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Yuma County Pioneer Photographs:

Lucas and Anastasia Trunde, Pleasant Valley


 "Lukas" Trunde  proved up a quarter in 29, 4N 47W in 1894.

1904  "The parents and brother of Mrs. Anton Trunde left for their home near Windsor last Sunday.  Anton and family accompanied them."

In 1910 Magee precinct, Yuma County Lucas 78 and Annie 73 are living with son Antone Trunde 33 and his wife Theckla, 26.


1915   So Lucas and Annie had a son left in Europe

In 1920 Annie is widowed, living with Antone and Bettie in Yuma. - Antone doesn't have an occupation.

October 1, 1920 - the news put Anton as husband, but he was her son.

Lucas 1831-1910 and Anastasia 1836-1920 are buried in Yuma # 74379147. 


The person who would always know his address was Anton Trunde of Newberg.  Antone Trunde was in Yuma County in 1910, born about 1884 in Russia, married to Theckla, 26.  His parents Lucas 78 and Annie 73 are with them.



Antone Trunde 1876-1954 is   buried in St Paul  # 32481259 - Betty 1881-1967.


One tree said Rose Trunde married an Ellis and died June 23, 1928 in Yamhill County. In 1920 Yamhill County, Enos Ellis is 55, born in Iowa, Rose 48 Austria - she immigrated in 1877, naturalized 1889.  they have Helen 24, Zinary 21, David 13, Sherman 11, and Wilma 5, all born in Oregon.

Enos A. Ellis cash-claimed a quarter in 19, 3N 48W, Yuma County in 1890.

Enos A. Ellis 1865-1941 is buried in Friends Cemetery, Yamhill County # 6178730.  It says his son was Joaquin M. Ellis 1893-1964.
"Son of Enos A Ellis and Annise Teresa Trunde"  Terese T. Ellis 1871-1928 is also in Friends Cemetery # 6178732.
 1925 "Wayne Ellis, 14, son of Roscoe Ellis of Great Falls, Mont., and grandson of Enos Ellis and William Courtney of Newberg, Ore., died in a Portland hospital after accidentally shooting himself through the right arm, tearing away all the tissues. The body was taken to Newberg for interment"

Zimri Stewart Ellis, son of Solomon and Asneath Ellis was born at Raytown, Tenn., Jan. 4, 1849. He attended Friendsville Academy, in his early school years, later going to Iowa with his parents. On June 4th, 1870, he was united in marriage to Lydia C. Hockett. To this union ten children were born, seven boys and three girls. Seven are still living: Roy and Ralph of Colorado, Abel and Iona of New Mexico Esther of California, Clay and Wayne of Oregon. With his family he resided in Kansas for 24 years, much of the time on the frontier. For some years he ran a threshing machine both in Iowa and Kansas. He came to Newberg Dec. 4, 1909, where he lived until his death March 2nd, 1938 at the age of 89 years, one month, and 26 days. Lydia died November 4th, 1922. On January 25, 1932 he was united in marriage to Dorothy Pennall. He was a birthright member in the Friends church. In the winter of 1865 he was converted. He has for a great many years been a very faithful worker in the church, having served as clerk of different monthly meetings, as quarterly meeting superintendent of evangelistic work, and at the time of his death an Elder in the Friends church at Newberg. Besides the children mentioned he leaves his wife, one brother Enos of Newberg, one sister, Nancy Davis, Whittier, Cal., 20 grandchildren and 33 great grandchildren. Funeral services will be Friday, March 4th, 2:00 p.m. in the Newberg Friends church. The pastor Carl F. Miller in Charge, Levi R. Pennington, assisting; W. W. Hollingsworth funeral director. Burial will be in Friends cemetery


John "Trundi", 24, married M. Schuefler, 16, in Yuma February 12, 1893.  Performed by F. Schraffl, Catholic priest of Wray.

John proved up a quarter in 27, 4N 47W in 1912, witnesses Wenzel Landauer, Mike Gisi, Joseph Gisi, and Alfred Itten.

