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Yuma County Pioneer Photographs:

William M. and Susan Ackerson,  Kirk

children Richard J., William H., Eliza E., John, Robert, Harriet E., Zelma, Bessie B.

One Ancestry tree says Susan Morgan was born Jun 6, 1840 in Bath, Kentucky.

Susan Morgan married William Ackelson Dec 19, 1861, in Menard County, Illinois.

In 1880 Madison County, Iowa William "Achelson" is 48, born in Kentucky, Susan 38, also Kentucky, with Richard J. 16, Illinois,  Joseph F. 14, William 9, Eliza E. 8, John 6, Robert 4, and Harriett E. 1, all born in Iowa.

In 1885 Madison County they have Allie A, Richard J., Joseph F., Wm. H., Elna E., John P., Robert, Hattie E.,, Elman M. 3, and newborn Bessie.

In 1900 Idalia precinct William born August 1831, Susan June 1841, Robert January 1876, Hattie E. May 1879, Zelma Sept 1881, and Bessie B. April 1884, all kids born in Iowa.

William M. proved up a quarter in 9, 5S 46W in 1901.

Zelma wrote ""In the spring of 1893 my father, William Ackelson, came to Colorado and filed on a relinquishment situated on the "divide" between the Republican and Arikaree Rivers.  He had to drive to Akron to file his papers on this land.  He bought the buildings, mostly of frame from the former homesteader, and fixed up the place a bit before he returned to Arapahoe, Nebraska, where we were then living, and we all came out to our new home.  "

Susan is widowed in the 1910 census, living alone - the household previous is her daughter Bessie Kennedy.


Elias G. Davis, Jr. claimed land in 2, 5S 46W, making final proof in 1906, witnesses Louis O. Moser, John J. Davis, John P. Ackelson, and William H. Ackelson, all of Kirk.

Zelma married Elias G. Davis, Jr., and they're in Kit Carson County in 1910, with William A. 6, Violet M. 5, and Susie 3.

Shared by Jacob Swanson 

In 1920 Burlington, Elias is running a garage, and they've added Leah, 8.

In 1930 Burlington Elias is running a skating rink, and they have Leah with them.  Violet has married Earl Ormsbee and they have newborn Donna C., also with Elias and Zelma.

Zelma is widowed in 1940 Burlington, and Violet is teaching in the public schools - she says she's married but no Earl.  She has Donna 10 and Bonnie 8.

Earl 1905-1963 and Violet 1905-1975 are buried in Burlington Fairview.


In 1908 Robert was charged with a liquor case - his bond was forfeited, "as he was gone."

Robert was in California, Sioux County Nebraska, and Timnath, Colorado, not married on any census. He's buried in Kirk - January 12, 1876-September 7, 1960.


Hattie, born May 30 1879 in Winterset, Iowa,  married Alfred D. Palmer January 27, 1900

  Photo shared by cbrappold

In 1902 "Mrs. Alf Palmer spent Christmas with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Ackelson."

In 1910 Kirk precinct Alfred and Hattie have Elsie M. 8, Kansas, Lucy E. 6, Frank 4, and Herma 2, the last three born in Colorado.

Hattie died in Idaho in 1939.


William  H. proved up a quarter in 3, 5S 46W in 1900.

In 1905 Yuma County paid him $16 for hauling lumber to build the Arickaree bridge.

In 1910 he's in Adams County, 38 years old, born in Missouri, married to Ella, 28, born in Iowa.  They have Ralph 6, Earnest 4, and Clarence six months, all three born in Colorado.

1915 Wray

W.H. Ackelson was the superintendent of the Fort Collins Reorganized Latter Day Saints Sunday school  organized March 12, 1916.

In 1920 Fort Collins William is a laborer in a sugar factory.  He and Ella have Ralph, Earnest, Clarence, and have added Ada May 7 and Luella 2.

In 1923 Ada Mae Ackelson of Lincoln school won the 75 yard Hoop Race for fifth grade girls in Fort Collins.

In 1930 William, Ella, Clarence, Ada, Luella, and Homer G., 8 are farming in Sioux County, Nebraska.  Next household is Robert Ackelson, 54, single, born in Iowa.



1907 Wray

 John proved up two quarters in 3 and 4, 5S 46W in 1911.

1911 Steamboat Springs "Jack Ackelson of Stratton, Colorado, who has been at the Albany for the past few weeks, departed this morning for his home."


Joseph doesn't have land or census records in Colorado, but was in Missouri and Nebraska.

In the 1906 Kearney city directory J.Frank is a bartender at 11 W. 21st, and he lives at 15 Andrews Bldg..

 In  the 1910 directory of Kearney, Nebraska, J. Frank (Catherine) live in Grand Island, but have the firm Crouse & Ackelson, a saloon run by him and Frank Crouse, Jr.,  listed.

In 1920 St. Joseph, Missouri the census has Joseph F. , 56, married to Catherine, 87.   One probability is the one dying April 28, 1921, and buried in Buffalo County, Nebraska, with a FindAGrave name of Frank Ackelson - 43455588.


RICHARD, per one tree, married Nellie Ellingworth in 1893 in Nebraska, died Nov 10, 1894 at age 28, and is buried in Gothenburg, Nebraska. 30104452



Elida, per one tree, married David Read in 1900, and they were mining gold in Idaho in 1910 (brother Robert is living with them),  in Humbold County Nevada in 1920. 

then she died in 1930 in Madison County Iowa, buried in Kirk on the same stone as Robert.



Bessie was born April 24, 1884 in Madison County, Iowa to W.M. Ackelson and Susan Morgan.

March 1909 Wray

In 1910 Thomas, 27 and Bessie B. 26 are in Kirk precinct, the line above widowed Susan Achelson, 69.

Bessie B. (Ackelson) Kennedy proved up a quarter in 9, 5S 46W in 1912.

In 1930 Thomas and Bessie are farming in Kit Carson County, with Hazel B. 18, Helen L. 14, Thomas E. 6, and Zelma E. 5.

In 1940 Thomas is a county commissioner, and they have Thomas E. 16 and Zelma E. 15.

Only J.P. "Eckelson" owned his land in 1922, although Thomas and Bess Kennedy owned the quarter in 9.

Thomas -1882-1950 and Bessie 1884-1945 are buried in the Kirk cemetery.

In the Kirk cemetery are


  ACKELSON / William M. 8 Aug 1831 7 Oct 1907  
| \ Susan 7 Jun 1840 2 Feb 1917  
| ACKELSON  / Robert 12 Jan 1876 7 Sep 1960 Brother
| Lida Read 18 Dec 1871 25 Nov 1930 Sister
\ ACKELSON   John P 1874 1927

In Grandview, Wray, is William H. Ackelson - 1870-1944 and Elvira Ellen Ackelson 1881-1942, and Frances Ackelson dying 1903.

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