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Yuma County Pioneer Photographs:

Rosetta A. Schwerer , Pleasant Valley

Rosetta cash-claimed a quarter in 6, 4N 47W in 1891, adjacent to her brother-in-law Leopold Korf's cash claim in 1892.

Rosetta A. Schwerer, daughter of Louis Schwerer and Elizabeth George, was born in Fountain Green Township, Hancock, Illinois, October 24, 1863 or 1864, died January 24, 1954, and was buried at Friendship Cemetery.  The year of birth on her tombstone is 1863 but 1864 is indicated by earlier records.

In the spring of 1892 she was teaching in the Eagle school district, reported by Pansy in the East Fountain Green local news column of The Republican.

July 1915 "Charles Schwerer and Miss Rosetta Schwerer, of Hancock County, Illinois, are visiting at the home of their sister, Mrs. Lee Korf, north of Yuma."  That would be Sarah J. Korf, wife of Leopold.

Rosetta's parents died in the early 1900s.  In the 1918 Prairie Farmer's Reliable Directory, Charles, Rosetta's youngest brother, was listed as the owner of 120 acres in Section 14, Fountain Green Township.  Rosetta was the only other member of the household.  Their telephone service was supplied from Blandinsville and their mailing address was Route 3, Blandinsville.  In the fall of 1918 Charles registered for Selective Service.  At that time he was an inmate at Peoria State Hospital, Bartonville, Illinois, and he died shortly thereafter.

In 1918 "Miss Schwerer" was also the owner of 200 acres in Section 15, Fountain Green Township, on which Marion Evans was the tenant farmer.  Rosetta was the most likely candidate for Miss Schwerer, since her sisters were all either deceased or had married.


The News of Fountain Green
September 29, 1926



Miss Rosetta Schwerer, who by years of hard work and thrift acquired a competence and sold her fine farm south of town and retired from business, is now enjoying herself in travel.  On Monday, August 30th, she was on board the big liner Bremen, of the German Lloyd line well out in the Atlantic when she wrote a long letter to Blandinsville friends[.  M]ost of it is a description of the great ship, furnished like a high class city hotel, with deep soft carpets, upholstered furniture and shining with French mirrors, enamel and cut glass, and silver trimmings.  She says--"My stateroom is No. 155 on the most desirable of the four decks on which are the toilets, baths, and fashionable promenade around the dining and orchestra rooms.  The splendid orchestra plays at luncheon, dinner and 4 o'clock when the stewards serve the passengers with bouillon [sic], sandwiches, etc.  In the morning and at meals we are called by bugle music.  We certainly do have excellent food of all kinds, flesh and fowl, vegetables, cakes, nuts and candies, fruits and ice cream.  One ought not lose weight unless too sick to eat, as I for the first three days, but today I feel like myself again."  It is a very interesting letter, but too long for publication.  She landed in Queenstown, Ireland about September 3 and will visit places of interest in Ireland, and England before going to the continent.
-- [Blandinsville] Star Gazette


On June 12, 1928, Rosetta departed from Yokohama, Japan, en route to Honolulu, Hawaii, on the S.S. President Cleveland.  Whether or not this was part of the above extended vacation we don't know. On September 13, she left Honolulu on the S.S. President Jackson, and sailed to Los Angeles.  On the first leg, a document listing the U.S. citizens arriving in Honolulu included Rosetta, with her birth date recorded as October 24, 1868.  A like document naming citizens arriving in Los Angeles reported that Rosetta was born October 24, 1864.  Both indicated that Rosetta's home address was Blandinsville.


Hancock County
McDonough County
Fountain Green

One must spend time reading local news items to get a feel for the usual practices of this time period. Hancock County journalists wrote from a Hancock County perspective, as did writers for McDonough County papers.  In other words, the author who composed the news item for the Blandinsville Star Gazette referred to the location of Rosetta's former farm property in relationship to Blandinsville.  A farm in Fountain Green Township, Hancock County, would have been southwest of Blandinsville, McDonough County.  It's our guess that the farm referred to in the Star Gazette was the same farm on which Charles and Rosetta lived as of 1918.  Click here to view a homemade map illustrating the location of Section 14.  Return with your browser back feature.

In 1930 she was a resident of LaHarpe.

Rosetta 1863-1954 is buried in Friendship Cemetery, McDonough County, Illinois # 95328704.

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