He must be the John "Trundy" "in Mason City Iowa in 1900, born May 1868 in Bohemia, married seven years to Matilda Feb 1877 Romania.  Emma April 1894, born in Colorado, Ben L. Feb 1896 Colorado, Joseph May 1898 Iowa, Fern April 1900 Iowa.

  Emma, Joseph, Benedict Trunde - thanks to the Andrews family.

In 1910 Yuma County, John Trunde is 42, Matilda 33, with Emma 16, Ben 14, Joseph 12, Vernon  10, Iowa, Gladys 6, Colorado, Theodore 3 Colorado, and Frank nine months.

In 1920 Yuma County, Clyde D. Murphy is 33, Emma 25, with Kenneth 5 and Lester 3.

  Thanks to the Andrews family.

In 1940 Los Angeles, Emma Hill, a seamstress, is with  Kenneth A. Murphy, a salesman.  They were in Denver in 1935.

Emma Hill 1893-1964 #  21758980 is buried in Lodi, California.   The California death index says she was born April 10, 1893, died in San Joaquin County, mother's maiden name Schnelle.

FindaGrave says Kenneth Alvin Murphy 1914-1991 is the son of Ella and Clyde D. Murphy 1887-1968 buried in Eckley # 53151192.

May 10, 1912 Yuma "A baby girl was born to Mr. and Mrs. John Trunde, north of town, last Sunday."

In 1920 Yuma County, John 53, Matilda 43, Ben L. 24, Joseph J.22, Vernon E. 20, Gladys M. 15, Theodore T. 13, Frank C. 10, Della C. 18, John K. 6, and Mildred B. 2.

In 1927 Denver, Matilda (wid Jno.) is at 1727 35Th.  So is Gladys M..   Vernon E. is a laborer, living at 1230 33rd.

Vernon Edward Trunde married Grace H. Deering June 16, 1929, recorded in Weld County.

March 29, 1928 - Prairie View Items

Lorene Mountain, Chas. Zith?, Verdon Walker, Nelda Ewing, Chas. Crowley, Nell Ruth Walker, Joe Balderston, Ruby Commons, Mark McCall, Dollie Balderston and Ramon Lutz are the pupils in Miss Deering's room who hae been neither tardy nor absent during the past month.

Friday Mrs. New and Miss Deering administered the Otis group intelligence tests to the pupils of their respective rooms.""

In 1930 Jefferson County, Colorado, Matilda J. Trunde, 53, is divorced.  She has Gladys M. 26, Frank C. 20, Stella C. 17 John K. 15, and Mildred 12.

In 1940 Yamhill County, John L. Trunde is single, widowed, 71, born in "Roumania."

Matilda is still in Jefferson County in 1940, 63, with Frank A. 29 farming and John K. 25 a woodworking machinist.

Frank C. Trunde   Tech, USA Nov 1942-__, ETO

John K. Trunde   Tec5, USA 1942-__, Radio Opr ETO
                  N. Africa, Sicily, France, Germany

John Kenneth Trunde 1914-1984 is buried in Yuma # 74379123

Paul Roedler cash-claimed a quarter in 25, 4N 48W in 1891, a mile from Anton Trunde's claim.

He's Paul "Riddler" in Clay County, Nebraska in 1900, born Feb 1845, married 34 years to Catherine April 1849 , both born in Russia.  Andrew July 1884, Peter April 1886, Julia March 1888, and Leo March 1890 were all born in Nebraska.

Findagrave has "Paul Redler" 1842-1906, buried in Saint Michael with Gertrude. 1843-1936.  The tombstone has Pau Roedler and Gertrude Redler  !

This is Gertrude Anna Salinger Redler. She was born in Russia and died in Albion, Boone County, Nebraska.
Parents:   Andrew Salinger and Mary Waldbroehm Salinger. 

Finda Grave has Andrew 1884-1971 buried in Saint Michael, Boone County, Nebraska # 54535239.

