Yuma County, Colorado

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Yuma County Pioneer Photographs:

Thomas Haley, Brownsville

In 1860 Rutland County Vermont Anthony Haley, 26, a quarryman, and Margaret 24 have Kath 6, Hubert 3, and Thomas, four months  - Cath Brady, 50, is also with them.  This might be the Anthony Haley arriving 1852, age 18.  -next to him on the passenger list was THOMAS Haley, 19.

In 1870 Rutland County Anthony and Margaret are farming, with Hubert 1?, Anthony 8, Thomas 6, and Kate 2.

In 1880 Rutland Anthony and Margaret have a Thomas 15 - so this is probably another one.

There's a Thomas Haley in Rutland, Vermont in 1880, 26, a laborer, married to Mary, 19, and they have Roydon F.   January 23, 1879 Roydon Franklin Haley was born to Thomas Fred Haley, born in Ludlow, and Marry Attie, born in Sherburne.

Roydon is a day laborer in 1900 Rutland County, boarding with Elizabeth Cleveland and her three children.

In 1900 Otero County Thomas Haley, born May 1864 in Ireland, is a farm laborer, boarding with the Efner/McCaskell partners.


In 1880 there's a Tom Haley in McCook, Nebraska, a railroad worker, 19, born in Wisconsin, in a rooming house.  - he might be the Thomas T. HEALY in 1900 Wahkiakum County, Washington, a carpenter

Mrs. Thomas Haley, dying 1888, is in the Yuma Cemetery, Block Original 148. - all the other recorded burials in that block are 1945 or later.

Thomas cash-claimed a quarter in 10, 2S 47W in 1891, next to the Colton's and  Bates' claims.

In 1900 Sheridan Wyoming Thomas born June 1863 in Wisconsin, is married to Margaret July 1875 Illinois, married one year.  He's a railroad engineer.

In 1910, Indianola, Red Willow County, there's a Tom A. Haley, 44, Wisconsin, real estate agent, married 11 years to Margaret 34, Illinois.

They're in Bon Homme County, South Dakota in 1920, where Thomas is a cream buyer.

In 1930 Boulder Colorado he's a railroad engineer.

In 1940 Furnas County, Nebraska, at age 75 he's a railroad engineer.


Thomas Haley born 1860 in Missouri had the same spouse Nancy from 1880 to 1920.


 Thomas E. Haley, age 25, marrying Effa J. Lowell in Lancaster County, Nebraska December 30, 1886.

Thomas E. 1861-Mar 26, 1834 and Effie J. Haley - 1867-May 18,1958 are buried in Brush 70889359

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