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Yuma County Pioneer Photographs:

Jesse E. Scofield , Pleasant Valley

Jesse cash-claimed a quarter in 27, 4N 47W in 1890.  Claiming about the same time were Annie Shaffer, Henry Holder, Charles Andrews.

Jesse also had a record of a timber claim in 4N 47W, but it wasn't completed.

The Society of Germans from Russia has a  Elma Nash born April 21, 1912 in Galesburg Illinois April 21, 1912, to Edwin N. Nash and Jesse Scofield, marrying John S. Gray in 1935.  Elma died September 12, 1993 in Fort Collins.  But a claim in 1890 would be too old to have a child in 1912.

The Gray might be a relative of the Kussmaul family claiming land a mile north.

POSSIBLE  Jesse E. Scofield, born about 1856 in New York, in Harrison County Iowa in 1870.    Father J.S. runs a saw mill, mother O.H. , 54, Frederick 20 works in the saw mill, and Jesse 14 a day laborer.

Next household is Eugene Scofield, 31, also working at the say mill, with Miny 24 and James 2.

POSSIBLE - Jesse E. Scofield, born October 1869 in Ohio, a teamster in 1900 Akron Ohio - married eight years to Rose, March 1872 England.  They have Jessie H. Nov 1895 in Ohio. 

He was in Ohio for all later census years, but he's of an age that he could have made the trips to Colorado to complete a claim.

POSSIBLE  - Jesse P. Scofield, born Feb 1871 in Michigan.  He was a drayman in Mills County, Iowa in 1900, married eight years to Jodie M. May 1879 Kentucky.  Son Paul S. born Nov 1893 in Nebraska, and Clellie G. son born April 1899 in Iowa.

POSSIBLE  Jesse E. Scofield married Florence Boradirle, and daughter Harriet, born about 1897, married Charles V. Miller March 1, 1917 in New York.

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