I am a grandson of Eduard Valschin, from Glitt/Lichtenberg who came to Yuma with the Landaur and several families from Bukovina. There were about a dozen families and they were on 3- 4 different ships.
The families were Wenzel Blach, Wenzel Landauer, Paul Raedler, Andreas Turner, Eduard Valachin, Andreas Schneller, Ambros and Constandt Winkelbauer, Josef kortus, Frank - Ambros - Edward Kunzmann, and Richter and Schatz families.
All these families came from Bukovina together and farmed next to each other in Magee Pct, Yuma County as shown on plat maps.
All, or most, of these families are related back in Bukovina and some continued the marriages here in US.
Several of the families, including some Landaur, then migrated to Dorchester, Wisc. and Mason City, Iowa.
Then some of them again moved back to near Randolph, Nebraska and Cedar Rapids, Boone County, Nebraska.
Landaurs were in all these locations, and several still living in Boone County, NE.
We have been researching on all these families with hopes of finding all the intermarriage connections, and finding others to help share informations.

Kenneth Stillinger
Omaha, Nebraska

One tree said Elizabeth Reichert married Franz Redler -1864-1891,  arriving in New York 1890, and they had Ordina 1886-1961, Theresia 1888- an Agnes 1890 -

He's probably related to Ben Redler 

Archival records show Benedict Raedler from Russia traveling to New York leaving from the port at Hamburg arrived in the year 1884 on the ship named Westphalia. He was about age 22 years at the time and was listed in the customs manifest as a Child, Youngster.

Ben was in 1885 Clay County Nebraska with parents Paul 43 and Gertrude 36, siblings Dorothea 13, Johann 11, Joseph 6, Nicholaus 5, and Andreas eleven months.

Benedict "Rarlen", 22 married "Ermili" Trunde, 15, May 15, 1889, in Yuma.  Performed by Catholic priest James Hickey of Brighton..

Benedict "Raedler" proved up  a quarter in 18, 4N 47W in 1894, and Joseph Schneller 80 acres adjoining him in 1895. 

One tree said Joseph Schneller was born March 13, 1919 iN Bukovina, married Teresia Maurer in 1840 in Bukovina, and died 1904 in Yuma. The tree said their children were Franziska, Catherine 1836-1843, Johann 1836-1925, Franz 1842-1906, Andreas Charles Schneller 1845-1905, Maria 1847-1924, Albert 1864-, Katherian 1866-1919, and Gizella "Stella" 1878-1933.

Andres Schneller cash-claimed a quarter in 6, 3N 47W in 1891.

Andres Schneller is a stone cutter in 1891 Denver, living at 2107 Delgany

Andreas Schneller and family decided to emigrate to the US in 1887. Accompanying them and their seven children are Andreas' parents, Joseph and Maria, and brother Johann's eldest daughter, Matilda. Designated port of departure was Bremen, Germany

Schnellers sail for America on June 2, 1887 on board the steamship Carpathian. The Carpathian is a new ship and is to become famous some years later when it will go to the rescue of the sinking Titanic. Arrived at the port of New York.

Immediately took a train to Wisconsin. It is not known exactly where they went but their purpose was to visit friends from the old country. These friends try unsuccessfully to persuade the Schnellers to remain in Wisconsin, but for some reason they are insistent upon making their way to Colorado. Propaganda at the time in Europe and America painted a romantic picture of the opening of the west and of the free lands being given by the government if only you would live on them and work them a bit. While in Wisconsin, however, the Schneller's eldest child, Fannie, aged 15 dies of T.B.

Upon arrival in Colorado, in 1888, the Schnellers homestead N.E. of Yuma on a dry barren tract of land. This land is a complete and disheartening contrast to the green and forested rolling countryside they left in Bukovina. Joseph Schneller and his wife Maria and their granddaughter, Matilda, remain on the homestead while Andrew and family make their way to Denver.

In 1894 Andrew Schneller and family are farming in Randolph, Nebraska.

In 1897 the family is living out of a covered wagon in Montrose, Iowa, while they clear land they have rented of trees and build themselves a log cabin. Later they farm the land which was almost on the Missouri State border, near the Mississippi River.

