Yuma County, Colorado

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Yuma County Pioneer Photographs:

Henry A. Hastings, Brownsville


Henry proved up two quarters in 24, 2S 47W in 1914, witnesses Simeon Confer, Robert A. McDaniel, Creed H. Perry, and Thomas H. Hooper.

In 1916 Harry and Albert Waters and Henry Hastings were found guilty of grand larceny, and sentenced to prison at Canon City.  (separate charges - Harry and Albert were convicted of butchering a 500-pound sow of Ed Wray),

Witnesses in Henry's case were Jennie B. Coby, J.R. Coby, J.W. Thomas, and Fritz Cain.  (Fritz Cain proved up land a few miles east in 1919)

Henry still had ownership of that land in 1920.

In 1922 he was sued to recover $2000 note to Eli F. Mace.

He might be the Henry Arthur Hastings, born March 28, 1868 in Vermont, who was a real estate dealer in Wichita 1900-1930, married to Ella.  Henry died Oct 10, 1947 and is buried in Maple Grove, Wichita.

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