Yuma County, Colorado

Yuma County Pioneer Photographs:

Charles and Mary Schatz , Pleasant Valley

Charles cash-claimed a quarter in 7, 3N 47W in 1891, and one in 29, 4N 47W in 1896.   The Denver land office has a record of a homestead filing in 4N 47W, but it doesn't show as completed.

In 1900 Magee precinct, Yuma County, Charley Schatz born July 1850 and Mary July 1866, both Austria immigrating in 1886, have been married 25 years.  With them are Setta May 1885 Austria, Herman April 1889, Albert March 1891, William April 1893, and Lottie Nov 1893 - the last four born in Colorado.

February 1902 Yuma

Pauline Helen "Shatz" married Edward Fisher in Denver August 19, 1903, minister J.B. Mather performing the ceremony.

In 1889 Charles Schatz and wife mortgaged that quarter in 29 for $350, and defaulted, so it was to be sold on the courthouse steps October 31, 1906.

Pauline H. Fisher and Edward Fisher divorced in Larimer County in 1906.

In 1910 Berthoud Carl, 57, is widowed, farming.  With him are Pauline E. Fisher 25, widowed, born  Austria, Herman 21, Albert 19, William 17, and Lottie 15.

Carl Schatz case was probated in Larimer County Oct 7, 1910.


John Schatz and wife Anna Zorn from Glitt/Solca area of Bukovina, now Romaina. Came to yuma Co. Colorado., then to Boone co. Nebraska.
Known children - -
Leopoldina Schztz (b.1857) - md, Edward Wlaschin (Vlasin).
Adam Schatz.
Anna schatz,
Caroline Schatz - md. Andreas Turner.
Karl (Charles ) Schatz.
Pauline (Paulina) Schatz.- md Ambros Kunzman


Andreas and Caroline (Schatz) Turner. (18 Jun 1887)
Edward and Leopoldina (Schatz) Vlaschin. (Wlaschin)
Frank and Paulina (Schatz) Kunzman.
Edward and Francis (Straub) Kunzman.
Charles Schatz. and family
Adam Schatz. and family
(note all Schatz are brothers and sisters.)

On the same ship - arriving New York June 18, 1887 - as the Kunzman families were Andreas Turner 50, Carol 50, with Francisca 15 and Adolph 6.

Andreas Turner cash-claimed a quarter in 6, 3N 47W   in 1891.and proved up one in 30, 4N 47W in 1894.


June 18, 1887 arriving New York from Bremen are Anton "Bair" 39, wife Polomia 32, with Jacob 10, Pauline 8, Franz 4, Albert 2, and Pauline 3 months.

On the same page in the passenger list is Franz Kunzmann, 40, Pauline 30, an 11 -year-old daughter, another daughter Francesca 7?, Therese 4, Carolie 3, and Franz nine months. 


Paulina Schatz died date unknown. She married Franz KUNZMAN, son of Joseph Kunzman and Barbara Tobias.
Children of Paulina Schatz and Franz KUNZMAN are:
 i.Mary KUNZMAN, b. 1873, Glitt, Bukovina, Austria, d. date unknown.
ii.+Frances Clara Kunzman, b. 22 October 1878, Glitt, Bukovina, Austria, d. 09 February 1971, Hunington Park, Los Angeles, California.
iii.Rose KUNZMAN, b. 1881, Glitt, Bukovina, Austria, d. date unknown.
iv.Celia KUNZMAN, b. 1885, Glitt, Bukovina, Austria, d. date unknown.
v.Minnie KUNZMAN, b. June 1887, Glitt, Bukovina, Austria, d. date unknown.
vi.Peter KUNZMAN, b. July 1889, Yuma, Yuma, CO, d. date unknown.
vii.Ana KUNZMAN, b. 17 June 1891, Yuma, Yuma, CO, d. date unknown.
viii.Anton KUNZMAN, b. 02 April 1893, Yuma, Yuma, CO, d. date unknown.
ix.Joseph KUNZMAN, b. July 1894, Wisconsin, d. date unknown.
x.John KUNZMAN, b. October 1897, Albion, Boone, NE, d. date unknown.
xi.Barbara KUNZMAN, b. March 1900, Albion, Boone, NE, d. date unknown.

One Ancestry tree said Paulina married Franz Kunzmann January 25, 1874 in Glitt, Bukovina, Austria,  died 1911 in Albion, Nebraska and is buried in St. Michael Cemetery.