In 1900 the Andrew Schneller family moves to Olpe, Kansas , a German settlement. Again Andrew tries his hand at farming but as in all the other places he does not make a living at it. He was never a farmer in the old country and seems to have no inclination for it. The family lives mainly from the proceeds of a patented medicine that Andrew brews up and sells the Germans in Olpe for rheumatism.

In 1901 family moves to Emporia, Kansas. Andrew takes up raising chickens. But in 1904 Cholera kills most of Andrew's chickens and he decided to give up farming.

In 1905 while the family is away visiting Barbara, now married and living in Olpe, Andrew, unemployed, dies by drinking carbolic acid. Family later says that Andrew accidently killed himself by mistakenly putting acid into a medicine he used to make for himself. However, note left from Andrew to his wife seems to discount this and both Emporia newspapers, print story of suicide on their front pages. The verdict of suicide is accepted by the coroner and Andrew is refused burial in the Catholic cemetery. At time of death Andrew leaves six children living at home. Two of his daughters are married, Minnie and Barbara. Andrew's first son, Ed, is living in Randolph, Nebraska.

  Joseph Schneller, born 13 Mar 1819 in Arbora, Bukovina; died 1904 in Yuma, Colorado. He was the

son of  Wenzel Schneller and  Anna Maria Kalhofer. He married  Teresia Maurer 17 Feb 1840 in

Furstenthal, Bukovina.

2  Teresia Maurer, born 1823 in Seeweisen, Bohemia; died 1907 in Yuma, Colorado.

"Her son-in-law and daughter, Paul and Katharina (Schneller) Landauer left her with his brother when they moved to Oregon in 1905. "

From 1900 to 1904 there were  at least four occurrences of the county paying Sheedy (a Yuma merchant) for supplies for the "pauper" Schneller family. 

Maria Schneller is in the state hospital in Pueblo in 1910, 49, married.

The Paul E. Beyer web post said Amiel Schneller was born and died in Yuma in 1888, Rosa born 1890 and died 1890.

Monett, Missouri  newspaper June 11, 1909 "Marriage License:  Joseph E. Schneller, Wood Lake, Neb., and Mrs. O.E. Rapp, Carrollton, Mo."

In 1905 Emporia, Kansas, L. Schneller is 52, L.C. 20, Louisa 13, Emma 112, Rosa 9, Julius 18, and Frank 23.

In 1910 Emporia, Lizzie 54 is  widowed, with Frank and Mary, both 27.  Frank was born in Germany, married four years to Mary born in Kansas, Louise is 18, born in Colorado, Emma 15 Nebraska, and Rosa 13 Missouri. 

One tree said Louise was born in Adams County, Colorado April 16, 1892.

In 1900 Cedar County, Nebraska, Fred Miller born Nov 1869 in Germany, is married six years to Barbay Sept 1875 Austria.  They have Eddie June 1896 Wisconsin, Willy 1897 Iowa, and Bobby April 1900 Nebraska.

In 1910 Marshall County, Kansas, Fred H. Miller is 42, Barbara 36, Edward H. 14, Willie M. 13, Carl 10, Amiel L.8, Lizzie 7, Emma 4, Rosy 2, and Johnie 1.

In 1930 Marshall County, Fred H. is 61, Barbara 54, with John 21 and Dorothy 10.  On the same page is Rudolph Schroller 38 born in Nebraska, Ida 33 Illinois and their three kids.  Then Frank Schroller 76 Germany, with his sister-in-law Leota 50, born in Nebraska. 

Rosa Tillie Owen, born Jan 18, 1897 in Missouri, died July 31, 1989 in San Diego County, mother's maiden name Kunzman, father Schneller.

In 1920 Frank W. Schneller 39 and Mary 37 are in Newton, Kansas, with Andrew F. 6.

In 1930 Emporia, Frank W. is 48, (first married at 45), with Grace 38, first married at 21.  Betty J. Keeter , Grace's daughter is 5.  Frank Schneller son 16 is with them.

