21, sister Emma 18, and nephew Wilmer 14, all born in Illinois.

  James married Addie L. Bentley February 2, 1886 in Beatrice.

Gilbert and Melvina Bentley of Gage County is in the history "the youngest daughter, Addie, is most happily married to Mr. James Russell."  Addie was born on February 2, age 22 in 1888.

Then James married Ada Parker, 30, September 11, 1895 in Beatrice.

In 1880 Logan County Illinois, Ada E. McCauley is 14, single, living with Samuel H. Manon 29 and Cora O. 20.

Ada McCauley is 5 in 1870 Logan County, Illinois, with parents Charles D. and Mary, both 39 born in Ohio, Cora P. 10 and Charles 8 and Ernest V. 2, all four kids born in Illinois.

In 1900 Beatrice Nebraska, on Fifth Street, James Russell born Jan 1861 in Illinois is farming, married five years to Ada.  They have Maude E. March 1887 Nebraska and daughter Ruth McCauley June 1896 Nebraska and May Grace Oct 1897 Nebraska.

1901 Miss Maud Russell is stopping with Mr. and Mrs. Robt. Crenshaw and attending the Yuma High School.

1905 "Miss Maude Russell left last Friday evening for Wray, and from there went out to Glendale, where she has a school."

In 1910 Yuma precinct, James 48, married (his second) 15 years to Ada L . 45 both born in Illinois.  She's had five kids, four living.  Ruth M. 13 Nebraska, Grace M. 12 Nebraska, Charlie D.  9, Nebraska, and Frances I, 7, born in Colorado.

In 1920 Yuma County, James and Ada have Ruth M. 23, Charles D. 19, and Francis J. 17.

Ruth M. Russell married Peter VanUithoven February 5, 1922, recorded in Denver.

In 1930 Denver, James, 68, widowed, is with Ruth M. Van Vithoven 34, her husband Peter Van Vithoven 32 and kids Glenn 7 and Lucille 3.

James Russell proved up two quarters in 13, 3N 47W in 1912 and 1913 - about ten miles away.

1911 "Miss Maud Russell is visiting her grandparents in Augusta, Oklahoma."

1910 Miss Maud Russell of Salt Lake City has been called because of the illnes of her father James. Russell.

Also in 1911, Miss Maud Russell who has been visiting her parents Mr and Mrs. James Russell, has gone to Los Angeles California to resume her work as stenographer.

1913 entertainment at Waverly - recitation by Francis Russel, and one by Charlie Russel

1914 "Albert Petrie and wife visited James Russel last Sunday."

James A. Russell 1862-1931 and Ada L. 1865-1925 are buried in Yuma.

Esau Russell was born January 24, 1851, in Dorsetshire, England, and died Friday evening January 26, 1923. He lived to be 72 years and 2 days. In 1872, he left his home in England and settled at Tiffin, Iowa. He was united in marriage with Josephine Mason on Oct. 2, 1883. To this union were born 3 sons: Bowden, Sylvan, and Carman.

Esau died at his home after a lingering illness with heart trouble and complications. His last illness began about the middle of October, being possibly brought on by a summer of very hard and continuous work. He had a very severe attack about Thanksgiving, from which he seemed to rally slowly and was able to sit up several hours a day. As late as last Tuesday, hopes were held out for his recovery, but that night he took a turn for the worse and he lay unconscious two days before his death. He was laid to rest on a knoll that looks across the valley to the bluffs on the opposite side of the river where Mr. Russell had lived for over a third of a century.

In March 1887, Esau moved with his family from Johnson County to Ida Grove, Iowa, and bought a six acre farm on the crest and south slope of the bluffs a mile north of the city. Other small farms in the vicinity were consolidated until 1916 when he purchased the wooded land running down to the north corporation line, making an entire quarter section. Part of this is splendid natural grove and much used by the people of Ida Grove for picnic purposes. Mr. Russell had always been most gracious and generous in permitting the use of this land for outings.

Mr. Russell was a lover of children and of nature. He welcomed them to his home and to his woodlands. He shared his choice trees with them at Christmas time and several times donated fine big spruce trees for the municipal celebrations in Ida Grove. The tall, straight evergreen that graced the bank corner during the recent holiday season was his last gift.

He was a modest, unassuming man, but a warm and faithful friend to those who succeeded in penetrating his cloak of shyness. He gave much to his family in way of love and faithfulness and received full measure of devotion in return.

He is survived by his wife, his 3 sons, Bowden of Vernon, British Columbia; Sylvan of Sundre, Alberta, and Carman, at home; one brother, Arthur Russell of Iowa City, Iowa; and a circle of old friends.

(P.S. Bowden and Carman are buried at Ida Grove Cemetery, Ida County, Iowa, and Sylvan Russell is buried in Olds, Alberta, Canada. Esau and Josephine are buried at the Ida Grove Cemetery, Iowa.)

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