FindaGrave # 106520536 has a John F. Schatz with a death/or re-interment date of August 14, 1937 in Holy Cross Cemetery, Colma, California.

and Anna K. Schatz 1878-1963 in the Italian Cemetery, Colma # 44417596.  On the same stone is Elise Schatz 1908-1940 that #44417595 says is Elsie (Rustici) Schatz, daughter of Gioannie and Maria Rustici.


Edward Vlaschin proved up a quarter in 20, 4N 47W in 1894, next to Franz Kuntzman 1894, Ambros Kuntzman 1895, and Edward Kuntzman 1895.

In 1900 Boone County, Nebraska, "Poldie" born Aug 1851 in "Australia" with Edward Sept 1851 Russia, have Julius Jan 1882 , Peter Jan 1883, Anna Aug 1885 - these three in "Australia", Rosa June 1892, Johnnie Jan 1894, Lizzie Nov 1895 - these three inCOlorado, then Minnie July 1896 and Kattie April 1899 - both Nebraska.

So Edward and "Poldie" didn't stay long in Yuma County.

In 1910 Boone County, Edward 57 and Poldie 51 have Anna 23, Rose 18, Lera 14, Minnie 12, John 16, Katie 10, Edward 8, Hellen 6, and Florence 4.

John Frances Wlaschin registered in Albion, Nebraska, born January 28, 1894 at Yuma Colorado.

In 1920 Boone County, Edward 66 and Lapotina 65 have Elizabeth 24, Minnie 21, Kathrine 19, Edward 18, Hellen 16, and Florence 14.

In 1930 Boone County, Edward 75 and Paulina 69 have Minnie 29 and Helen 26.


Zelia, per #33077125, was born 1887, died 1975, and is buried in Berthoud with Clay W. Stewart 1885-1946.


In 1920 San Francisco, Herman is an auto mechanic, 30, with Susie E. 27 Nebraska, and Elmo E. 6. born in Colorado

In 1929 Herman H. and Susan E. live at 260 S. Lincoln, Denver, and he runs a gas station  with B.F. Ginther at 241 S. Broadway - a block away.

In 1930 and 1940 Herman, "Sussie", and Elmo are in Denver.


William Schatz married Mattie Johnson Dec 31, 1913, recorded in Jefferson County.

William registered in Berthoud, Colorado, born April 12, 1893 at Yuma Colorado, farming with a wife.

William M. Schatz divorced Mona M. Schatz in 1923 Larimer County, the record showing they were married at Berthoud January 10 , 1915.


In 1920 Berthoud precinct, William Schatz is farming, 26, with Mona 24, born in Colorado.

In 1929 William Schatz (Mattie) is a clerk for TGSCo, living at 4140 Quitman.

William Louis Schatz, 1893-1954 is buried in Berthoud # 33438265. "William was married first to Mona, last name unknown. Birth estimated 1896 Colorado. She is listed with William Louis Schatz as his wife in the 1920 Berthoud, Larimer, Colorado Federal Census. "

Harriet (Broughton) Schatz is in the same cemetery - and  #33438261 says William's daughter Wilma Schatz Burks and her husband are buried there, unmarked.

They might be the "Mrs. Shatz" in the family story of


In 1920 South Berthoud precinct, Lottie is married to Blaine Gunther 27, born in Missouri.

In 1930 San Francisco, Blaine F. is a metal worker,  36, Charlotte D. 32, with Clarence B. 7 born in Wyoming..

All three are in San Francisco in 1940.

Lottie Dora Ginther, per 87845443, is buried in Colma, San Mateo County, California, dying 9/29/1988. Death index has her born Nov 12, 1897 in Colorado, father's surname Schatz.  Blaine, dying Feb 5, 1968 is also there, per # 87845442

Clarence "Bud" died 2003 at age 80, per the San Francisco Chronicle.  Buried in Colma, born Jun 4, 1922, dying Feb 1, 2003.


Albert Schatz married Ethel Hollenbeck Dec 1, 1915, recorded in Denver (she was probably the daughter of John  1840-1921 and Hattie 1856-01947 Hollenbeck of Weld County, dying in Berthoud)


Albert, 1892-1934 is buried in Berthoud, per # 33045499, spouse Ethel May (Hollenbeck) Schatz 1897-1974

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