Frank, Grace and Betty J. Keeler are in Wichita in 1940, where he's a watchman for the city.

In 1941 Wichita Frank W. (Grace) is a used car dealer living at 1419 Ida Avenue, and Frank A. (Caroline) is a laborer living at 438 1/2 Kelly.

Barbara 1876-1971 Findagrave # 24964427 has in Home City Cemetery, Marshall County.  So is Fred H. Miller 1869-1954

Frank Schroller was in Cope, Arapahoe County, Colorado (about thirty miles from Andrew and Joseph Schneller's claim)


Beginning in 1886-1887, German Bohemians left Glitt, Lichtenberg, Arbore, and Solka, Bukovina, traveling by rail, by ship across the ocean, then to the end of the railroad line in McCook, Nebraska, which is north/northwest of Ellis, Kansas. The immigrants were responding to the railroad’s advertisements of packages including cheap farm land, steamship fare, and free railroad tickets to their destination. The Bohemian settlers spent the winter in McCook, but then heard that in Yuma, Colorado, 125 miles further west, the  government was giving away land to anyone who would live on it and develop it. By July 1887, Bukovina immigrants like Andreas Schneller had already filed a declaration of intention to become a U.S. citizen and had built a one-floor house measuring 14 by 16 feet on land that he had claimed. Other immigrants included members of the Landauer, Turner, Trunde, Schatz, Fuchs, Winkelbauer, Korf, Krenzer, Baehr, Kinkle, Kunzman, Floshing/Wlaschin, Hackel, Blach/Block, Mathies, Kortus, Hickey, Heinzel, and Straub families .


Yuma is located on the High Plains in a vast, treeless steppe. At first the Bukovina immigrant community thrived because rains filled the streams and the grass was lushly green. But the rains ended in a few years so that the pioneers faced drought and financial ruin by 1894. Some packed their wagons and headed back east to Sutton, Nebraska, to join relatives. Others went south to Henrietta, Texas, where they picked cotton with freed black slaves and their descendants, then returned to Yuma a few years later. Another contingent joined Bukovina emigrants Franz and Louise Hickey in Dorchester in north-central Wisconsin but left again in the following spring. Along the way, an accident forced this group’s wagon train to halt in Mason City, Iowa, where some remained while the rest continued to Montrose, Iowa, and then southeast to Olpe, Kansas. A group from Yuma, including some who had returned from Henrietta, moved to Oregon.


Today Yuma pioneer descendants can still be found in Yuma although most are scattered in across the United States. Some have been seeking and recording the stories of their ancestors. For example, Paul Polansky can tell you about his great-great-grandmother, Theresia Maurer Schneller, who was born in Seewiesen, Bohemia, in 1823, married Josef Schneller in Fürstenthal, Bukovina, in 1840, and emigrated to Yuma, Colorado, in 1892 at the age of sixty-nine years. According to oral histories, she was blind, ill, and occasionally wandered off into the prairie alone. Her son-in-law and daughter, Paul and Katharina (Schneller) Landauer left her with his brother when they moved to Oregon in 1905. No record of her death or burial has been found, but apparently she was dead by 1907. Paul once interviewed a Yuma resident who knew the location of Josef’s and Theresia’s unmarked graves. This man said that some years after their deaths, a highway construction project necessitated the relocation of the cemetery and showed him where the unmarked graves are now located.

In 1900 Yuma County, Paul Landauer born October 1863, is married 13 years to Kattie Nov 1865, both Austria. Frank March 1885 AUSTRIA, THEN - ALL BORN IN cOLORADO, mELIO nOV 1887, jOSEPHUS oCT 1889, sELIA mAY 1890, kATTIE nOV 1890 (SIC), aMBROS aPRIL 1893, pAULINE fEB 1896, AND pAUL dEC 1899.


Theresia’s life took her across the Austro-Hungarian empire, then across the Atlantic Ocean, and halfway across the United States. As a girl, she played in the Bohemian Forest; as a young woman, she married and raised her family in the Carpathian foothills. Her life ended in darkness upon the vast treeless High Plains. But those who remembered held the keys to document of her life’s long journey.


Theresia’s son Andreas Schneller, who was mentioned above, left Yuma in 1894 and went to Dorchester. When the wagon train halted in Mason City in 1895, Andreas’s son Edward married a German-Russian immigrant Mathilda Redler and chose to remain there. But Andreas went on. He joined Bukovina families in Olpe, Kansas, where his first venture, a rented dairy farm, failed. His second effort, a chicken farm, ended with disaster when the birds died of cholera. He moved again, this time to nearby Emporia, where he attempted to be a door-to-door salesman and where on January 1, 1905, he committed suicide.


An interesting part of the Yuma story is that it appears to have been the location of the first Bukovina Society over one hundred years ago. They met on Sundays, usually at a farm home, to  share a meal, letters from back home, and photographs. Photographs taken in Yuma were found in Bukovina homes in the 1970s when Paul Polansky traveled there. In Solka, he even met an old man who had been born in Petersburg, Nebraska, and returned to Bukovina with his parents when he was about eight years old. This man, who was over ninety years old, still spoke some English and talked about pioneer life in Nebraska. Local people referred to him as “the American.”


The Schneller's, if buried in Yuma County, were probably placed in the Schlake Cemetery, about five miles northwest in Section 1, 4N 48W.  Yuma would have been fifteen miles away. 


Mason City Iowa January 14, 1961

Mrs. Schneller was born June _j, 1884, at Odessa, Russia daughter of Frank and Elizabeth (Reichardt) Redlar. She came to the United States from Russia in 1891 and settled on a farm in Nebraska. In 1896 the family moved to St. Louis, Mo., and lived there until 1898, when the family moved to Mason City. She had lived here since that time. She was married to Edward C. Schneller, Dec. 12, 1899, in Mason City. He preceded her in death in 1951. Surviving are two daughters Mrs. Polansky and Mrs. H. L (Mary) Kelly, Lubbock, Tex.; a son Harold (Cal) Schneller, Milwaukee, 11 grandchildren and seven great grandchildren. Four sisters, Mrs. Joseph (Kate) Mathies, Yuma, Colo.; Mrs. J. H. (Mabel) Strawn, Hubbard, Ore.; Mrs. George (Josephine) Strawn, Dayton , Ore., and Mrs. L. J. (Lillian) Schindlar, Bremerton, Wash., and a brother, Edward Trunde, Newberg, Ore., also survive. Besides her husband, she was preceded in death by a son Frederic in 1960 and by a daughter, Mildred, in 1913 and one sister. Mrs. Schneller was active in the Wesley Methodist Church of Mason City. The family said that memorials will be accepted for the Wesley Methodist Church. Funeral arrangements are incomplete, pending word from relatives. Mrs. Frederic A. Schneller of New York City will be here for the services. Friends nay call at the Major-Erickson Funeral Home after 3 p.m. Mon


George W. Strawn 1900-1988 and Josephine T. Strawn - 1904-1989 are buried in St Pauls, Marion County, Oregon.  They were married Oct 16, 1931 in Newberg, Yamhill County.  32481093



In 1940 Hubbard, Oregon , John Strawn 37 and Mabel 33 have Arlene 5, and Robert 4.

Mabel I. Strawn, born May 9, 1906, died Aug 14, 1995 in Clackamas County.

John 1906-1995 and Mabel are buried in Saint Lukes, Marion County 78529729


In 1950 Lawrence and Lillian Schindler's daughter Joan Marie married James L. Boden in Bremerton.

Andrew 1843-1905 is buried in Emporia Maplewood Cemetery  # 113489679

Maria Schneller 1832-1910 is buried in Clay Center, Nebraska # 41837360

Ben is in 1900 Magee precinct farming born Nov 1863 in Russia, married twelve years to Emelia Austria Aug 1873.  Emma Sep 1891, Dora Jan 1893, William June 1896, Gertrix Sept 1893 and Josephus April 1900, all in Colorado.  Gertrude is back in Boone County Nebraska in 1910, widowed, with Andrew 26, Peter 24, Julia 22, and Arthur L. 20.

1901 "Born: to Mr. and Mrs. Ben Raedler, November 11, a twelve-pound boy."

September 20, 1901 a democratic primary was held at the Ben Raedler school house.

1902 "Ben Ren Raedler painted his residence this week."

Benedict Redler 1866-1944 is buried in Saint Michael, Albion, Nebraska

So is Amelia (Trunde) Redler 1873-1919.  Their children Dorothea 1893-1983 married George John Hoefler,  Theodore 1901-1995, William Wenzle Redler 1897-1990 are all buried in Saint Michael.

Emma, per one tree, born 1891, married Bernard J. Brugman born 1884 in Iowa City. and they're in Boone County in 1940.

Agnes Redler married Frank Mathes June 27, 1910, recorded in Yuma County.


Stephen Trunde and Jennie Peterson Trunde divorced in Yuma in 1893.

January 1904 "Steve Trunde of Loveland is visiting his Yuma friends and relatives."


On the same page as John in 1910 is Stephen Trunde 44, Austria German, married sixteen years to Elizabeth 44, Russian German - the second marriage for both. With them are Edward 11 Iowa, Katherine 9, Lily 8, Josephine 7, and Mable 4. all girls born in Colorado.  Elizabeth's daughter Agnes Ridler, 20, born in Nebraska is with them.


Katherine Trunde married Joe Mathias July 4, 1917, recorded in Yuma County. She died in 1979, and she and Joseph 1885 1971 are buried in Yuma. She's # 69359014

In 1920 Yamhill County, Oregon, Steve "Trundy" works at a saw mill, 57, with Elizabeth 54.  They have Ed 21, Lillian 17, Josephine 15, and Mabel 13..

In 1930 Yamhill County, Stephen is 64, Elizabeth 63, with only divorced daughter Josephine McKinney, 25, with them.

Stephen 1864-1943 # 32481348 and Elizabeth R. Trunde 1866-1936 # 32481316 are buried in Saint Paul's cemetery, Oregon.

Edward Lucas Trunde 1898-1981, per # 32481301, and Anna M. Trunde 1901-1996 are buried in Saint Paul.

Steven Trunde, of Lafayette, departed this life June 2, 2014 at OHSU in Portland. Steven was born June 3, 1932 in Newberg, OR to Edward Lucas and Anna Marie Berhorst Trunde. 

James T. Trunde of Woodburn, OR died February 11, 2011 in Tualatin, OR at the age of 71. Mr. Trunde was born in Newberg, OR on December 28, 1939 to Anna and Edward Trunde.



Steven Trunde, born Nov 26, 1887 at Yuma, registered for WWI in Milwaukee, a welder, with a wife and three children.  He and Mary, born in Wisconsin, are in Milwaukee in 1920, 1930, and 1940.

On Tuesday, 15 October 1912, Steven Joseph, age 24,  married Mary Barbara Ott, age 24, at SS Peter & Paul Catholic Church, Milwaukee.  Steven   died, at the age of 76 years, on Tuesday, 31 December 1963 at Milwaukee County General Hospital, Wauwatosa. He is   buried in Holy Cross Catholic Cemetery, Milwaukee.  The burial location is Block 51, Lot 5, Grave 2. (this tree said he was born in Austria)

Children of Steven Joseph Trunde and Mary Barbara Ott
Theresa Catherine Trunde   b. 23 October 1913,   d. 28 March 2005
Marie Emily Trunde  b. 24 January 1915,   d. 28 November 2008
Margaret Mary Trunde  b. 23 August 1916,   d. 03 May 2012
Mary Emily Trunde  b. 27 March 1918,  d. 27 March 1918
Catherine Anna Trunde  * b. 23 April 1919,  d. 01 October 2001
Frank Trunde   b. 01 February 1924,   d. February 1924



Landauer Stella (Schneller) buried in Yuma 1933 Original 95




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